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Lil Twist Parents: Stephen L. Gray (Dad), Rhonda Moore (Mom)

Rapper Lil Twist has appeared on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop where he opened up about his parents Stephen L. Gray and Rhonda Moore. This article explores information on both of his parents.

Delve into this Lil Twist Parents article to learn more about his dad and his mom.

Meet Stephen L. Gray And Rhonda Moore, Lil Twist Parents

Young Money rapper Lil Twist AKA Christopher L Moore was born to his dad Stephen L Gray and his mom Rhonda Moore. Those who have been following ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ must know that Lil Twist has shared about his parents on the show, most importantly his dad.

Fans are eager to learn more about Twist’s father also known as Lynn. Fans have loved his comedy relief on the show and for being true to himself. While talking with Pepa, he brought up that he was raised by a “real gangster”. Fans wanted to learn more about his parents.

Lil Twist Dad

Stephen L Gray and Christopher Moore AKA Lil Twist shared a very special bond. Despite all the hardship which his father never opened up about in his life, he still made sure that Twist and his siblings had the best childhood kids could have. He looked after his sister Crystal and his brother Za AKA Xavier.

  • Stephen L. Gray Age

Stephen L Gray should be over the age of 50 as of 2022. But, there are no public records on Lil Twist’s father that informed us about his age and his birthday.

  • What Did Stephen L. Gray Do?

“My dad was a true street hustler. You know he got it how he had to get it and he provided for his family. He brought the bread, he brought go-karts, and he made me feel like I was stuntastic before Cash Money,” Lil Twist said on the show. So you know, whatever means or path he had to go through he made sure that he provided for his kids.

Since Twist was just a kid, the only thing he knew was he could have everything that he wished for.

He added on the show, “It took me to having to go and sit in jail in L.A. County to realize I might be f–king up. I’m trippin. I need to go and see this man. I had to go through it to see what he’s been going through. And once I saw it, I felt bad. I miss him a lot for sure.”

  • Is Stephen L. Gray Still In Jail?

On 17 June 2019, Twist posted a picture of his father on his Instagram. He captioned the post, “Happy Fathers Day to the man, the myth, the TRIPLE D LEGEND “Pebo” my popz!! Love u dude !!! #FreePebo“. Fans have always wondered what he was in for. One user @youngpimpage commented, “What he in for”.

However, nobody replied to that.

As of 2022, Stephen is reportedly still doing time in prison. When will he be out, it remains obscure.

However, Lil Twist had some individuals in his life who were his father figures. He has cited rapper Mack Maine as his a father-figure whereas saw rapper Lil Wayne as his older brother. He shared on the series, “Having Wayne there as a brother, Mack Maine as a bog brother and father figure, but it’s not the same as having your actual father as a father figure.”

Furthermore, Lil Twist had also tweeted, his manager Cortez Bryant Twitter @MrRedGlasses as his father. Back in 2009, he tweeted, “Everybody Go Follow My Manager/Dad @MrRedGlasses!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!! GO SHOW HIM MAD LOVE!!!!!!!! This Is Lil Wayne, Drake, And My Manager!!:

In March 2011, he tweeted, “Man I love Cortez “Tez Poe” Bryant!! He’ll be back Monday. It’s nothing!! Shout out to my dad/manager man see u in 3 days lol.”

Lil Twist Mom

If you ever search for Rhonda Moore on Lil Twist’s Twitter page then you’ll see the rapper’s mom is kind of famous. There are tweets after tweets wishing her birthdays and other things. In July 2011 one user tweeted, “I wanna thank Ms.Rhonda (Mama Twist) for putting this beautiful boy on earth. She raised him well & he is very kind-hearted <3″.

Rhonda has appeared on a few posts on a few IG posts of Lil Twist. The most recent post with his mother date back to October 2021. He posts pictures of his mother and captions, “Last Night was a great night! I got to take my mama out to see my OG  @anthonyhamiltonofficial and bruh he KILLED THAT SHIT !! Appreciate u OG we enjoyed ourselves! My cousin Porky and bro @tsoulmusic rolled with me 2 !”

Whereas in May 2021, Lil Twist posted a series of photos of his beautiful mother on Instagram. He captioned the post, “Happy Mothers Day to both my beautiful Mama and beautiful Sister!! Love Y’all @cryssthabeauty“. He had also posted a picture of his mother and his aunties in May 2020.

  • Rhonda Moore Age

Based on Twitter, Rhonda Moore celebrates her birthday on 21 November. She receives birthday wishes on her kids’ socials. She should be around 57 years old as of 2022, based on the information in the public domain.

  • What Does Rhonda Moore Do?

According to her LinkedIn, Rhonda cited herself as Entertainment Professional. She wrote Manager/CEO as her position from 2006 to 2011. A Twitter user (@baby00girl24) tweeted, “@liltwist My mom wants to know how is Rhonda? She used to work at IndyMac with my mom…”

So, based on that tweet, Rhonda might’ve worked at IndyMac, a contraction of Independent National Mortgage Corporation, was an American bank based in California that failed in 2008 and was seized by the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

  • How Much Is Rhonda Moore Net Worth?

Rhonda Moore’s net worth should be under $500 thousand.

  • Is Rhonda Moore On Instagram?

No, Rhonda Moore is not on Instagram but she is featured on her kids’ socials.

Related FAQs

  • Are Lil Twist Parents Still Married?

There is no information on the parents of Lil Twist’s marriage. The fact that his mother never used her husband’s last name suggested that they never tied the knots. Furthermore, Twist and his siblings didn’t use their father’s last name Gray; instead used their mother’s last name, Moore.

  • How Many Kids Do Lil Twist Parents Have?

Lil Twist’s parents had three kids. He has a younger brother named Lil Za and a sister named Crystal McGriff.

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