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Louise LouLou J Morgan Bio, Age, Job, 90 Day Fiance UK

Louise LouLou J Morgan, a UK-based social media influencer is featured in season 2 of 90 Day Fiance UK. There are several interesting cast members that you can meet this season and one of the couple that you should know about is Jose Skate and Louise J Morgan.

In this bio, we will be bringing you a few details about Louise. Find details about her age, net worth, job, and social media reach. So, learn all that we know about him via this short bio.

90 Day Fiance: Are Louise LouLou J Morgan And Jose Still Together?

Rapper Jose Skate and single mother Louise Loulou J Morgan first connected on social media over a year ago and clicked right away. Per their bio, the couple is excited to raise a family, but Louise’s family members (including her 21-year-old son) don’t trust Jose and suspect he might possibly be exploiting her for a visa.

Are they still together? Not only together but they are happily married to each other. In fact, the couple have been married to each other since 16 November 2022.

Louise is a mother of three children. Her oldest boy is named Jessie. An aspiring content creator (gamer), Jessie goes by the name IzumiFPS. He posts pic and gameplay on his Instagram (@4fingadom). Jessie thinks that Jose doesn’t have the right intention and believes that Jose could even be using her for a visa.

While Louise has only featured her mom on her IG, she didn’t spare many details about her mom. But, we discovered that she has one brother Faye Roe (@feferoe). Faye shared in his IG in October 2021 that he loves his sister with his whole heart.

Her partner Jose reached the age of 29 in February 2023 so they have a significant age difference. Jose Skate is a Colombian singer and an influencer. He ventured into the musical world as an artist representative for more than 8 years. He first appeared in the music scene in 2019 after releasing Otra Noche (remix).

Fans of 90 Day Fiance should be excited as 90 Day Fiance UK season 2 premiered on 16 July 2023. Other couples we get to meet on the show are Michael from Essex and Mercy from Kenya, Robert from Glasgow and Assel from Kazakhstan, Tionne from Derby and David from Dominican Republic, Rebekah from Chesterfield and Cristian from Argentina, and Kadie from West Yorkshire and Alejandro from Mexico.

Louise LouLou J Morgan Age

Born before 1983, Louise J Morgan was 39 years old at the time of filming the show.

Louise LouLou J Morgan Job

Louise J Morgan is working as a digital creator, plus-size influencer, and advocate for invisible illness. She never shared about her mental and physical health issues but later realized that the more she talked about them, the more it helped others like her.

Hence, Louise raises awareness through her social media platform Instagram, she has formed a large following from her self-expressive post and quotes of strength.

The value of loving and accepting oneself, regardless of size or shape, is one of LouLou.j.Morgan’s most potent messages to her fans. Her message of self-love and acceptance serves as a beacon of light for those who feel ostracized or excluded due to their size. As a plus-size influencer, she serves as a role model for many people who suffer from body image issues.

Louise’s career as an influencer has also landed her on the cover of various magazines namely The Buzz Magazine, Block Buster, Emmywear, and many more.

How Much Is Louise LouLou J Morgan Net Worth?

Louise LouLou J Morgan has accumulated an impressive net worth of under $350 thousand.

Louise LouLou J Morgan Height

Body positivity advocate, Louise J Morgan’s height is under 5 feet 6.5 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Louise LouLou J Morgan Birthday?

While Louise J Morgan is British, she is of mixed heritage (Jamaican & Welsh). She had mentioned on her IG that growing up she was bullied for her mixed heritage and appearance.

  • Is Louise LouLou J Morgan On Instagram?

90 Day Star Louise J Morgan is available on various social media platforms. You can find her on Instagram (loulou.j.morgan), Facebook (loulou.uzokwe), TikTok (loulou.j.morgan), and YouTube (loulou.j.morgan4564).

  • Where Is Louise J Morgan From?

Louise J Morgan from 90 Day Fiance UK is currently based in Fairy Hill, Portland, Jamaica. She is originally from Gloucester, England.

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