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Mariah Fineman Wikipedia, Tom Brooks, Husband, Age

With the story that Tom Brook’s new girlfriend Mariah Fineman hinted at she wanted to marry him, all the attention fell on her and Tom’s relationship. So, what do we know about their relationship status? What about her divorce from her ex-husband?

Here, we address all the queries surrounding their relationship.

Mariah Fineman And Tom Brooks’ Relationship

After ending the relationship with Darcy Silva, Tom Brooks started searching for his soul mate while focusing on his writing. Then, he met his new girlfriend Mariah Fineman, a Las Vegas native. The couple went public with their relationship. However, fans weren’t very thrilled with the relationship for two different reasons.

The first reason was Mariah’s looks which were similar to Darcy and the second was her viewpoint on COVID-19 vaccines. After going public, Tom’s new girlfriend held a Q&A session with fans for 20 minutes. During the Q&A, one fan asked if she was vaccinated to which she replied “No way. My body. My right.” She shared that vaccines were poisonous.

Then, Mariah spoke about the natural remedies which angered her then 29,000 followers on IG.

One fan replied, “if that’s what you think, more power to you. Hilarious in my eyes. I think Ronald Reagan said it best: ‘A People Free to Choose.’

Not only that but the relationship between Tom and Mariah was also questioned for its authenticity. IG blogger RealityTeaVee addressed the rumor of their romance being fake. They were accused of being in a relationship to gain more publicity.

However, Tom Brooks denied the “fake relationship” gossip and decided to take matters into his own hands. Tom went live on IG and addressed the issue. Plus, he also brought Mariah’s husband (more on that later) to set the record straight.

However, there were also rumors flying around on the internet that Tom wasn’t very faithful to his ladylove. One IG page @that_mommy_says_bad_words shared screenshots of Tom’s conversation with another woman. The screenshot showed him flirting with another lady despite maintaining a relationship with Mariah. He also invited the woman out for a couple of dates.

Who Is Mariah Fineman Husband?

Yes, Mariah Fineman was married to a man named Neil Fineman for 16 years and was technically married when she and Tom started dating each other. During the IG Live of Tom, Mariah’s husband Neil claimed that he loved her to death. But, the relationship took a different turn four years before when the relationship wasn’t the same anymore.

So they started processing for their divorce in mid-October 2020. But, SoapDirt reported that their divorce was canceled in August 2021.

Neil and Mariah made arrangements to co-parent their two sons and while working on a process to get divorced.

Meanwhile, Mariah claimed that she was a mother of three boys that means she also has another son from a different relationship.

Mariah Fineman Age

Appearing to be in her 40s as of 2021, Mariah Fineman hasn’t shared much about her age.

Mariah Fineman Before And After Plastic Surgery

It seems Mariah Fineman must’ve undergone several plastic surgery procedures to gain her current looks. Many social media users left cruel remarks about her looks online. Ever since the couple went public with the relationship, she has been thrashed online for her appearance.

Mariah Fineman’s what seems to be a before surgery pic (Pic: MyVegas)

However, Mariah denied all of the accusations made against her and claimed that she was natural. Which, made it even worse because no one could believe her claims.

How Tall Is Mariah Fineman?

According to her IG post, Mariah Fineman stands tall at the height of 5 feet 1 inch. To many followers, it came as a surprise but she believes that if she was 6 feet 6 inches it should’ve been deemed abnormal not when she is 5 feet 1 inch.

Related FAQs

  • Does Mariah Fineman Have An Instagram Account?

Yes, Mariah Fineman has an Instagram account under the handle @ladym_tv. However, she kept it private as she and her boyfriend were taking a time off the internet.

  • Who Are Mariah Fineman Family Members?

Mariah Fineman and her family immigrated from Lebanon to Las Vegas when she was 6 years old. She learned the English language from a “speak and spell” toy because it was her third language. She grew up helping her mother take care of her three brothers.

  • How Much Is Mariah Fineman Net Worth?

Mariah Fineman is the co-founder of GreenONE holding. The company makes idrink beverages and she and her husband Neil built it with a necessary work ethic.

“I’m deeply grateful and honored for my appointment as President of iDrink. My goal is to position the iDrink label to a national market, under the direction of my team.” Working as a full-time President, she was able to expand the products in over five different countries.

With that, Mariah Fineman sits on a total net worth of nearly $3 million.

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