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Love During Lockup: Chris Chipps Age, Height, Job, Family

Get to know Chris Chipps from the 2023 season of Love During Lockup. Who is he? What did he do to go to prison? Who are his family members? What job did he have?

Read all about him below in this piece.

Chris Chipps On Love During Lockup

Chris Chipps a 40-year-old prisoner and a TikTok star is the cast member of Love During Lockup. He is appearing on the show with his wife Jade Chipps.

The first sneak peek trailer for the 3rd season of Love During Lockup, which began in July 2023, was just made available on WE tv. Because they both have TikTok channels with more than 300,000 combined followers, one of the couples shown in the preview was quickly recognized by several viewers of the show.

Are Chris Chipps And Jade Still Together?

Despite all the odds, Chris Chipps and Jade Chipps’s relationship is still intact. The couple soon identified their genuine connection after getting in touch with the Pen Pal Page program. Jade saw a show where a woman talked about how she met her husband through a pen pal page so she got excited to check it out.

On the page, Jade saw Chris’s picture and she chose to write to him. First, they started writing to one another and they started talking on the phone. She then flew and met Chris in person.

Jade first told her sisters as she knew they wouldn’t judge her instantly. Then she told her parents who were not the happiest about the relationship.

Their romance developed over the next six months, and on 10 October 2018, they got married.

Ever since they tied the knot, Jade and Chris haven’t met each other. They haven’t spent any time together outside of the prison.

“I decided to buy the cutout after thinking ‘What would make him feel special around the holidays?’ I wanted him to feel included,” Jade told The Mirror in 2021.

Jade “previously printed out her husband’s face on a bathing suit, a pillow, and a onesie in order to feel closer to him,” The Mirror added.

Since then, the father of three and Jade have persisted despite their separation from one another and the insurmountable obstacles that prevent them from connecting.

A few viral news stories assisted Jade Chipps and her husband Chris Chipps in growing their online fan groups. Early in 2021, Jade created a cardboard cutout of Chris and broadcast a TikTok video of her engaging with it, in which she pretended to feed him, showed Chris relaxing in the pool, and other things. This garnered a lot of media attention.

But many people have criticized Jade’s choice of an unconventional husband. Jade said that bullying and hate got so much that she had to delete her account.

However, Chris has proven to Jade that he is serious about what they have. Chris bought a three-bedroom, 2,236-square-foot house in Naples in October 2020, according to Florida property records. The mansion cost $570,000 to buy. The timing of the couple was perfect. The latest estimates for the property, owing to the recent real estate boom, range from $897,000 on Zillow to $938,000 on Redfin.

The new residence and ostensibly opulent way of life that Jade is leading (see below) represent a significant change for her! According to court records, the 33-year-old ex-flight attendant was indeed kicked out of her Florida condominium in 2008.

The home acquisition brings up some important issues. We’ll start by discussing Chris’s ability to complete the Florida buying procedure while detained in a South Dakota prison. He received assistance from his wife. According to court papers, Chris signed a durable power of attorney on October 15 designating Jade “as my Attorney in Fact for me and in my name, place, and stead to do and perform all acts, deeds, matters, and things whatsoever concerning” the Florida property.

Chris Chipps Age

Chris Chipps is 40 years of age as of this writing in 2023. He was born in 1983.

Chris Chipps Job

Chris Chipps previously worked at Certified Welding & Fabrication. One LinkedIn of the same name and location states that Chris is an enrolled member at Prairie Island Indian Community.

Chris is an enrolled member of the Mdewakanton Indian Tribe in Prairie Island, Minnesota, and is one-quarter American Indian. If you’re wondering why the name of that tribe is so well-known, it’s possible that it’s because a different Mdewakanton reserve has frequently made headlines as “the richest tribe in America” because to its ownership of the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel and Little Six Casino in Minnesota.

It’s unclear how much Chris Chipps currently receives from the Prairie Island Mdewakanton Tribe. However, there is some financial information included in his appeal.

According to the presentence investigation report conducted prior to sentencing in Lawrence County, Chipps reported an annual income of approximately $300,000 between tribal benefits and employment. Thus, Chipps concludes that “[h]is mother could have easily provided testimony to refute the State’s claim for motive.”

However, after going to prison, a lot has changed for him.

Chris also received considerable media coverage for something else that is remarkably constructive. Shortly after receiving a 30-year prison term for burglary, identity theft, and grand theft, Chris came across an item in the neighborhood paper about five-year-old Emma Bohon, whose major medical conditions were putting her family in a difficult financial situation.

“My daughter is about the same age, and it touched something in me,” Chris revealed to Argus Leader in 2016. “It hit a soft spot in my heart. I have three children of my own, and I know what it’s like to feel helpless, but not to that degree. I knew there was something I could do.”

Chris was able to contribute money as a solution. “Chipps is one-quarter Native American and an enrolled member of the Prairie Island Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe in Minnesota, which operates Treasure Island Resort and Casino near Hastings,” revealed the Argus Leader. “He receives profit-sharing funds through that affiliation.”

“It’s for kids with special needs that would appreciate something like that, it gives them a sense of security,” Chris said at the time.

As for education, Chris attended Royal High School.

What Did Chris Chipps Do To Get Himself In The Jail?

Chris Chipps, according to Jade, has been sent to jail for second-degree burglary and four counts of identity theft. He was sentenced to 31 years and he has to serve ten years.

Chris has an “Initial Parole Date” of June 30, 2025, according to the South Dakota Department of Corrections website. According to its definition, the Initial Parole Date is the “Earliest release date to parole supervision for new system offenders.” But Jade has often declared online that Chris’s release date is 2024.

Chris Chipps Height

Chris Chipps’s height measures under 5 feet 11 inches. His tattoos are his distinct features.

Chris Chipps Family

Chris Chipps is the son of Tracy Urich. Tracy is 58 years old and resides in Piedmont, South Dakota.

According to Starcasm, Chris was an only child with an absentee father. “Diagnosed with anxiety and borderline personality disorder, Chipps got involved with drugs and was quick to lash out, moving in and out of juvenile detention.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chris Chipps From?

Chris Chipps hailed from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • When Is Chris Chipps Birthday?

Chris Chipps’s birthday is in July.

  • Is Chris Chipps On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Chris Chipps is on Instagram (@chipper_818) and also on Facebook.

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