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Life Below Zero Cole Sturgis Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

Get to know the family of Cole Sturgis, the star of Life Below Zero’s spinoff Next Generation. Here, we discuss details about his father, mother, and siblings as this article proceeds.

Read all about them here in the article below.

Life Below Zero: Meet Cole Sturgis Family

Cole Sturgis from Life Below Zero was one of the new cast members of The Next Generation. He resides in Thorne Bay, Alaska.

Cole’s efforts to prepare his daughters to live in the Southeast are followed throughout this season. The popular spin-off Life Below Zero: Next Generation, which will also debut its fourth season, was born from the long-running blockbuster series, which has won eight Emmy Awards. The new season of Life Below Zero features compelling new tales of survival and resiliency in the face of Alaska’s harsh winter conditions.

While Sue Aikens’ search for caribou will be the main focus of Life Below Zero, the Next Generation ensemble is dealing with a totally different issue as dark winter approaches Alaska. This occurs during the December winter solstice when the outside light is almost nonexistent for two months. Because Alaska is so far north, where the sun rarely rises over the horizon due to its proximity to the pole, this is what occurs there.

The kids of Ricko DeWilde actively participate in their way of life. As he educates his kids about enduring customs and survival skills, DeWilde uses ravens to track Alaskan blackfish. The Hailstones adjust to unsettling changes, Andy Bassich and Denise Becker look for fresh resources on the Yukon River, and Jessie Holmes works to recuperate from a near-fatal injury.

The next generation pushes boundaries in the backcountry as the bleak winter approaches in Life Below Zero: The Next Generation. Using fortitude, Johnny Rolfe conquers the Brooks Range. The Roaches search for opportunities in new territory. In Hayes Valley, Mario and Clare pick up survival skills. On the Kenai coast, the Sarvelas contend with unusual circumstances.

Their two-story floating residence in Thorne Bay, Alaska, requires a lot of maintenance. They are surrounded by forests and water on Prince Wales Island, where there is no passing traffic. Cole said: “If you do not do the maintenance, nature will reclaim everything that was taken from it.” They also own a boat which Cole regularly goes out on to collect their daily food.

Cole Sturgis Father

Cole Sturgis’s father is called Ken Sturgis. Ken was born in June 1945 which makes him 78 years old.

On Facebook, Cole has revealed that he is self-employed and has retired now. He stated that he was a farm rancher from 2019.

Cole Sturgis Mother

Cole Sturgis’s mother (step) is named Carol Sturgis. Carol married her husband Ken in May 2005. But, Cole’s biological mother’s detail is currently available.

Carol is the daughter of Viggo and Frances (Lehman) Hansen. She lost her brother David Louis Hansen at the age of 76 in October 2022.

David held his master electrician license for 40-plus years. In 1980, David started his own business, M-D Electric of Gillette. He and Marie worked side by side until he sold the business in 1995. In years to follow, he was employed by Hettinger Welding and MCM General Contractors.

David was preceded in death by his parents; a younger sister, Gloria Oberg.

Carol’s other siblings are a brother named Donald Hansen, and a sister named Loretta (Ron) Bach of Kingsley, Michigan.

Though Carol is on Facebook, she has skipped the details about her career.

Does Cole Sturgis Have Siblings?

Cole Sturgis has one brother named Lonnie Sturgis. In 2023, Lonnie is 57 years old. He lives in Whitehall, Montana, and is the former owner of the Lumberjack Log Homes Inc.

Lonnie is married to Tammy Sturgis. The couple have been married since 25 August 1990.

Their son Jake Sturgis has been married to his wife Joanna Kris Sturgis since November 2018. Jake works at Lumberjack Log Homes Inc. He went to Manhattan Christian High School and Montana State University.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Cole Sturgis Family Reside?

Cole Sturgis’s parents live in Yuma, Arizona. His brother resides in Whitehall, Montana.

  • Does Cole Sturgis Family Appear On Life Below Zero?

No, Cole Sturgis’s family hasn’t appeared on Life Below Zero.

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