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Linda Yaccarino Parents: Bob And Isabella Yaccarino

There are many people who are proud of Linda Yaccarino’s accomplishments but not more than her parents Bob and Isabella Yaccarino. Who are her folks? Read about their age, job, and more.

The article attempts to cover it all so keep scrolling down to learn all about them.

Who Are Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Parents?

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is making headlines and people wish to learn more about her personal life. This article is about Linda’s parents Bob Yaccarino and Isabella Yaccarino.

Meet Bob Yaccarino, Linda Yaccarino Dad

Robert “Bob” Yaccarino is the father of Linda Yaccarino. Linda featured her dad on her Instagram back in 2015. The post also featured her sister Lori Armstrong. “Met game with my sister and my dad. Doesn’t get better !! LGM!!!,” the post’s caption read.

  • Bob Yaccarino Age

In August 2022, Bob Yaccarino turned 84 years old. His birth year is 1938.

  • Bob Yaccarino Job

Bob Yaccarino was a police officer by profession. He is currently retired. According to New York Times article, Bob was Deputy Chief who was also a commanding officer of the police academy of The Nassau County Police Department back in 1986. NYT did an article on a serious manpower shortage.

Bob added that 150 recruits who graduated from the academy at the time were generally more educated and culturally diverse than their fellow officers.

Later in November of the same year, in another article, Bob talked about officer training. He explained that the “two-week course includes training in hostage negotiations, the use of firearms and surveillance equipment, responses to bomb threats, evasive automobile driving maneuvers, intelligence gathering and protection of leaders.”

Controlled Use of Assaults “The major philosophy of the training is to show that the use of assault tactics must be a controlled use, coupled with preplanning and other possibilities such as negotiating” Bob added.

Now, Bob is an advocate of the Wounded Warrior Project.

  • How Much Is Bob Yaccarino Net Worth?

Bob Yaccarino’s net worth is likely above $1 million.

Meet Isabella Yaccarino, Linda Yaccarino Mom

Linda Yaccarino’s beautiful mother is named Linda Yaccarino. Linda has shared about her mother with Maurer Foundation. The newly appointed said, “It’s so hard to put my mother Isabella into “just words.” My mom is at the core of the foundation of me as a person. She dedicated her life to raising three daughters to have the confidence to believe we could do anything.”

Linda added, “She sacrificed her own needs and desires and invested in me and my sisters’ future and success. She insisted we get an education and demanded we always give back and be good to others.”

Linda credited her mother for the approach she opted for when it comes to raising her own children. She added, “Unconditional love, support, and encouragement are just a few words that come to mind—that and some fantastic Italian cooking. I pray I am half the mother to my children as she has been to me.”

When Isabella was diagnosed with cancer all the family came together and be strong for her though Isabella was usually the stronger one.

  • Isabella Yaccarino Age

Isabella Yaccarino is 85 years of age. Public record shows that she was born in November 1937.

  • Isabella Yaccarino Job

Isabella Yaccarino was likely a traditional mother who looked after her children, which was her primary job. However, after her cancer diagnosis, she herself became an advocate for healthy living and early detection. She is helping The Maurer Foundation.

Linda explained, “She is a tremendous “go-getter” and seeks support from anyone who will listen and be able to offer time or donations. She is a contagious advocate.”

“And one more thing I would like to add, my mom grew up in a generation when women did not have all the opportunities they have today. She dedicated her life to making sure her three daughters and now her four grandchildren have unlimited opportunities to be great people and succeed. She is an inspiration and I can speak on behalf of my two sisters—we couldn’t be more proud or love her more.”

  • How Much Is Isabella Yaccarino Net Worth?

Isabella Yaccarino’s net worth is likely above $500 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Are Linda Yaccarino Parents Still Married?

Yes, Linda Yaccarino’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Linda Yaccarino Parents Have?

Isabella and Bob Yaccarino shared three daughters together. The other two daughters are named Lori Yaccarino Armstrong and Kate Yaccarino.

  • Where Do Linda Yaccarino Parents Reside?

Linda Yaccarino’s parents are currently residing in Glen Head, New York.

  • Are Linda Yaccarino Parents On Instagram?

No, Linda Yaccarino’s parents are not on Instagram. However, Isabella uses Facebook (@isabella.bartoloneyaccarino).

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