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Lizzie Acker Bio, GBBO, Age, Partner, Job, Family, Accent

Lizzie Acker is one of the contestants of “GBBO (Great British Bake Off)” but she has a hard time impressing judges on the show. She claims herself to be a baker who can offer substance overlook, so things looked pretty rough for her in the show. Let’s learn more about her on a personal level.

Scroll down this Lizzie Acker Bio to learn more about her age, partner, job, family, and accent.

Lizzie Acker On GBBO (Great British Bake Off)

Lizzie Acker had a regular job in a paint shop before she decided to join “The Great British Bake Off” on its 12th season. She doesn’t have any problem chatting with new people but the thought about joining the show gave her nerves when it came to having chat with her fellow GBBO contestants.

“Before leaving I was in such a panic over meeting the other bakers, which is strange as I am one of the dog weirdos that can, and will, speak to anyone in the park,” Lizzie shared. The show is filled with people from different occupations and she wondered if they would get along with each other or not.

Lizzie loves old-fashioned cake bake and prefers distinctive, delicious flavors and simple presentation over anything fancy. The show is a hit with nine million viewers in the finale of the 2020’s edition. So, she is her to secure the title with friendly competition in the show while having fun with it.

Lizzie Acker Age

As of this writing in November 2021, Lizzie Acker was 28 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 21 July.

Does Lizzie Acker Have A Partner?

Yes, Lizzie Acker has a partner who lives with her and her dog Prudence in an annex of her parents’ garden. She keeps her relationship away from social media, and public attention as a whole, since there exists not even one post that is related to her partner. But one thing that we can confirm is Lizzie isn’t married, yet.

But, the dog Lizzie and her partner share, Prudence, plays a big part in their life. Prudence has a Bedlington terrier that has its own IG account ( @prudencethebeddie) with 5,922 followers. The dog’s bio read, 3year old Liverpudlian 🇬🇧Bedlington Terrier, 50% Lamb impersonator, 35% Attention seeker, 10% Mayhem causer, and 5% Ball thief.

Lizzie Acker Hometown, Accent

Lizzie Acker hails from her hometown in Liverpool. Since she comes from Liverpool, she has a thick Scouse accent. The accent owes its roots to Liverpool’s position as a port. The melting pot created by the influx of people from far and wide was the foundation of the distinctive Scouse sound.

The major influence of the accent comes from the influx of Irish and Welsh into the city

Lizzie Acker Family

Lizzie Acker is one of the two daughters born to her anonymous parents. Even though she never went on a personal level to share information regarding her parents, she shared a few photos here and there to give a glimpse at her family life. Based on the IG post from 2015, her mom is a skilled woman who also participated in some type of talent show.

Lizzie wrote, “My mummy at her show last night #proud #craftshow #talent #thereforthecake

Speaking about her sister, Emily (@emily_acker) is a tattoo artist by profession. She has 532 followers on her account. Whereas, she also has a Tattoo & Piercing Shop page ( that flaunts her 2,332 followers.

Emily turned 23 years old on 13 August 2021.

What Does Lizzie Acker Do For A Living?

Lizzie Acker worked in the Paint Shop at Jaguar Land Rover Halewood. All of her team members at the paint shop spoke highly of her.

The production manager in Paint Shop Ged Thurston said: “When it comes to Lizzie- you can expect anything and everything! She has a unique and quirky style and is always bringing in her brilliant baking masterpieces for us to try. She is a true baker at heart and believes there is a dish to solve every issue so we are confident she will produce cake creations worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake!”

Talking about remarkable moments in her baking history, Lizzie first wowed Halewood’s cake connoisseurs as part of a charity baking competition at the plant in 2018 with a fabulous four-tiered masterpiece which secured her the Halewood baking crown.

Lizzie used walnut and coffee flavors for Slovakia, a classic English Victoria Sponge, a chiffon cake (her favorite Chinese cake), and finally a strawberry and raspberry vegan cake, which at the time, Lizzie said represented the fresh flavors and positive sustainable outlook on life in Brazil.

Related FAQs

  • Does Lizzie Acker Have Tattoos?

Lizzie Acker has got a few tattoos on her body that are remarkable for many individuals. One of them is a whisk tattoo with the word “finesse” and “gbbo” written below it. She also has a ‘cake?’ tattooed on the inside of her lower lips by her sister Emily. She captioned in an IG post, “‘Cake?’ Fun one on my sister @lizzieacker1

  • Is Lizzie Acker On Instagram?

Yes, Lizzie Acker is on Instagram, Twitter, and also on Tik Tok. Her IG handle is @lizzieacker and her TikTok is @lizzie.a.bakes.

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