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Lil Bo Weep Boyfriend: Who Is Steven Moses? Bio, Age, Job

Meet Lil Bo Weep’s boyfriend, Steven Moses. He also played an instrumental role in her life although they were together for only one and a half years. This article explores their relationship and his career.

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Meet Steven Moses, Lil Bo Weep Boyfriend

Steven Moses previously dated late singer Lil Bo Weep who died in March 2022. In January 2020, she flew to LA while on tour and met with Steven. Their relationship was going smooth and enjoyed each other’s company blissfully during that time.

In July 2020, Lil Bo had tweeted, “Every living person on this planet has their unique pair of eyes. Each their universe. when I saw you that night, I know I had the feeling that I had known you. I felt like you knew me, we are connected. 1.1 137 @stevenmoses99“.

Ten days after the post, Lil Bo tweeted a cute picture of the and tweeted, “Closing dark chapters to refind and redefine life, selves, us. It’s all up from here. I take these next 30 days to focus on working towards myself and my family’s dreams. an adventure to a beautiful unknown. I can’t wait to show the world everything We both cultivated and created”.

Fans praised the relationship which they shared.

In March 2021, Lil Bo tweeted, “We have made mistakes. However, since finding out I was carrying, we have done nothing but strive to be the best we can be. U will see. I’m so proud of myself and my partner for the progress we have made in just a short amount of time for willow. This is love.”

However, things started falling apart between the two. According to GoFundMe, which the Australian singer started, he abused her throughout the year and cheated on her. She was stuck in LA due to COVID-19 and during that period Steven introduced her to heroin.

After spending time in COVID, Steven started smoking fentanyl. He accused of her abusing her financially, physically, and emotionally. She got pregnant in November but he didn’t stop smoking fentanyl. During that time, she lost everything she had, was on a brink of suicide, but her father flew her back home.

Lil Bo then had a miscarriage but she accused him of not being there for her. She lost her $24K to him and her home. Up until May 2021, they had worked through their relationship and didn’t share any relationship problems publicly. They had even planned about getting a driver’s license in May 2021.

Before that Lil Bo had tweeted in August, “I’m not being silent abt @ steven Moses anymore- not just for me- but for all the other victims including the dead. I know my rights and getting ur wingman to sexually assault me to sign an NDA isn’t gonna work.”

Were Lil Bo Weep And Her Boyfriend Steven Moses Engaged?

No, Lil Bo Weep and Steven Moses shared no news about getting engaged — so they probably didn’t.

Steven Moses Age

As of March 2022, Steven Moses is at least 22 years old.

Steven Moses Job

Steven Moses started his career as a rapper after drawing being influenced by several genres. From The Sex Pistols to Nas, he merged 2000’s pop-punk with rap. His lyricism comprises his struggle with depression, failed relationships, and substance abuse. At the age of 14, he discovered Nas’s album Illmatic and he fell in love with the East Coast rapper.

Plus, with his self-taught ability as a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass, drums, mandolin, ukulele), he thrived as a musician from his hometown which he described as “boring and regular.” He started making music under the name Moses, later he decided to stick to his full name.

His career reached a new height after collaborating with producer William Van Zandt on his debut EP, Love Me // Leave Me in 2018. Moses started putting his work online in 2018, racking up numerous views and listens with tracks such as “Hotboy,” “Alone,” and the breakout “Love Me.”

The following year, Steven focused on recording new material, dropping a handful of collaborative tracks at the beginning of 2020 — including “Nascar” with Lil Miggy and ThatFatApe, and “Money Dew” with ReMix Reek and K Rozay — before following them up with his debut for Def Jam, “Lose It.”

He dropped his debut album 99 in the fall of 2020. He named the album after the year he was born which is 1999.

You can check out his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Fun Fact: Steven and his older brother and sister homeschooled most of their life.

Is Steven Moses On Instagram?

Yes, Steven Moses is on Instagram (@stevenmoses99), Twitter (@stevenmoses99), and YouTube.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Steven Moses Birthday?

Steven’s birthday hasn’t been made public yet.

  • Where Is Steven Moses From?

Steven Moses was born and raised in Blair County, Pennsylvania.

  • How Much Is Steven Moses Net Worth?

By March 2022, Steven Moses gathered a net worth of above $200 thousand.

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