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Lydia Ivelisse Bio, Love Is Blind Lydia Mother, Age, Job

Love Is Blind star Lydia’s mother is Lydia Ivelisse. What does she do? How old is she?

The answer unfolds as this as this article proceeds.

Meet Lydia Ivelisse, Love Is Blind Lydia Arleen Mother

Lydia Arleen is available on Love is Blind and we met her mother Lydia Ivelisse and he brother William-Jose Velez Gonzalez. Ivelisse even wept three times at her daughter’s happiness. Milton got down on one knee and said, “It’s time to meet the parents.” Lydia gave her honest assessment when she presented her mother and brother to Milton.

One scene was all Ivelisse needed to win viewers’ hearts. Her mother, who was originally from Puerto Rico, asked her son William to translate for Milton when they first met. Her mother’s words to her in Spanish are that she is the “adventure” and “always the one to do emotional things.” Before getting tearful, Miss Ivelisse explains that her daughter is “passionate”.

Her mother adds, “I love you so much.” Lydia responds, “I know you do. I love you too. You’re my everything.” William-José didn’t see Lydia for four years at one point.

Lydia is very close to her mother, who speaks well of Lydia to Milton. She wrote on Instagram: “My mom is my whole world!!! You people really have no idea who I am at all!”

Even if many admirers believe Lydia’s relationship with Milton isn’t sincere, they still adore her since they were moved by watching her mother cry. One fan wrote: “I love her mother that’s it that’s all✌🏾.”

Another said: “Mamas know when it ain’t right that’s all I’m gonna say! Ever argued with your mom and realized a year later she was right? Here it is.”

After Ms. Ivelisse’s debut on Instagram, the LIB star made a lengthy post on her Facebook dedicating it to her mother. She started by saying that Ivelisse raised her as a single mom of five children.

She wrote, “My mother dedicated her life to raising us and setting the best example. She’s a warrior, who wears battle marks with great honor. My greatest desire in this life is to be at least half of what she is as a woman. I owe all my accomplishments in this life to her, a woman who has given her life to raise us and provide us with everything we need to succeed. My attributes are a mirror to your person, to be passionate, to be loving and empathetic, even in moments where they don’t necessarily deserve it. We’ve gone through a lot of losses in our lives from very close relatives, and that makes us appreciate every day that much more. I will keep working so that every day my mother can proudly say, that’s my daughter! Don’t miss the next two episodes on Netflix, premiering tomorrow!”

Viewers not only Lydia’s mother but also her brother William-Jose Velez Gonzalez. Despite a brief appearance, Lydia’s brother was able to sway the opinions of viewers in his favor.

William is honest with Milton during their lunch meeting. When Lydia reveals that they have previously talked about whether or not their kids will be multilingual and that they will solely speak Spanish at home. William-Jose adds, “So it’s less of a discussion. You just said it was going to be that way.”

William-Jose then adds, “You’re very demanding” and looks at Milton and then utters, “When she wants something…” but his sister interjects.

Lydia raises the issue of Milton leaving the toothpaste cap open later on in the conversation. Milton is attempting to defend himself when Will tells him, “You’re fighting a losing battle on this one, man.”

Will jokes to Lydia, “We can keep him,” giving the green light to Milton and Lydia’s relationship. He adds, “No return policy.” He also jokes to Milton, “And when you do have babies, we’re going to take a 12-month cruise until the baby is born because we’re not dealing with her pregnant.”

Is Lydia Ivelisse Still Married To Lydia Arleen’s Father?

No, Lydia Ivelisse is not married to Lydian Arleen’s father. She appears single as of this writing.

Lydia Ivelisse Age

Born in 1965, Lydia Ivelisse reached the age of 57 years in 2022.

What Is Lydia Ivelisse Real Name?

Lydia Ivelisse is Lydia’s mother’s real name.

Lydia Ivelisse Job

As it turns out, Lydia Ivelisse has a profile on, where she said that she started studying at Pablo Casasus School where she took her formal English and Spanish classes. She joined the school in 1969.

Ms Ivelisse also revealed that she was never inspired to speak English.

Lydia received her bachelor of science in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. She then became an English teacher to fifth and sixth grade in 1989. She then worked as an elementary school teacher from 1991 to 1994.

In 2004, Lydia was a special education teacher where she taught students with linguistic problems. She added, “I also participated as a promoter to start a bilingual program in Manuel Morales Feliciano School.”

From 2004 to 2014, Lydia taught “Math and Science classes in English in First Grade at Specialized Regional Bilingual Elementary Antonio Gonzalez Suarez School. At present, I am teaching at the same school but giving only the Spanish class to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Lydia Ivelisse From?

Lydia Ivelisse hailed from Puerto Rico.

  • When Is Lydia Ivelisse Birthday?

Lydia Ivelisse’s birthday is on 22 December. On Lydia’s birthday, William-Jose wished her mom, “Happy Birthday to my Spanish, impeccable grammar, relentless determination, and life-giver. I’d be nothing without you. Felicidades Mami. #shestilllooks25.”

  • Is Lydia Ivelisse On Instagram?

Yes, Lydia Ivelisse is on IG and FB.

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