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Lori Ann Talens Wiki, Husband, Family, Instagram, Coupon

A huge scheme was run by a woman named Lori Ann Talens from Virginia that involved The Coupon Fraud. The elaborate scheme was executed three years before she was caught with plenty of evidence in her home. So, who is Lori who performed The Coupon Fraud?

Learn about her with this Lori Ann Talens Wiki where we cover information on her husband, family, Instagram, and the Coupon Fraud.

Meet Lori Ann Talens, The Coupon Fraud

Lori ran a multi-million dollar counterfeit coupon scheme. For nearly three years, she worked at her home computer, matching and perfecting an art, that was dubbed as one of the largest fraud schemes of its kind, ever. The size of the scheme was $31 million which Lori owed to her victims.

Federal agents raided Lori’s home in Virginia Beach, Virginia and they had evidence of the fraud everywhere. They confiscated nearly $1 million in counterfeit coupons scattered in the house. Furthermore, they also got a hand on the 13,000 coupon designs on her computer that scammed people around the country.

Lori was charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, and health care fraud. She pleaded guilty on all counts and has been incarcerated for 12 years by a federal judge in Norfolk.

As the story goes, the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) gave the FBI a tip about a Virginia Beach Resident who they believed was running a counterfeit coupons scheme worth millions. The CIC had linked $125,000 in fake coupons to Lori. Postal Inspector, Jason Thomasson of the FBI discovered that she was the mastermind behind the elaborate fraud scheme.

In September 2021, the court ordered Lori to pay $31.8 million to the victims that suffered losses from her scheme.

Who Is Lori Ann Talens Husband?

Lori Ann Talens is a married woman and her husband is Pacifico Talens Jr. He also played parts in the scheme as a supporter for his wife to run the scheme. Because of this, he now has to face 87 months in prison.

Hence, it wasn’t a single-man scheme. But an elaborate plan of a couple that they ran for three years.

Based on our research, the married couple doesn’t share any children. Or their identity remains concealed to protect them from the internet outrage. Moreover, the length of Lori and Pacifico’s marital relationship remains unaddressed. So, information on their wedding requires further unfolding to do.

Is Lori Ann Talens On Instagram?

As of this writing (October 2021), we didn’t discover any social media platforms even remotely related to Lori. She had no public profile on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lori Ann Talens Net Worth

Lori Ann Tales had booked a profit of  $400,000 in profit and spent her cut on home renovations, shopping, and holidays. She successfully booked a net worth of at least $500 thousand before the FBI caught her.

Lori Ann Talens Family

Lori Ann Villanueva hails from Norfolk, Virginia. Her maiden name is Villanueva. Based on her last name, she is of Filipino-American ethnicity.

Her family members included John Villanueva, Ireneo D Villanueva, Ashley F Villanueva, and Melinda Q Villanueva. While Ashley F Villanueva and John Villanueva could be her siblings or her cousins based on their age.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Lori Ann Talens?

Lori was 41 years old at the time of her sentencing. Her birthday remains unshared. Her husband is two years older than her. So, he will be out when he is 50 years old whereas his Lori will be 53. Unless there is a provision for an early release for the couple under supervision.

  • Is Lori Ann Talens On Facebook, Instagram?

No, Lori is not on any of the social media platforms. She doesn’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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