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Luke Valentine Bio, Family, Girlfriend, Height, Big Brother

The newest 25th season of Big Brother premiered on 2 August 2023 and introduced to viewers its 16 housemates. Luke Valentine, whom we are about to discuss, is one of the contestants. A self-described “starving artist”, among other reasons Luke also decided to go on Big Brother house tempted by the hefty $750,000, cash prize. For someone who doesn’t want to work a day job, and instead wants to be able to stay painting all day, he really thought it was a chance of a lifetime. So, what really happened? Let’s discover his journey on the show and about his life in general in this writing called ‘Luke Valentine Bio’.

Luke Valentine On Big Brother 25

Before entering the house, Luke Valentine told Parade he is going on the Big Brother show just because it seems so fun. A life-changing time is what he called it, and also a process to test strength, one’s ability to socialize, and play mind games.

As for his strategy going into the Big Brother game, he said, it is to be the friendly guy, the lovable guy, and not let them know the cunningness and the bit of planning that is going on in his head. Also, he said, to win the competition, he is going to throw everyone off balance. Yet, he also seemed aware of the twists that were going to throw him off balance. He went inside expecting that they are going to be pulling some stops and holding their punches. Also, one thing he was nervous about was only having one bathroom.

Initially, Luke tried out for Survivor but got a call for Big Brother earlier in 2023. In spite of being told he would be an alternate, they say, Luke received his key from his brother Jake and started his 100-day journey.

How Old Is Luke Valentine?

Luke Valentine was born in 1993. So, he reached the age of 30 in 2023.

Luke Valentine Family

Luke Valentine’s mother is Veronica Valentine. AKA Dr. Veronica McMahon Valentine (affectionately called Dr. Ronni by her patients), is a second-generation chiropractor following in her father’s footsteps, who was one of Palmer College’s first graduates and Chiropractic’s founding fathers. She has been providing her service in both her father’s practice as well as her own. Since June 2019, she has been practicing at her own Valentine Family Chiropractic in Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale. The New York University alum turned 64 in August 2023.

About Luke, Veronica has been heard talking to people about his super competitiveness. To a local magazine, she recalled their first learning about his artistic skills. Luke was 5 and eating chocolate pudding at a restaurant when his parents saw him draw the waitress’s face out of it.

Veronica and her husband have two more kids: daughter Krista Valentine who turned 26 in 2023 and son Jake who turned 25 on 1 July 2023. Yet, it appears Veronica and Luke’s father James P Valentine were no longer together. Veronica was last seen mentioning her now husband Tim Steele in a Facebook post back in 2018.

James, AKA Jim, reached the age of 65 in January 2023. Clearly, he also has moved on with a new partner. When  James’s father John Frederick passed away on 8 March 2013, in the obituary Veronica was still married as James’s wife.

Luke Valentine Girlfriend

As of the time of this writing, Luke Valentine did not seem to have a girlfriend. Or maybe he deliberately projected so on social media.

Just like with his fellow housemate Jag Bains, he gave away no hints about having a girlfriend in his life.

What Job Does Luke Valentine Do For A Living?

So, on the Big Brother show, Luke Valentine talked about being a digital artist, an illustrator, and a cartoonist, taking on commissions from clients all over the world. Before entering the Big Brother house, Luke worked on a comic called Splatterbrain and was hired starting in November 2022 to make a book into a movie, he said.

In 2011, he graduated from Western High School and eventually went to Florida State University.

Luke has talked about being happy in his career and about working on his craft since high school. In fact, in the Big Brother house, he was also planning to use his cartoonist charm to form alliances with those he sees as threatening.

In addition, Luke also makes money by modeling. He claimed to be a model at Front Management modeling agency.

Luke Valentine Height

Luke Valentine as it appears is very proud of the way he looks and stands above 6’1” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Luke Valentine From?

Luke Valentine originally hails from Weston, a city in Broward County, Florida, just west of Fort Lauderdale. As of 2023 though, he had been residing not far away in Coral Springs.

  • Is Luke Valentine On Instagram And Facebook?

Luke Valentine was on Instagram, but not on Facebook as of 6 August 2023. On his IG @lukevalentinemodel, there were 13 posts and 212 followers. The number following him here is bound to get higher.

  • When Is Luke Valentine’s Birthday?

Luke Valentine’s birthday is in August. On what day exactly was not known though.

When Luke was asked by Parade “How much will you hide about yourself during your time in the house?”, he said the first thing he is going to hide from people is his horoscope, which is Sagittarius.

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