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MAFS UK 2022: Duka Cav Bio, Height, Family, Age, Job

Real name Duka Cavolli, Duka Cav joined the casts of Channel 4’s Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2022. He said that he finds it difficult to put his guard down when people get close to him emotionally. But he’s looking for an Instagram girl who loves looking after herself and can also have a deep conversation about world issues. He said, “People see me and think, ‘Oh he’s a d**k head’ but that’s not the case – people are too quick to judge me.”

Duka says he’s a “man about town” and adds “women fall at his feet”, he admits he goes for “superficial” girls and “gets bored of them easily”.

Learn more about Duka here as this Duka Cav bio proceeds.

MAFS UK 2022: Are Whitney Hughes And Duka Cav Still Together?

Duka Cav and Whitney Hughes were one of the first couples from Married At First Sight UK 2022 to walk down the aisle. Chanita and Jordan hit it off immediately and their bond showed promise. But the situation doesn’t seem the same for Duka and Whitney.

Since their first day together, Whitney has made it clear that she was less than impressed with Duka, but things really came to a head when she lost her wedding ring while on safari in South Africa and rejected his offer to get a replacement.

Furthermore, Whitney’s reaction to Duka has already got viewers of the show talking. Whitney commented, “I wanted a man who’s a man that’s towering over me, like massive, like a brick house. Compared to a house, maybe he’s a shed. But she added: “But there are no patches in his beard, so I’m not going to knock his beard.”

Whitney continued, “I’m in between maybe saying the vows, or maybe just like run. This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my f**king life.” She even calls Duka “fake,” certainly not a good look for their relationship.

Earlier, she had overheard a conversation in which Duka predicted that other girls on the outside would pay him a lot of attention. Whitney eventually broke down and fled the commitment ceremony, declaring she was through with the experiment because of her feelings of insecurity and annoyance at his behavior.

Experts Mel Schilling, Paul Carrick Brunson, and Charlene Douglas on the show were eager to learn how the couple was getting along. Touching on how she was feeling, Whitney exclaimed: “He talks every day about ‘When the experiment is done, I am going to get so many girls in my DMs [direct messages].

“So you want me to be here, be genuine, and in a relationship with someone who is here for fame, like what do you want from me?” Whitney adds. “I wanted to find someone who I can legitimately connect with and find myself!”

Paul interrupts, “So why are you not working for it?” To which Whitney replies, “Because I can’t when it is not real on his side. I feel like the trust, we were slowly building trust and I feel like trust has gone back down again.”

Duka also speaks his mind saying, “I apologize for the comments I may have made but at the same time I also know my self-worth, in terms of the past. Because I may not be good enough for you in this process, I am sure I’ll be good enough for someone else.”

“You are twisting your words, I am sitting quietly and I’m not correcting and saying, ‘Oh no actually’,” Whitney slams her husband saying. “It was a lot worse than your portraying it. I am keeping quiet and allowing you to represent yourself well but when it is the other way round your like, ‘Urgh yeah’.”

Whitney claims that she is “closed off to it now” and can’t open up to someone who is ready to find another girl once they are out. She adds that she has guards up because of her past and meeting someone like the one she described she wasn’t going to be vulnerable.

“So I can’t because I am exposing myself up to hurt, I don’t want to do it, I have had enough, I don’t want anymore that is enough,” she added before getting up and walking out of the room.

Duka later explains, “I genuinely believe there has been such a massive miscommunication on both camps with everything. I do want love and I do want a family, I do want to build with someone, it is easier to leave and not deal with the stress.”

“But I am not someone who gives up easily, I have written stay because I want to fight for this, fight for her. I am not perfect I know that but God knows I am trying,” Duka said before holding up his envelope which said “stay”.

Mel asked Whitney: “Would you be prepared to press pause and just spend 24 hours contemplating this?”

Later on, Duka moved into the flat by himself. However, he hoped that reconciliation between him and Whitney would take place. The couple sat down for an honest chat, with Duka quickly becoming tearful and offering his wife an apology. ‘Any bad feelings, anything I’ve said that’s put you on edge, I wholeheartedly apologize. I’ve wanted nothing but the best for you,’ Duka began.

“I’m genuinely sorry,” he confessed before Whitney pulled out a notebook and started to read out everything she’s been bottling up. “I honestly felt like I was being attacked and ostracised by the group,’ she began, in reference to the commitment ceremony the previous night, which saw the two come to blows once again. And the one person who’s spent more time with me than anyone else there didn’t stand up for me and say, hang on, that’s not who she is. You weren’t protecting me.”

The couple makes up with Whitney telling Duka to be himself. He then asks her to move in so that they can work on the foundation of their marriage.

Duka Cav Age

At the time of filming the show, Duka Cav was 31 years old.

Duka Cav Job

Per Duka Cav’s LinkedIn, he is currently working at ERIKS UK & Ireland as a Recruitment Coordinator. He started the job in July 2022. Before that, he worked for Stonegate Group as a coordinator.

Moreover, from February 2018 to October 2020, Duka worked as a Senior Service Administrator at Tonik Energy. He started his career at TEKsystems in June 2016 as a Senior Recruitment Coordinator. He served the company till October 2017.

Talking about his education, Duka attended

Did You Know: Duka is also a phenomenal artist. He has done paintings/illustrations of singer Dua Lipa which he flaunts on his IG. Likewise, he also paid tribute to George Floyd with an illustration.

Where Is Duka Cav From?

Duka Cav is originally from Yugoslavia. But at the age of 10, he and his family fled the country and settled in the UK ever since. He is currently based in Birmingham, UK.

Duka Cav Height

Duka Cav stands tall under the height of 5 feet 11 inches. He weighed 95 Kg with a dad-bod in 2018. A little over a year later he lost 5 kilograms and got a ripped physique. In November 2018, Duka stripped with seven other men to raise awareness for Movember. Guys of all ages and backgrounds have stripped naked as a part of the charity month. The cause was to highlight men’s health, testicular and prostate cancer, and male suicide.

Duka Cav Family

Duka Cav is very private about his family members. In late August 2022, he posted on captioned his IG post, “Family over everything! Don Tony and my people.”

However, Duka has featured his family members on his socials. On his father’s birthday in January 2021, he wished his dad, “Happy birthday to the old man today🎂!! Not a lot of pints over the last 10 months but plenty bonding over bars.”

In November 2019, Duka shared that he lost his grandad. He took to his Instagram and wrote, “Rip grandad! You will be greatly missed. Traveling back to wave you off, I can’t but think of all the happy memories we’ve had together. But ultimately when it’s your time, it’s your time. I’m happy you held on long enough for the family to be there next to you.”

Moreover, pointing out the similarity in his looks with fellow contestant Jordan Emmett-Connelly. He and Jordan dressed up the same from top to bottom. He posted the picture on his IG and wrote, “So we might as well come clean… We are long-lost brothers separated at birth, all will be revealed tonight… #JorDuka.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Duka Cav Birthday?

Duka Cav celebrates his birthday on 14 June.

  • Is Duka Cav On Instagram?

Yes, Duka Cav is on Instagram (@dukacav) and Facebook (@dcavolli).

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