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Lindsey Downs Bio, Age, Today, Facebook, Love After Lockup

Meet Lindsey Downs from WETV’s guilty pleasure show Love After Lockup. Viewers have seen her growing through a few tumultuous relationships since she made her debut in the show. But, who is she with today?

Along with that we will also discuss her age, social media reach, and job in this article below.

Lindsey Downs And Scott Bradshaw Relationship

Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw were one of the couples who appeared on WETV’s Love After Lockup, but they are no longer together. Sadly, Lindsey and Scott appeared doomed from the beginning.

There is no disputing how toxic the relationship was between Scott and Lindsey. Scott looked through Lindsey’s belongings, which she felt amounted to a complete invasion of privacy. Of course, she paid him back by looking through his belongings as well. The pair obviously engages in “going tit for tat.”

Scott informed his then-girlfriend that he was purchasing them a house before moving to Mississippi to be with her. The residence was a rental, Lindsey later learned. Yet, it turns out that this falsehood was the least of Lindsey and Scott’s issues. A relationship built on lies is bound to fall apart.

Also, she discovered his old phone, which included images and videos of a different woman, leading her to suspect infidelity on his part. The drama never ends, as we already stated. Hence, they parted ways. Scott reportedly acknowledged to TVShowcase that he and Downs are no longer together. In reality, he says that “he kicked Downs out of the house as soon as filming wrapped.”

“He even had her arrested for destroying his property – including carving the words ‘F–k You’ in his desk.”

Sources for Soap Dirt revealed that Scott Bradshaw kicked Lindsey out of their Mississippi joint residence. Before they were on the spinoff, this was back when their first season of Love After Lockup aired. Conversely, he recently claimed that the couple had already split up while the presently aired scenes were being shot. And it appears that he is more than willing to put his relationship with her in the past.

Are Lindsey Downs And Daonte Sierra Still Together?

The first time Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs came on the show, they brought their former partners. Yet once those relationships fizzled, the two met and forged an intense bond that quickly become amorous.

Although Scott, Lindsey’s former partner, and she initially appeared on the show together, their relationship was far from ideal. Scott gave the relationship his all and even moved to be near his then-girlfriend, but the show quickly made it clear that Lindsey was just interested in his money and assistance. Scott made the decision to end the relationship and go his own way as a result of Lindsey being sent back to jail for serving a 24-month sentence.

Daonte, on the other hand, was dating Nicolle when he first appeared on “Life After Lockup.” But Nicolle appeared keen to exploit Daonte’s fortune rather than desire a future with him. As a result, the relationship quickly fell apart, and Daonte went back to being single. He quickly met Lindsey and became close to her, therefore he did not stay that way for very long.

They met on a dating app, and it didn’t take them long to develop feelings for one another.

Daonte’s loved ones tried to talk him out of dating Lindsey since he had a bad experience dating ex-felons. He was confident in his ability to create a future with the love of his life, though, and he refused to give in. The two could hardly stay apart and their chemistry was unmistakable, despite the fact that Lindsey was imprisoned at the time.

Also, Daonte tried against all odds to win Lindsey over, and when she returned the favor, supporters thought the union might endure.

Sadly, they are no longer together. It’s interesting that Daonte announced his intentions for their future just before Lindsey was set to be released from prison, and that he intended to move to Mississippi after her release in order to be close to his partner.

Yet, something seems to be up since Daonte continued to live at his Virginia home even after Lindsey escaped in January 2022. Fans were initially perplexed by this action, but rumors said that Lindsey had been seen kissing one of her ex-boyfriends at a party soon after her release.

Soon after, Daonte seemed to substantiate the claims when he lamented the demise of loyalty in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. However, Daonte and Lindsey have not been seen together since, and even their social media accounts lack any images of one another.

Who Is Lindsey Downs From Love After Lockup With?

Lindsey Downs is currently with her new boyfriend Blaine Bailey. They have been in a relationship since March 2022. They have been best friends for a very long time and are now in a relationship. Blaine admitted his true feeling for her and the relationship was going very strong. Furthermore, the pair have planned their future together.

However, their relationship is also not without trouble. Their trip to attorney Tyler Moss’s office uncovered a shocking new piece of information. Blaine had unsettled charges from 2016 for possession of Methamphetamine and hydrocodone and possession of the 38 handgun. He also had due warrants skipping court.

Blaine may reportedly face up to 19 years which is bad news for their relationship. Lindsey is troubled and disappointed that he had kept all of it a secret. Blaine clarified that everything was going great for them and he didn’t want to ruin it.

Despite the issue which could be a deal breaker for the two, they seem to be doing alright. Blaine has also defended his girlfriend on Twitter. One viewer wrote, “If I was Lindsey’s mom, she would never see her daughter again. She’s a toxic force in that girl’s life.”

Blaine defended his girl replying, “But you ain’t so ain’t gotta worry about that. @SimplyLinzy is a wonderful mother to her daughter” He added, “Her daughter has only seen her with me in real life and she does a wonderful job raising her daughter. Her daughter wants for nothing. We are always around her daughter. Trust me I know I see it in real life not on an edited show.”

Blaine himself is a father to two children; a son named Kaygan Ryder who turned 8 years old in December 2022. His beautiful daughter who you can see all over his social is named Amelia.

Lindsey Downs Today: Is She Still Locked Up?

No, Lindsey Downs is no longer locked up. She was reportedly released in March 2022.

Lindsey Downs Age

Lindsey Downs’s date of birth is 12 March 1993. She is currently 29 years old.

How Much Is Lindsey Downs Net Worth?

Lindsey Down’s net worth should be above $250 thousand. Besides being a WE TV reality star, Lindsey is working as an independent consultant for Arbonne International. Arbonne is a brand empowering people to flourish with clean, vegan, cruelty-free products that improve the mind, body, and skin.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is Lindsey Downs Daughter?

Lindsey Downs’s daughter is named Mylie Grace.

  • Is Lindsey Downs On Facebook And Instagram?

Yes, Lindsey Downs is on Facebook (@SimplyLinzy) and Instagram (@arbonne).

  • How Tall Is Lindsey Downs?

Lindsey Downs’s height measured under 5 feet 7 inches.

  • When Is Lindsey Downs Birthday?

Lindsey Downs’s birthday is on 12 March.

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