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Loosey LaDuca Bio, Real Name, Job, Partner, Height

Meet Loosey LaDuca, a construction worker by day and a singing-and-dancing drag diva by night. Yet now, the world also buys her as one of the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15. Premiering on 6 January 2022, Loosey LaDuca is competing in this season of entertainment juggernaut alongside 15 other queens to claim the biggest grand prize in franchise history. The big $200,000! (This is $100,000 more than last season.)

Now, let us break down everything you need to know about this diva.

Loosey LaDuca On RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15

It is interesting that Loosey LaDuca started construction the same year that she started Drag, in 2010. Looking back, she tells the camera on RuPaul’s Drag Race that both have been fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding also. “I am SO PROUD of this blue-collar kid for sticking with it. LOOK AT ME NOW”, she wrote next to an Instagram post showing herself both in and out of a drag makeover.

In a teaser, ahead of the show’s premiere, we see her rave about how every time she puts herself in drag they strive to get better than she did before. She basically seems confident and ready to use all her tools to make it to the top.

In her BIO for the show, its been also cited that she is a perfectionist, a powerhouse performer with killer curves, and has already seen 12 years in the Connecticut drag scene. They describe her as the ultimate mix of showgirl sass and campy charisma. “She’s a queen who has it all…Now, she just needs a crown”, they say while bringing her into this RuPaul race.

Loosey LaDuca Out Of Drag

Out of Drag, Loosey LaDuca is no more a drag queen. She instead looks this way without the fake-ly eyebrows.

Drag Queen Loosey looks this way when out of Drag (PIC: Instagram)

So, out of drag, Loosey is this good-looking guy in a male figure. Yet, even without the makeover, Loosey’s out-of-drag form seems to have it in him to be a good performer.

So you know, Starlet’s pronoun out of drag is He/Him, and when in drag is She/Her.

How Old Is Loosey LaDuca?

Loosey LaDuca was born Timothy P Rinaldi in 1990. So, the age should be 32 years old by 2022.

Loosey LaDuca Real Name

Drag Queen Loosey LaDuca’s real name is Timothy Rinaldi.

As for the drag name Loosey LaDuca’s origin, she revealed that “Loosey” comes from an homage to American actress and comedienne Lucille Ball, and “LaDuca” from the fashion brand LaDuca Shoes.

Loosey LaDuca Family

Loosey LaDuca’s mother is Cindy Fitch and she is recently retired according to her Facebook where she also mentioned being “married”. Also, it notifies her of being based around Englewood, Florida. Cindy with full name Cynthia turned 70 in April 2022. And just in December of that year, she took to her Facebook to proudly announce that he “baby” is going to be on TV. After years of sending in auditions and working his “padded butt off”, her son Timothy Rinaldi finally landed on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She also gushed that she could not be prouder.

Loosey’s Timothy also is the son of Michael R Rinaldi who turned 70 in February 2022.

Further, Timothy also has a bunch of siblings. There is a sister, Kristin Rinaldi, a Case Manager at Stratford VNA and a former R.N. at Bridgeport Hospital. She turned 43 in March 2022. Ansonia city in New Haven County was where she was based until that time around. On social media, we have seen Loosey talk about the “amazing, loving, caring, hard-working, incredible sister”.

The others are brothers Joseph “Joe” Rinaldi who turned 33 in March 2022 and Seymour-based Michael John Rinaldi who celebrated his 42nd birthday in November 2022. The former is a bartender at Wusong Road, a graphic designer at Super73, and a former graphic designer at Conair Corporation. At the time of this writing, he was married to Bradleigh Rhodes Rinaldi.

In December 2013, we saw Timothy congratulate his big brother Michael and his supermodel wife Jessica as they were expecting a baby.

Is Loosey LaDuca On Instagram?

Yes. Loosey LaDuca could be found on Instagram @looseyladuca with 2,030 posts and 21.8K followers as of 3 January 2022.

Besides, Loosey also frequently made her loud presence on Twitter @LooseyLaDuca and on her Facebook. Of course, she also separately ran another Facebook account as Timothy Rinaldi.

Loosey LaDuca Partner

Loosey LaDuca’s relationship status was unconfirmed as of early 2023. So, if she had a partner, no one knew of it. Also, no one really knew what kind of a partner Timothy loved to have or already has.

Loosey LaDuca Job

Particularly as Loosey LaDuca makes money by doing funny celebrity impersonations, and yes, her spooky too. Also, she confirmed that she live sings at like 90 percent of her shows. To all this that she does for a living, she gives credit to her BFA in musical theatre. In the beginning, she just started it while desperately trying to pay off the student debt. (

So, at the time of this writing, Loosey mentioned being employed at Hooters and also at her own business. While on ‘Timothy Rinaldi’ LinkedIn, it’s been cited that he is a home improvement contractor at Rinaldi Installation and Remodeling of New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Then, on his Facebook, Timothy also mentioned working as a Pool Boy at Buddy’s Pools, LLC. Between 2007 and 2010, he was a performer at Downtown Cabaret Theatre.

Speaking of education, Timothy, AKA Loosey, studied at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Ansonia High School (Class of 2008).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Loosey LaDuca’s Birthday?

Loosey LaDuca’s birthday is on April 20th.

  • Where Is Loosey LaDuca From?

Loosey LaDuca was born and bred in Shelton, Connecticut. She was based in New Haven, Connecticut at the time of this writing.

  • How Tall Is Loosey LaDuca?

Bubby, fashionable, and gorgeous Loosey LaDuca stands above 5’9” in height.

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