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Asonta Gholston Age, Height, Instagram, Love During Lockup

Asonta Gholston might be incarcerated, but he’s happy, thanks to his girlfriend Raneka who sends him $2000 – $2500 per month and is ready to take care of him once he’s released.

Learn more about him as this article proceeds.

Asonta Gholston On Love During Lockup Season 3

Asonta was first introduced as Raneka’s incarcerated boyfriend on Love During Lockup season 3. Their unique connection began through video calls, where Raneka admitted to feeling butterflies in her heart, reminiscent of the excitement of school love. Asonta reciprocated, explaining how their conversations on the phone led to a growing bond, and he eventually fell deeply in love with her, declaring her as “his girl.”

Raneka’s emotions for Asonta knew no bounds, as she affectionately mentioned how he made her feel like “Niagara Falls” down there. Their passion and love for each other only seemed to intensify with time. Such was the strength of their feelings that Raneka took a significant step in her life by relocating to Atlanta, GA, with her two children, in a bid to be physically closer to Asonta.

However, their love story was not without its challenges. Raneka’s family was skeptical about her relationship with Asonta. They questioned whether he was truly deserving of her affection, fearing that he might be talking to other women while being incarcerated. Despite the doubts and concerns of her loved ones, Raneka remained steadfast in her belief that Asonta was the one for her.

Even one of Raneka’s clients expressed skepticism about Asonta, questioning whether she had ever met him in person before his incarceration. The client’s concern stemmed from the unknowns and uncertainties associated with a relationship that primarily thrived over phone calls and video chats.

Nevertheless, Raneka’s conviction in Asonta’s love and loyalty remained unshaken. She found comfort in the fact that they had not been physically intimate, believing that what kept their spark alive was the deep emotional connection they shared. For her, Asonta’s presence was not limited to the confines of jail; he was “mentally there for her,” providing the emotional support she needed.

Raneka’s client, however, persisted in raising doubts, emphasizing the potential red flags associated with such a relationship. The uncertainty of not knowing his true identity beyond their virtual interactions was a concern that couldn’t be overlooked.

Are Asonta Gholston And Raneka Still Together?

Asonta Gholston and Raneka didn’t reveal their relationship status. But if we are to believe Raneka’s FB status, she’s “single,” meaning — the two might have parted ways.

And that’s no surprise because, throughout the show, the couple faced significant challenges. One of the major obstacles was the revelation that Asonta had been communicating with other women, leading to a major explosion in their relationship. Despite their strong feelings for each other, this breach of trust caused turmoil and raised doubts about their future together.

Moreover, the complexities of maintaining a relationship while dealing with Asonta’s incarceration added another layer of difficulty.

Asonta Gholston Children

Asonta Gholston has a son.

Likewise, Raneka has two daughters, Rickyah and Jahara, 15 and 13 years old respectively in 2022. You can often spot them on Asonta’s socials.

Asonta Gholston Age

Asonta Gholston was 32 years of age when he appeared on Love During Lockup in 2023.

He is two years younger than Raneka.

Did you know: Asonta’s real name is Lacitrus Asonta Gholston.

What Did Asonta Gholston Do To Get Into Prison?

Asonta Gholston was imprisoned for robbery and theft of motor vehicles. He was probably released in Feb 2023.

Sadly, in June 2023, he was booked again for possession of marijuana with intent, crossing guidelines, possession of cocaine,  possession of cocaine with intent, and more.

Asonta Gholston Job

Asonta Gholston is an aspiring artist. His new mix tape was on the way at the time of writing this article.

On the other hand, Raneka has already found herself a niche as a rapper. Aka, “Big Diva,” Raneka is known for her works such as Rich Magic, Livin Life, and Loyal 2 U.

On top of that, she’s also the owner of a booming cosmetics business with five eyelash vending machines — each making $20 thousand a year! No wonder, she was sending Asonta $2000 – $2500 per month.

“I’m going to take care of him [Asonta] for about four months. I got to look out for him. You know he’s coming home, he’s not like stable right now. I’m stable so like I love him. So, I’m supposed to help him,” Raneka said.

Asonta Gholston Height

Asonta Gholston stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Asonta has a thick beard and tattoos on his arms.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Asonta Gholston Birthday?

Asonta didn’t reveal his birthday.

But Raneka was open about hers. She was born on August 12, 1988, and is of the Leo zodiac.

  • Is Asonta Gholston On Instagram?

As of July 2023, find Asonta on Instagram @asonta_92.

  • Where Does Asonta Gholston Reside?

Asonta resided in Atlanta, GA.

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