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Love Never Lies Maria Gregorio Age, Job, Instagram

What do you do when your partner cheats on you? Leave or reconcile? Well, Maria Gregorio decided to join Love Never Lies alongside her boyfriend to strengthen their relationship and be 100% honest thereon.

Keep reading this article to learn more about her.

Love Never Lies: Are Maria Gregorio And Javier Roca Albero Still Together?

Maria Gregorio and Javier Roca Albero didn’t seem to be together as of 2022. Even though they still featured and followed each other on social media, the said posts were old and hinted towards an amicable understanding between the two.

But then again, it’s no surprise that the two didn’t get back together. From the first moment, Maria was even more broken that her boyfriend had made out with another girl — after cheating on her with another! And the only reason she gave Javier a chance was that she loved him to the moon and wanted him to change his ways and remain totally honest with her.

So, when Maria asked him to be honest during the first “eye detect” lie detector session, Javier confessed he had actually hooked up with three girls on the same night. Naturally, Maria was devastated! Then, she was set on never forgiving him in any capacity.

Later, as they were separated into two different villas, Maria told Javier that she could not be herself around him and started getting closer to another bachelor named Álex.

Surprisingly, the development between Maria and Álex did not upset Javier as he believed that he and Álex were too similar.

Likewise, Álex was also bonding with a woman named Fiona. But not finding that connection, Álex then moved on to Rocío and was encouraged by other participants.

If you don’t know, Rocío initially entered the show stating that she was only attracted to women. However, her attraction to Javier made her question many things.

So, when Javier’s bond with Rocío became stronger, he received a letter from Maria stating that she never forgive Javier and that their relationship would be over the moment the cameras stopped rolling.

Heartbroken, Javier also made a final decision to end his relationship with María. Thereafter, the two packed their bags and left for only couples were allowed to participate.

Later, Javier told Maria his decision to honor hers was for the good of both of them as he did not want to continue hurting her. He also added that they were just 21 and had not even seen what the world had to offer.

Even when María explained that they could make it work, Javier didn’t want to get back for he believed it was still the best route for them.

Maria Gregorio Age

Maria Gregorio was 21 years of age when she appeared in Love Never Lies in 2022.

She is the same age as Javier.

The couple was one of the youngest participants that season.

Maria Gregorio Job

Maria Gregorio is an aspiring model who had yet to embark on a career. Infact, she only graduated from the University of Alicante in 2022.

As a model, she’s worked with photographers and companies including Oscar Rubio

Also, she’s now a reality star. Maria appeared in Love Never Lies season 2 with her boyfriend Javier Roca Albero.

For those who don’t know, Love Never Lies is a show where six couples are subjected to an eye-scanning lie detector, Here, lies cost money, and truth and trust come with a juicy cash prize.

Excited to see herself on the show, Maria took it to her IG to share, “I can finally say it and finally soon we will know what will happen… 👁@netflixes #loveconfidence.”

Her co-stars were Vicky and Inma, Asier and Irene, Guillem and Sara, Lucia and Antonio, and Miguel and Alejandro.

In short, Vicky and Inma were together for over one year and ironically the pair only realized they loved each other when they broke up for two months.

Asier and Irene had major trust issues. They decided to come to the show in the hope of fixing their broken trust and finally becoming confident about their relationship.

Guillem and Sara were one of the couples who fell in love at first sight. Sadly, they feel like their relationship lacks communication and empathy.

Lucia and Antonio loved everything about each other. However,  Antonio feels that Lucia becomes controlling in the relationship and tends to think that she is always right. They were on the show just to fix a minor issue.

Miguel and Alejandro had a problem with protectiveness. While Alejandro loves that Miguel is protective, he was tired of his boo wanting to know everything he does once he steps out.

Is Maria Gregorio On Instagram?

As of November 2022, Maria was on Instagram @mariag.s_ with 6.4K followers. Most of her posts only featured herself and her modeling pics.

Also, here’s her TikTok @mariag.s_ and Twitter @javirocaibi.

Her Twitter bio wrote, “the best date? beer quote.”

Maria Gregorio Height

Maria Gregorio stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Mentioning her district features, Maria has hazel eyes, blond hair, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Maria Gregorio Birthday?

Maria didn’t reveal her birthday.

  • Where Is Maria Gregorio From?

Maria hails from Ibi, Alicante, Spain.

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