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Maddie And Gaby Capozza Age, Job, Parents, Twin Love

The internet’s favorite twins Maddie and Gaby Capozza can be seen helping other twins find love in a new reality dating show called Twin Love, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee on 17 November 2023. Once known as The Bella Twins, these host sisters present to viewers 10 sets of twins split up and placed into two houses of identical casts. Among them are Maddie and Gaby Capozza and so in the rest of the writing we shall exclusively discuss them.

Maddie And Gaby Capozza On Prime’s Twin Love

So, in this social dating experiment called Twin Love, Maddie and Gaby Capozza revealed a lot of things about themselves. They describe themselves as demisexuals. If you don’t know, demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person feels sexually attracted to someone only after they have developed a close emotional bond with them. With this, Maddie and Gaby opened up that any guys looking to hook up on the first date would not get very far. They said they are more attracted to someone’s initial energy.

To say Maddie and Gaby are similar would be an understatement. Able to what they termed as “twin telepathy” the twin sisters said they have rarely been apart, with the exception of college. They said that they are similar in many ways and are complementary in personality type. They further added that Maddie is the typical type-B sibling and Gaby is the type-A twin and that, it is their free spirits, positive, down-to-earth attitudes, and emotional intelligence constantly bringing them together. What’s more, they both are music lovers and both are pursuing a music career industry, while also singing and creating music independently.

Maddie And Gaby Capozza Age

Both Maddie and Gaby Capozza were born on the same day in 1998. So, they turned 25 years old in 2023.

Who Are Maddie And Gaby Capozza’s Parents?

Maddie and Gaby Capozza’s mother is Jennifer Monti, AKA Jennifer Marie Capozza. She can be found on IG @jmonti7 and she turned 57 in October 2022. She seemed to be living in Venetia, Pennsylvania as of 2023.

Clearly, Maddie and Gaby are very much fond of their mother. On Mother’s Day, Gabby was seen writing about her on Instagram. Referring to her as the best mom ever, she said she and her siblings are so fortunate to have her in their lives, as a mom, best friend, and so much more. Had it not been for her guidance, advice, and love she said they would not be who they are today.

Also, at the time of this writing, Maddie and Gaby’s mom was married to Christopher John Monti who turned 66 in May 2023. Christopher is not their biological father.

Maddie and Gaby’s maternal grandfather Donald W. Sanner passed away at the age of 80 on 22 November 2014. He was at the time survived by his wife Mary of 44 years and six children.

Maddie And Gaby Capozza Job

As per LinkedIn, Gabby Capozza has been working as a music copyright lead at a global technology company called Orfium since February 2022. Before that, she joined the company in October 2020 as a music copyright specialist. At the same time, Gabby has been a part-time music performer/live streamer since August 2016. She writes, records, and performs in a duo band called MG II with none other than her twin sister. Also, between 2016 and 2020, she went to John Carroll University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing.

Speaking of Maddie, she too has been working as part of the music copyright team in Orfium, since May 2020. Before that, she was a content writer at Uloop, a broadcaster at YouNow, Inc., and a music journalist at a certain outlet. Between 2018 and 2020, she went to Loyola Marymount University, Community College of Allegheny County (2017 – 2018), and Cleveland State University (2016 – 2017).

Maddie And Gaby Capozza Height

Both Maddie and Gaby Capozza stand at a height that is below 5’6”. That is one of the many reasons why people have such a difficult time distinguishing them apart.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Maddie And Gaby Capozza From?

On Maddie Capozza’s Facebook, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been mentioned as her hometown, and Los Angeles, California her current city. As for Gaby, she cited Marina del Rey, California as her current place of dwelling. Other than that, for her too Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the hometown. Also, most probably it was only her who moved to Cleveland, Ohio back in 2016.

  • When Is Maddie And Gaby Capozza’s Birthday?

Maddie and Gaby Capozza’s birthday is on May 17th and that makes her a Taurus. On this day in 2023, Maddie took to her IG several glimpses from their celebration, and next to it, she gushed she is most of all “so grateful” for her twin and the daily endless advice, support, adventures, and love. She also wrote that she is “so blessed Gaby in her life to grow and flourish with.

  • Are Maddie And Gaby Capozza On Instagram?

Indeed, both Maddie and Gaby can be found on Instagram. As of 18 November 2023, Gabby’s IG @gabcapozza included 153 posts and 10.5K followers and Maddie’s @maddiecapozza included 905 posts and 34.6K followers.

Maddie and Gaby also enjoyed showing glimpses of their lives on their separate Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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