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Maddie Witt Bio, Age, Family, Dating, Job, Survive the Raft

Discovery Channel’s newest Survive the Raft sees nine contestants set sail on a ship called the Acali II for 21 days. The group of strangers has to live and work together in the social experiment designed by the show’s makers. Maddie Witt, a non-profit coordinator, who we are going to talk about now, is one of the contenders on the show. Keep reading this ‘Maddie Witt Bio’ and we shall tell you all about his age, partner, family background, job, Survive the Raft journey, and more.

Maddie Witt On Survive the Raft

Maddie Witt, like every other cast of Survive the Raft, has been excited about people watching her journey on the show. She has been promoting the show on her social media or in other ways she can. Just lately, for instance, sharing memes of herself made by the show’s fans, she gushed “I can’t wait for the internet to make fun of me too #survivetheraft airing on @discovery July 30.”

During the introduction, viewers were told Maddie is one hell of a shot with a gun, that her nickname is Annie Oakley and Alpha Boomer, and a lot of other things. They described her as great at archery, and someone with survival knowledge that extends from her childhood growing up in the water.

To the cameras on the show, Maddie also opened up that men, especially those who assume she is not strong or capable are usually her worst enemies. She also makes sure to gush about her knowledge and experience in deep-sea fishing. She brags that with great hand-eye coordination, she will be able to learn new skills on the boat quickly.

Maddie Witt Age

Maddie Witt’s real name is Madison E Witt. She was born in 1997. So, she reached the age of 26 in 2023.

Maddie Witt Family

Maddie’s mother is Lana R Witt. A Cookeville, Tennesse dweller at the time of this writing, she turned 53 years old on 26 May 2023. On this day usually, Maddie beautifully creates affectionate birthday messages for her on social media. One time, for instance, next to a picture of her mom and herself, she gushed “I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t know this lady – she is sweet, selfless, and extra as hell for every occasion. She deserves the world every day. Happy birthday, mama! ✨”. Another year, Maddie also made people on her social media participate in her mom’s birthday video. Thanking people for the support later she shared that her mom loved the surprise. laughed, cried, and appreciated everyone taking a moment to wish her a happy birthday.

Moving on, we have Mark Henry Witt, Maddie’s father. It is not understood if the patriarch who turned 52 in November 2022 and Maddie’s mom are still together. The former seemed to be residing in Tampa, Florida as of 2023. “A mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!” read Mark’s quote on Facebook. While on LinkedIn, he explained his job/career as relating to managing all aspects of customer service and leading operational and service improvements within the airport industry. Long long ago, he also served as Coxswain / Boarding Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard (1993 – 1995).

In her family, Maddie also has a brother named Austin Witt who turned 30 on 5 November 2022. As of now, he had been working as a sales specialist at The Blueprint Corporation. While in the past, he went to Tennessee Technological University for a Bachelor of Education – BEd, Secondary Education, and Teaching program.

Is Maddie Witt Dating Anyone?

Maddie Witt seems to be dating someone. On social media back, in June of 2022 and 2023, Maddie shared beautiful loved-up pictures with a man whose name she is yet to reveal. Clearly, these pictures and comments dropped in tell us that the man next to her should be her boyfriend.

Maddie Witt and most likely her boyfriend as seen 9 June 2023 (PIC: Instagram)

Even before, Maddie has been seen with Jon Whitener (on IG @jwhite_14). Many a time, Maddie posted glimpses of their beautiful moments spent together, on social media. Jon is a UTC Grad and Nashville located. It is not understood if he and the prior discussed seeming boyfriend of Maddie is the same person.

Maddie Witt Job

Maddie Witt is a self-employed freelance creator, social media manager, and strategist. On LinkedIn, she claims of helping non-profit and for-profit organizations build and grow a strong brand presence on social media platforms. This has been her job since February 2020.

A year before, she graduated with a BA in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Even prior, she went to Cookeville High School.

On Survive the Raft, Maddie also spoke about working as a non-profit coordinator, helping out charities.

Maddie Witt Height

Maddie Witt stands above 5’2” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Maddie Witt From?

Maddie Witt originally hails from Tampa, Florida. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On the reality show that she just went on, Maddie revealed she lives on a river in Tennessee and spends her free time renting out kayaking and water sports equipment to tourists.

  • When Is Maddie Witt’s Birthday?

Maddie Witt’s birthday is on February 24th, making her Pisces.

  • Is Maddie Witt On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Maddie Witt can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 31 July 2023, her IG @maddiewitt_, included 202 posts and 1,264 followers. She also showed regular glimpses of her life on ‘Maddie Witt’ Facebook and on Twitter @maddiewitt_217.

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