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Mariah Hamilton Bio, Age, Job, YNW Melly Ex-Girlfriend

YNW Melly is ongoing and one who recently took the stand was Felicia Holmes, the mother of his ex-girlfriend Mariah Hamilton. Felicia shared a few details about the rapper and her daughter’s relationship and the incident leading to the death of two young men. So, who is she? What does she do for a living? How old is she?

Read all that we know about her in this article.

Meet Mariah Hamilton, YNW Melly Ex-Girlfriend

YNW Melly was previously in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend YNW Melly. They were reportedly dating each other in 2016 which was shared by Mariah’s mom during Melly’s trial. Not much is known about how they met, but Mariah and Melly only dated for three years.

I Am You the introductory track for YNW Melly’s mixtape, I AM YOU, described his love for his then-girlfriend Mariah. Mariah also made it to the cover of the mixtape and the name was tattooed above Melly’s left eyebrow however he got an X through it. After they had broken up he got it crossed out, he revealed this all in an interview with Power 105.1.

On WORLDSTARHIPHOP, three days after the mixtape’s debut, YNW Melly released a music video for the song “Rack,” in which Melly and Mariah are seen messing about with paint at the location of the cover art shooting.

Mariah’s relationship with Melly ended in 2020. She also addressed the end of the relationship and wasn’t getting back with him during an IG Live.

In 2023, Mariah’s mother took the stand at Melly’s murder trial. The prosecutors displayed images from Mariah’s phone gallery that date back to 2018 while questioning Falicia. Concerning the claimed video call the rapper made to his girlfriend on the day of the shooting, Melly’s ex-girlfriend’s mother was questioned. Falicia responded that she couldn’t recall what she had previously said about the incident or the rapper when asked if she had been truthful with the law enforcement officials who questioned her shortly after the crime took place.

Felicia stated when called to the stand that she didn’t feel comfortable discussing the incident but wouldn’t want to lie about it and wind up in jail. She is heard saying: “I’m saying what you want me to say” in the courtroom video that Law & Crime posted on its official YouTube page, and she asserted, “I do remember that they (police) bullied me and threatened my daughter.”

When Falicia was asked to identify Melly, who was sitting in the courtroom, she recognized him right away and grinned broadly at the rapper. She also acknowledged having known Melly’s mother, Jamie-Demons King, back when their kids were dating.

Mariah Hamilton Relationship Status Today

Mariah Hamilton has deactivated her primary Instagram so, her way to connect to her fans is no longer available. So, it is unclear if she is currently seeing someone or not.

Mariah Hamilton Age

At the time of this article, Mariah Hamilton is 22 years old. She celebrated her birthday in January 2023.

What Job Does Mariah Hamilton Do For A Living?

Mariah Hamilton hailed herself as a brand ambassador on her Twitter and IG bio. It is not known what brands she represents.

Mariah Hamilton Mother

Mariah Hamilton’s mother is Felicia Holmes. Felicia is a Registered Nurse by trade and worked at Unique Customs, according to her LinkedIn.

“I heard that there might have been a shooting,” Felicia said in the court. After Felicia said she couldn’t recall what had happened or what she had said in a subsequent on-the-record deposition, lawyers battled about the validity of her testimony.

When Felicia first reached the witness stand, she declared, “I feel threatened,” later clarifying that she was speaking to Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley. The judge presiding over the case, Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy, ruled Holmes to be a “hostile” witness to the state and let her evidence go on.

Felicia testified in court that Jamison “100K Track” Francois, the manager of Demons’ music, offered her $5,000 to rent an Airbnb, but “not for personal use.” It seemed as though the prosecution was raising the prospect of witness fraud.

“I was making 9000 weekly. I didn’t need [expletive] from them,” Felicia wrote in a message on Instagram. According to the Instagram photos that were shown in court, Holmes appeared to be protesting about allegedly broken commitments and her desire to assist law authorities.

During her evidence in court, Felicia stated, “The state has ruined my life,” adding that the prosecution had “intimidated” her with false claims of a subpoena and arrest threats, which compelled her to hire a lawyer.

Mariah Hamilton Father

We have no details about Mariah Hamilton’s father.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mariah Hamilton Birthday?

Mariah Hamilton celebrates her birthday on 23 January.

  • Is Mariah Hamilton On Instagram And Facebook?

Indeed, you can find Mariah Hamilton on Instagram (@queenriahh__) and Twitter (@queenmariahh___). She has also deleted her Facebook (@mariah.c.hamilton).

  • Where Is Mariah Hamilton From?

On her Twitter bio, Mariah Hamilton revealed that he hailed from Rockledge, Florida.

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