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Maciah Bilodeau Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Job

Until its Season 8 that premiered on 16 June 2021, fans have loved expert homesteaders Marty, Matt, and Misty Rane as they use their building, farming, and hunting expertise to help people who strive to live off the grid on Homestead Rescue.

With survival skills off the chart, they have made millions of hearts. And lately, people have been wondering who about Maciah Bilodeau, the man Misty Raney has been married to.

Misty Raney And Maciah Bilodeau’s Relationship

Misty is no longer ‘Raney’. She is now a Bilodeau as she is married to carpenter and surfer Maciah Bilodeau.

They have been together since 2000 and are still going strong.

On 17 March 2013, Misty shared a rarely seen happy moment of the two writing “13 years, 1 baby later, we are still pretty happy. Kintaros for our anniversary” as the caption. Yes, the day marked their 13th year of the wedding anniversary. This means, in March 2021, they celebrated their 21st year.

They share a son, Gauge, who was born on 14 April 2011. Based on Misty’s Instagram, it looks like Gauge, 10 years old by 2021, is already a passionate surfer like his dad.

Maciah and Misty split their time between Alaska and Hawaii. They built their 800-square-foot cabin not far from the Raney family home in Hatcher Pass in Alaska.

During the summer the couple including their only kid goes off to live with Misty’s parents in Alaska. They help out with the family farm and take off for Hawaii in the winter.

Maciah Bilodeau Family: Parents, Siblings

Maciah Bilodeau was born to his parents Ron Bilodeau and Fanny Bilodeau in Kapaa, an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Kaua`i, Hawai, in the United States.

His mother Fanny is a local artist, known for her whimsical paintings of chickens surfing, drinking coffee, and playing stringed instruments. Around 2013, several of her paintings were chosen by the Hawai‘i State Foundation of Culture and Arts for the Art in Public Places program.

Artistic ever since she was young, once Fanny became established, her husband and Maciah’s dad was able to retire from construction work, and they started working together. Ron helped distribute her art to stores and galleries. “He’s such a nice man, we always get along,” she said back in 2013, during a certain lifestyle conversation.

Born in Zaire, she attended school in Belgium, lived in the continental United States for some years, and moved permanently to Kaua`i in the 1990s where after bringing up four kids with Ron, she started working full-time as a professional artist.

That being said, Nicolet Bilodeau is the only sibling of Maciah, we heard of so far.

Marciah also has a bunch of cousins namely Monica Hewitt, Lake Kachess, Wash., Naomi Rostel, Snoqualmie, Wash., Wasilla, Alaska, Kapaa, Hawaii, Willow Bilodeau, Red Lodge, Emmy Bilodeau, Quinn Bilodeau, Clark, Wyo., Robert, Jeremiah Bilodeau, Anaconda.

Maciah Bilodeau Job

Professionally, Maciah Bilodeau is a carpenter and surfer who as per would make $25.67 per hour and $6,750 overtime per year working in Hawaii.

Otherwise, it is also said, Maciah and his wife’s primary income comes from farming.

Plus Misty does not shy away from sharing that a part of their food also comes from fishing and hunting.

Misty helps run the family business, Alaska Stone and Log. Just as shown on the Discovery+ show, she joins the rest of the Raney clan in fishing and moose hunting.

Maciah happens to give Misty a nickname of “Little Marty” referring to Misty’s dad Marty and their great chemistry when working.

“My husband, in a not so weird way—or maybe it is weird—calls me which is painful to hear. It’s such a compliment at the same time”, Misty said jokingly.

How Much Is Maciah Bilodeau Net Worth?

Maciah Bilodeau had an estimated $200 thousand net worth until October 2021. While his wife Misty also already reported the same money in 2019.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Maciah Bilodeau?

Maciah Bilodeau was born on 30 March 1980 making him 41 years old in 2021.

  • How Tall Is Maciah Bilodeau?

Maciah Bilodeau stands 5 feet 11 inches tall.

  • Is Maciah Bilodeau On Instagram?

Until 26 October 2021, Maciah did not seem to be on social media.

You may however see him from time to time on his wife Misty’s Instagram @mistyraneybilodeau that had 47.5K followers and 276 posts on it.

Misty also entertained 4,624 friends on his ‘Misty Raney’ Facebook. But, even Misty does not appear like someone who makes social media so much of her priority. It is very rarely, that she takes glimpses from her world on these platforms.

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