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Lexi Ashton Bio, Age, Dating, Job, Margot Robbie Look-Alike

Meet Lexi Ashton who went viral on TikTok for being a Margot Robbie look-alike. What does she do for a living? Is she dating someone? Who are her parents? Find all the answers in this article as this bio proceeds.

Delve into this bio to find out more.

Meet Lexi Ashton, Margot Robbie Look-Alike Who Went Viral On TikTok

Lexi, a college student at the University of Tennessee, has amassed immense popularity on the internet because of her uncanny resemblance to actress Margot Robbie.

Following her imitation of Margot Robbie in a sexy sequence from the 2013 movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” a Tennessee college student has gone popular on TikTok. The video was posted to Lexi Ashton’s account in October, but it wasn’t until later that it received a lot of attention and 4.5 million views. The blonde dons the role of Naomi Lapaglia from the criminal comedy played by Robbie in the video. She wears a baby blue dress with $100 bills protruding from a cutout near her cleavage.

Lexi mouths along to one of the movie’s most famous lines: “No, Daddy doesn’t even get to touch Mommy for a very, very, very long time.” Ashton “rocked” the re-enactment,” said viewers who commented on Ashton’s Robbie likeness in the comments section.

Ashton is not the only Robbie clone to become popular on TikTok, though. Anastasyia Prichinina, a Russian influencer, has 7 million followers on the platform, and many of them believe she may be the twin sister of the Australian actress.

Lexi Ashton Age

At the time of this article in April 2023, Lexi Ashton is 18 years old. She was born in 2004.

Lexi Ashton Job

Lexi Ashton is a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She is part of the Zeta Tau Alpha at her university, a sorority that “intensifies friendship, fosters a spirit of love, and builds a purer and nobler womanhood,” according to its charter.

She is a social media star with 31.9K followers on IG. On TikTok, she has garnered 141.0K followers.

Is Lexi Ashton Dating Anyone?

Lexi Ashton is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Cole Blohm. Not many details appear about their relationship. Per Lexi’s Instagram, they first appeared together in March 2023 when they pair updated about their road trip.

Cole is also an attendee of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Lexi Ashton Height

Lexi Ashton’s height measures under 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lexi Ashton Birthday?

Lexi Ashton’s birthday is on 27 March.

  • Where Is Lexi Ashton From?

According to her IG, Lexi hailed from Leesburg, Virginia.

  • Who Are Lexi Ashton Parents?

Lexi Ashton is the daughter of Stacy Kenney Ashton and Gary Ashton. Her parents have been married for more than 20 years. Back in 1999, Stacy and Gary opened their dental practice on Cardinal Park Drive in Leesburg, they decided to use a grassroots approach to find patients.

By walking door-to-door with a basket of free toothbrushes and free cleanings for kids, they were able to book appointments on the spot. Now, 10,000 patients later with a staff of 25, the practice is celebrating two decades in Leesburg.

Speaking about what inspired her father to become a dentist, Gary shared, “I always wanted to go on medical missions as a young college student. But as I got older I also realized my desire for a family. My pastor at Virginia Tech happened to be a dentist and encouraged me to explore that path.”

He added, “Once I graduated from Virginia Tech, I moved to Richmond and volunteered at the Medical College of Virginia where I realized I could be a dentist, still do mission work, and have a family.  So dentistry seemed to be a perfect fit. I have been to Haiti with Purcellville Baptist Church and to Honduras with Cornerstone Chapel with mission teams over the past 10 years.”

Besides Lexi, Stacy and Gary share other two children. One of them is named Kate Ashton. Kate attended Loudoun Valley High School and studied Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. She worked as a Dental Assistant (DA) at Cardinal Park Family Dental Care | Loudoun County and Leesburg Dentist.

  •  Is Lexi Ashton On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Lexi is on Instagram (@lexiaashtonn) and Facebook (@lexi.ashton.353).

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