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Macksvisuals From TikTok Age, Disease, Real Name, Husband

Macksvisuals from TikTok has an impressive number of followers with whom she shares about her rare condition among other things. How old is she? What condition/disease does she have? What is her real name? Is she married and who is her husband?

Find the answers as this article proceeds.

Macksvisuals From TikTok Disease

Macksvisuals a content creator on TikTok has a rare condition called craniosynostosis. In the video, Mackenzie introduces herself and says, “First off, if you’re new here, hi! I look a little bit different. I’m very aware of that. I was born with a mutation or syndrome, whatever you want to call, it called craniosynostosis.”

Mackenzie explains her condition stating, “It’s when you’re an infant, your sutures fuss together too soon and end up hardening your skull too soon. That happened to me before I was even born. And so that causes your head to look in a different shape, or your skull, and so what that causes is pressure on your brain when your skull is continuing to grow. So a lot of times it can affect your motor skills or like your eyesight in things if it’s not corrected.”

Mackenzie added that this had a significant negative influence on her eyesight. Although she also claims other mutations, the craniosynostosis “stands out a lot.”

According to the websites of Mayo Clinic, they define craniosynostosis as “a disorder present at birth in which one or more of the fibrous joints between the bones of your baby’s skull (cranial sutures) close prematurely (fuse), before your baby’s brain is fully formed. Brain growth continues, giving the head a misshapen appearance.”

Mackenzie said that some of her head is boneless and that she underwent reconstructive surgery when she was just nine months old. Every day, Mackenzie reads a Psalm and shares her thoughts on it with her fans on her page. She also takes them to church every day. Mackenzie has been crucial for representation on TikTok and is such a light in this world.

Macksvisuals From TikTok Age

Born In 1999, Macksvisuals is far younger than her appearance. She is 24 as of Sept 2023.

What Is Macksvisuals From TikTok Real Name?

The real name of Macksvisuals from TikTok is Mackenzie Gomez. Her maiden name is apparently Mackenzie Johnson.

Macksvisuals From TikTok Husband

TikTok’s content creator Macksvisuals is married to her husband Noah Gomez. Noah and Mackenzie have been married since September 2022. Macksvisuals announced, “It’s official 💍I’m a Gomez now 🥰.”

In June 2022, the content creator shared that she prayed for “a man of God but honestly was giving up until… I met my Noah 💜 I can’t tell you enough how I’m constantly thanking God that He put Noah in my life.” She added “Noah makes me a better person every day, has taught me patience, and has shown me the most love I’ve ever received from a man. I still get butterflies when I’m with him or talk about him.”

She concluded, “I love that we’ve created a Godly family, truly love going to church with the kids, and the fact that the kids are close to the Lord just as much as we are just brings me pure joy. I’m blessed thank you Heavenly Father for your gracefulness 🙏🏼.”

In fact, Noah is her everything and she is grateful that Noah is in her life.

Noah and Macksvisuals have built a family of four for themselves. Noah has a daughter named Quinn and a son named Sawyer from a previous relationship. Sawyer turned 9 years old in November 2022. On Sawyer’s birthday, Macks wished him, “My favorite memory with Sawyer is when we all went to Wildwaves and the kids were riding their first big kid coaster and Sawyer was so excited and requested me to be his roller coaster buddy. Ahh, my heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sawyer man.”

More about her husband, Noah is 30. He was born in July 1993. On Instagram, he goes by (@psolemnpsalmist).

Before Noah, Macksvisuals dated and was engaged to James Pointer. Their engagement was on 13 February 2019.

Macksvisuals From TikTok Job

Macksvisuals has established herself as a social media star. She has garnered 499K followers on TikTok (@macksvisuals).

Before she blew up on TikTok, Macks had already working as a professional photographer since 2017. She went to Wilsonville High School. Her Instagram handle is (@kenziejohnsonphoto).

Macksvisuals also has a profile on Amazon shops.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Macksvisuals From TikTok From?

Macksvisuals is from her hometown of Sussex, Wisconsin.

  • When Is Macksvisuals From TikTok Birthday?

27 May is Macksvisuals, TikTok influencer, birthday.

  • Is Macksvisuals From TikTok On Instagram?

Yes, Macksvisuals is on Instagram (@macksvisuals) and Facebook (@kenzie.johnson.71).

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