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Madison Hildebrand Partner, Boyfriend, Cody Keltz

Madison Hildebrand is best known as a real estate agent and former reality star of “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.” He was in a relationship with his now-former boyfriend/partner Cody Keltz but that too ended within a year. Now fans want to be updated about his new partner/boyfriend after Cody Keltz.

Scroll down this article to learn more about that.

Who Is Madison Hildebrand Partner/Boyfriend After Cody Keltz?

Madison Hildebrand interviewed with Page Six in 2018 and talked about his relationship status after Cody Keltz. He shared, “I’m at that stage of my life where a family is something that I would like to do sooner than later.”

He added further, “And I’m now single, and so I’ve got time to have a serious relationship without the cameras infringing on my personal life, which makes it quite difficult sometimes when people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera and you’re trying to have a relationship and then you’re starting to film and it’s a lot.”

But it was three years ago and based on his social media posts, Madison Hildebrand is still single (and without a potential partner/boyfriend) as of 2021. Moreover, even if he was indulged in a relationship he avoided making it public at the time of this writing.

  • Madison Hildebrand And Cody Keltz’s Relationship

Back in 2017, Madison Hildebrand went public with his relationship with his ex-boyfriend Cody Keltz who he had been dating for about six months by the time Season 10 started. Thanks to the dating app Tinder, they met each other on social media.

Speaking about their relationship, Cody shared that he never thought that he would meet someone on the app. He believed that social media was just a never-ending game of frustration.

However, when he checked out Madison’s profile, Cody found someone who he could appreciate, someone adventurous, down to earth, and overall a nice guy. At the time Cody was 27 years old while Madison was 37, but even with the 10 years of age difference it never factored in his relationship.

Madison explained to BravoTV, “Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are 12 years between us because Cody is not like most 25-year-old guys I know, and I’m not like most 37-year-old men (I am a youthful kid at heart and always will be). The biggest challenge, which goes for any relationship, is using the right tools for communicating our feelings about each other and situations.”

However, the relationship between the two fell apart and decided to end their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Madison broke the bad news on his Instagram with a lengthy post. He wrote: “I feel that the time is now for me to acknowledge my current relationship status… Well, I’m #backonthemarket…In other words, my relationship #felloutofescrow (to keep it light and real estate related).”

“My relationship has recently ended, but as a public figure (#MDLLA & @bravotv), & as many of you have been inquiring I figured what better day than #ValentinesDay to acknowledge #LOVE!,” Madison added further.

He ended the post with, “I am grateful for the love that my friends, family & fans have shown me…SOOOOO,…Today, my motto is, ‘If u have only one smile in u, give it to the people u love!’ You all deserve my smile, especially today! #HappyValentinesDay.”

Who Is Madison Hildebrand Father?

Madison Hildebrand was born to his father Phillip Hildebrand and mother Wendy Hildebrand (@fullofcookies).

Speaking about Madison’s father, Phillip earned his bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Business/Commerce in 1974. After a gap of 12 years, he joined America College and joined college and earn his Charter Life Underwriter degree in 1994.

Soon after, Northern Arizona University, Madison had joined New York Life Insurance as Vice-Chairperson. He retired from the company in 2008 after a service of nearly 33 years. He also worked as chairman of the board, CEO & President of HealthMarkets. Furthermore, he has been working as a consultant at PJH & Associates, LLC since May 2013.

Did Madison Hildebrand Perform Surgery On His Jaw?

Madison Hildebrand had an accident in early summer 2016 that left him with a broken jaw. His mouth was wired shut for a few weeks.

Talking to The Daily Dish he spoke, “My mouth is free, which is exciting, but it’s still a healing process I was not prepared for,” he said. “I can’t eat. My stomach has shrunk. My mouth, if I open it too wide, I get electrocuted. It is not exactly what I was expecting.”

According to Madison, the injury happened when he was at his nephew’s birthday party in Arizona. He was at the pool party and was sitting next to the diving board. Then his then-14-year-old cousin went and jumped off and did a frog-leg jump and his knee clipped the back of Madison’s right jaw bone under my ear and did a clean fracture. He got knocked out also had a concussion, and fractured his jaw.

The accident and getting his mouth wired shut was the most challenging thing that he thought he had personally emotionally endured. Madison shared, “My biggest concern is that my mouth isn’t lined up. My teeth are off an eighth of an inch, so when I bite down it’s not even a normal bite.”

How Tall Is Madison Hildebrand?

Madison Hildebrand stands tall to the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Madison Hildebrand?

Madison (born on 28 October 1980) was 41 years old as of Nov 2021.

  • Is Madison Hildebrand On Instagram?

Yes, Madison is on Instagram. His IG handle is @madisonmalibu.

  • How Much Is Madison Hildebrand Net Worth?

As of \2021, Madison Hildebrand accumulated a total net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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