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Malcolm Connolly Bio, Age, IG, Johnny Depp Bodyguard

Meet Malcolm Connolly, the bodyguard of actor Johnny Depp. He testified in court in late April 2022 and shared information related to what he had witnessed during the incident in Australia along with other places.

Learn about his age, IG, and his testimony below.

Meet Malcolm Connolly, Johnny Depp Bodyguard

Testimony of Malcolm Connolly and Johnny Depp have known each other for more than 18 years. During his testimony, Malcolm revealed that he received gifts from Johnny. When pointed out that if he received gifts that amounted to nearly $8500, Malcolm replied that he gave him a lot more than that.

He also shared about his loyalty to Johnny or anyone he would work for.

One of the highlights of his testimony was when the defendant’s lawyer also asked Malcolm about seeing Johnny with his penis out trying to urinate in the foyer. Malcolm replied, “No”.

Malcolm Connolly Testimony

He has traveled with Johnny and Amber Heard to Japan, Germany, Hicksville, and Australia. He often traveled places ahead of his employer and shared that his main concern for travel were locations, transport, local security, drivers, and making sure all that was in line before Johnny gets there.

Malcolm shared in his testimony, “Jerry Judge would have traveled with Johnny in Australia on arrival, I would’ve picked him up at the airport as we do. Take him to the house where accommodation was staying and I would have peeled off the left at that went back to my apartment”.

Malcolm added further, “Johnny would have been in maybe it could be up to a week for you know a makeup costume before any shooting stuff and which time you give me a time to run around some locations the studio check out the studio locations as well as be around for if Johnny wants to go for dinner at night anywhere I would check out these places as well”.

Talking about the incident in Australia, in 2015, the thing that stood out for him was Johnny lost his finger. He and his security team lived nearly 40 minutes away from where Johnny was staying. He explained that when he arrived at Johnny’s place he noticed there was an SUV. As he approached he heard shouting and screaming when he entered he witnessed screaming and shouting. But, all he could see was Johnny.

Malcolm then asked Johnny to go from that place as a part of his job. After two to five minutes Malcolm got him out but Amber appeared from somewhere screaming and berating him.

Johnny again came out of his car and walked into that place again and the screaming started. This time he pulled him out of the place with force and got him inside the car and locked the door. Malcolm took him to his apartment.

Malcolm explained Johnny’s finger was a mess and he could see the bone. When the doctor arrived, he was taken to the hospital for the examination given the condition of his finger.

Speaking about Amber Heard, Malcolm explained him as “crazy” repeatedly and “fierce”.

Malcolm testified from his home in the United Kingdom, saying, “At the beginning [it was] all lovey-dovey. Everything was great. The honeymoon period was on, and yeah it was good. It was great to see Johnny happy again. Amber was lovely, charming – as she usually is – and good as gold.”

He added, “Amber started to change. Amber started getting a bit more feisty and demanding. I could see that Amber wanted to wear the pants in this relationship. That was pretty obvious,”. Hee said, adding that Amber “could get a frosty at the drop of hat.” He said that he observed Depp “getting quieter” as Amber “started getting grumpy” over time. However, he said that he never saw the two engage in a fight physically.

Malcolm Connolly Clients

Malcolm Connolly previously worked for Jerry Judge before he passed away. But, he was working with Johnny Depp at the time, for 16 years. Then, he joined Johnny Depp and has been working for him for two years. Malcolm initially began working for the actor as his security guard when he was with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis and their children.

He began his working life as an apprentice Bricklayer in 1976 and went on to work in most of the pubs and clubs across the city as door supervisor around 1983 – where he says he quickly learned diplomacy and civility.

Malcolm moved to the Gold Coast in Australia in 1988 after his father told him he wanted him to acquire a job. He worked as a bricklayer and in clubs.

When he returned to the UK, Malcolm joined Music and Arts Security, where he began socializing with celebrities from the film and music industries, ensuring their safety during premieres and press junkets.

He supposedly met Amber Heard for the first time in 2010 while promoting Nicolas Cage’s film Drive Angry in the United Kingdom. He guarded Amber for a week before reuniting with her in Johnny’s film The Rum Diary.

Is Malcolm Connolly On IG?

No, Malcolm Connolly doesn’t seem to be on Instagram or Facebook.

Malcolm Connolly Age

Currently, at the time of this article in 2022, Malcolm Connolly appears to be in his around 55 years old.

Malcolm Connolly Wife

Malcolm Connolly has kept quiet about his married life. Even if he is married, he hasn’t shared any details regarding his wife.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Malcolm Connolly Nationality?

Malcolm Connolly is Scottish by nationality.

  • How Tall Is Malcolm Connolly?

Malcolm Connolly stands tall above 6 feet.

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