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Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Bio, Age, Job, Height, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Mahmoud El-Sherbiny the star of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. What does he do for a living? How old is he? More importantly, are they still together?

Find the answers below in this article here.

90 Day Fiance: Are Nicole Sherbiny And Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Still Together?

Mahmoud’s comments were recently uploaded by the 90 Day Fiancé fan page Mac.and.chisme, demonstrating how the rising reality star reacted negatively to TikTok users. The Egyptian resident said outright, “We’ve been married for 4 years so maybe you shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know about.” in one statement.

The reshared post received generally positive feedback from followers of the new reality star. However, others believe that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star made a serious error by giving away his plot.”Do I have to teach the newbies how to take the heat?!?!” asked one Instagram user. Yet another user said, “He quickly broke and revealed the information! There is no longer mystery.”

Nicole previously said that she “missed him” and decided that she wanted to go back to Egypt and get back together. It happened after she had asked Mahmoud for a legal separation.

The spinoff’s fourth season recently premiered. It followed Nicole as she made the decision to return to the continent of Africa, saying that being apart from her husband had been “terrible.” All of the arguments she fled, even though there were lingering affections, will still be a problem in an international marriage.

Nicole Sherbiny is originally from Idaho. She was on a “wonderful” trip to Egypt when she stumbled into a fabric shop and met Mahmoud and was immediately smitten. On the last day of her spiritual journey across Egypt, Nicole fell in love with Mahmoud.

“I was shopping and there was this super cute boy, with these big brown eyes and these big sexy muscles. He said, ‘You should stay in Egypt and be my wife,’” she explained before laughing off his question during their February 2023 debut. “He asked me if I really would marry him, so I said, ‘Yes, of course, yeah.’”

Mahmoud proposed to Nicole on their first date, and they enjoyed a quick relationship. Nicole only spent three weeks at home before heading back to Egypt with plans to wed Mahmoud.

After her first visit, the native of Idaho returned to Egypt to wed him twice, once at the Justice Department and once with a large wedding party, but she kept it a secret until she made the decision to leave Egypt two months later. The pair frequently quarreled, and Nicole told the Egyptian native she wanted a divorce 11 months after they got married, citing culture shock and her husband’s strict modesty restrictions.

TLC says this couple soon realizes that “some cultural differences” may be “too big to overcome.” Nicole argues with Mahmoud in the trailer, “Let me be who I am. Just, like, let me have some freedom.”

Nicole reminds her fiancé that she’s “not Egyptian” and wants to be treated the same way she would in the United States. The gender roles and cultural differences become too much for Nicole. “I want to get my stuff, and I want to get the f*** back to the country that I actually want to live in,” she tells Mahmoud.

So, are the viewers feeling this couple?

One fan wrote, “Nicole and Mahmoud constantly fighting over how she should dress? Come on TLC. Insulting our intelligence with their ridiculous storyline. Marriage is a compromise. If she wants to live there with him, she has to dress like his culture.”

Another added, “I don’t see these two making it long-term. How does she not know she has to dress and be a certain way.”

Likewise, another added, “He’s too controlling toward women as his culture regulates. This will only get worse and he will never be satisfied. Very demeaning, and demanding. He will strip her of any identity she has other than to be a housekeeper, baby factory, and servant. Very sad this young woman didn’t research what she was getting into before she married him. Get out now while you’re still young and not emotionally sucked dry.”

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Age

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny who appears much younger than his wife is above 30 years old. Meanwhile, his wife turned 39 years old in 2022.

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Job

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny’s current job is unclear. We couldn’t discover any details on his LinkedIn furthermore he hasn’t shared much about his career on his socials. Based on the preview of the show, he works at a clothing store in Cairo.

Is Mahmoud El-Sherbiny On Instagram?

Yes, Mahmoud El-Sherbiny is on Facebook. The Instagram that is claimed to be of Mahmoud is actually of someone else (@mahmoudelsherbiny32).

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Family

Currently, there is no information about Mahmoud El-Sherbiny’s family. His wife was born to her parents Harold and Wanda Young, both residents of Council, Idaho. She also has a younger brother named Charles Young.

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Height

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny’s height measures at the height above 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Birthday?

Sadly, there is no info regarding his birthday. Mahmoud El-Sherbiny’s birthday is yet to be public.

  • Where Is Mahmoud El-Sherbiny From?

Mahmoud El-Sherbiny hailed from Cairo, Egypt.

  • How Much Is Mahmoud El-Sherbiny Net Worth?

In 2023, Mahmoud El-Sherbiny’s net worth is under $150 thousand.

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