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Lydia Arleen Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Love Is Blind

A fresh group of hopeful singles was introduced on Love Is Blind as it returned for Season 5 on 22 September 2023. In the show, hosted once again by Nick and Vanessa Lach, one of the cast members was Lydia Arleen. Like everyone, she also decided to take part in the heart-pounding journey of emotional growth and self-discovery. So now, in this writing, we shall tell you who Lydia is and what became of her potential emotional connection test. Was she able to make it out of the pods and down the aisle? Or did she leave the experiment just as single as she started? Here’s what we know.

Lydia Arleen On Love Is Blind Season 5

So, during the introduction, watchers were told that Lydia Arleen is a geologist in her early thirties. Viewers in a way were also made aware of her past loves, best attributes, deal-breakers, and just simple things one would like to know about someone on a first date. After turning 30, Lydia is now emotionally mature enough to be married and wants to find a tall, dark, and handsome guy with a big personality who feels the same way — it was said in the intro.

Then, Lydia herself teased in front of the camera, that as a geologist, the only rock which she is not familiar with is the one she wants on her finger. She further detailed that she has zero patience for men who can not communicate. She said the key to her heart is transparency and emotional maturity.

By now, not much was yet understood about Lydia’s journey on the show. But, everyone on her social media can tell that she is really pleased about it. Just lately, when she was finally able to share about being a part of the Netflix show, she invited people to come and join her.

Lydia Arleen Boyfriend

Clearly, Lydia Arleen was very much single when she decided to go on Love Is Blind. However, by the time of this writing, it was not understood if her relationship status changed while there. As of September 2023, she still marked her relationship status on Facebook as ‘single’.

In the teaser of Love Is Blind, she was seen making her intent quite clear. She said that she is hoping to get a step closer to her happily ever after by locking down a forever kind of love not based on looks but on a commitment to overcoming any obstacle together.

So, on her social media, Lydia was yet to tell everyone about her boyfriends from the past as well. She has talked about her green and red flags though, For green flags she listed someone who sends gifts, a stylish person, and someone who is vaccinated. And for the red one, she goofily pointed out the traits: delusional, believing in ghosts, the oversleeping quality.

How Old Is Lydia Arleen?

Lydia Arleen turned 32 years old in 2023.

Who Are Lydia Arleen’s Parents?

At the time of this writing, not much was understood about Lydia’s parents. Nevertheless, Lydia did occasionally feature her mother in her TikTok videos. The two seem to have a pretty close relationship.

Lydia also briefly mentioned a younger brother in a post citing “Swipe to see my youngest brother before he turned into a husband” back in November 2021. So, this sibling of Lydia must have gotten married by now.

Lydia Arleen Job

On social media, Lydia goes around as a geologist and a poetry lover. Just lately, on a FB post, she opened up about having studied Geology at Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Mayaguez.

Lydia has been working as a geologist at Arcadis North America of Roseville, California, a global design and consultancy firm/enterprising service for natural and built assets, since 21 January 2019.

Lydia has time and again appreciated her employer Arcadis. At the same time, she has also been inviting fellow geologists, environmental engineers, and environmental scientists to become part of the Arcadis family. Here at Arcadis, Lydia claims, they work with big oil and gas clients and have thousands of different projects of remediation.

If you also need to know about her salary, she should be making more or less the average salary for a geologist in California, i.e., $78,878 per year, as per

Lydia Arleen Height

As pretty as in the picture Lydia Arleen stands above 5’1” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lydia Arleen’s Birthday?

Lydia Arleen’s birthday is on August 29th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Where Is Lydia Arleen From?

Lydia Arleen originally hails from Puerto Rico. A proud Latina, she can be often seen writing the likes of “The Latina in me is an ember that blazes forever” on social media. As of 2023 though, Lydia had been residing in Roseville, California.

Virgos born on this day are supposedly intellectual and good at giving advice. These mutable earth signs are believed to be diligent perfectionists dedicated to maintaining the world around them.

  • Is Lydia Arleen On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Lydia Arleen was on Instagram and Facebook as of September 2023. Her IG @lavg included 39 posts and 2,748 followers. She also has been showing glimpses of her life on ‘Lydia Arleen’ Facebook as well as on TikTok @lydiaarleen.

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