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Mariel Molino Bio, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Parents

Meet Mariel Molino, actress of the TV show “Promised Land”. This article covers her role on the show, her boyfriend, her net worth, and her family.

Tag along with this Mariel Molino Bio to learn more about her.

Mariel Molino On Promised Land

Actress Mariel Molino played Carmen Sandoval, the youngest daughter of Joe Sandoval, owner of Heritage House Vineyard, in the new TV show “Promised Land”. For the first time on television, people get to witness the Latino empire with a humble start carrying on an American Dream. Zolpidem

On the show, Mariel plays the heiress in her 20s who is a lot more easy-going and free-spirited than her older siblings. She is not the one who distinguishes between Black and White and who had a place to find in the family business. Mariel explained to HOLA! her family underestimates her which made her more dangerous.

Speaking about her character, Mariel further unfolded, “Carmen is the flawed artist of the family. She’s the observer of the family. While everyone around her is busy plotting a way to take the empire, she is taking notes. This season, we’ll see Carmen try to navigate adulthood, stop trying to please her family, and instead try to make a name for herself.”

The actress also finds some commonalities with her character. Her character’s passion, impulsiveness, sarcastic nature, and sometimes posing an immaturity are some that the actress shares with her character. The only thing that Mariel envies about Carmen is the closest that she has.

On 12 January 2021, before the show’s premiere, Mariel took to her Instagram and wrote, “The American dream is intoxicating.  #PromisedLand Monday, January 24 at 10/9c on ABC and Stream on Hulu.”

Mariel Molino Net Worth

As of 2022, Mariel Molino has gathered a total net worth under $300 thousand.

Mariel Molino did her first play at the age of six where she played Crow Number Six in “The Wizard of Oz”. She discovered her passion for acting early on and that’s when she knew that she wanted to be an actor. Furthermore, she attended Coronado School of the Arts, which further helped solidified her acting career.

However, Mariel discovered her success as an actor in Spanish-language TV rather than Hollywood, which she had presumed. She shared with San Diego Magazine that when she started her career in Los Angeles, she didn’t get any jobs. So, she decided to shift her career, move down south, and go to Mexico.

Mariel described it as the best decision which she ever made because Mexico City lacked actors but there was a lot of work. In Los Angeles, Mariel studied at Loyola Marymount University, Anthony Meindl Actor’s Workshop, and HB Studio in New York City.

Some of her notable works to date are Glee, Quarter Life Coach, El Vato, Papis muy padres, El juego de las llaves, Crazy for Change, La Negociadora, and Narcos: Mexico among others.

Does Mariel Molino Have A Boyfriend?

As of this writing in 2022, No, Mariel Molino doesn’t have a girlfriend and appears to be single at the moment. Like her fellow young stars on the show, Mariel too keeps her dating life away from the private-public knowledge. Plus, she appears to forbid herself from sharing any relationship she had or she has from posting on her socials.

But during her interview, Mariel did address the possibility of on-screen romances.

“I think Carmen is very much relationship averse. To me, Carmen is stepping into adulthood may be later than you would expect because she has been sheltered. She has been given everything on a silver spoon,” Mariel told “Hollywood Life”. “She’s still living at her parents’ house. I think that in a lot of ways, she’s still a little bit of a child even when it comes to her relationships. I think you’ll see Carmen have a little bit of fun and also kind of getting smacked in the face with reality and love and pain and what that means.”

Mariel Molino Height

Not only she is a stunning beauty, but Mariel Molino’s height of 5 feet 7 inches also adds to her glamorous nature. This makes her look good whatever she decides to put on.

Who Are Mariel Molino’s Parents And Siblings?

Mariel Molino was born to her Mexican mother Bianca Servitje and her anonymous father. Talking with Hola! she revealed that her parents left their roots and language.

The actress added, “That sacrifice isn’t always met with welcome in this country. I remember being confused about my identity, not feeling thoroughly American or entirely Mexican, and not knowing my place in the world. Still, my parents always instilled in me pride in my culture, and I don’t have to choose one or the other. I believe they will see their reflection of what it means to succeed in this country and how proud I am to be living proof of their sacrifices.”

Mariel attended Academia Merici and graduated in 1974. Furthermore, she enrolled at Universidad Anahuac and graduated in 1979. Bianca celebrated her birthday on 20 September 2021. She is on Instagram as well as Facebook.

In June 2021, Mariel featured her mother on her IG. There she captioned, “mama, disposables, brother getting married”.

During the time of the pandemic in 2020, Mariel moved in with her mom. Her mother was going to her bakery in Tijuana and working when she could. But when she observed how many people were getting sick in hospitals and clinics, even health care personnel. Mariel and their mother asked what they could do to help.

So they began making her mother’s best-selling cakes and pastries, which she was confident would sell out quickly. They used the funds to purchase medical supplies such as N95 masks and meals for healthcare professionals, as well as food for shelters. The mother-daughter duo recognized a need to assist, so they did. They joined with others who were doing similar work.

She posted her work on her Instagram on 11 May 2020.

Mariel appears to have one sister Dani Ober (@danober & @dani.ober).

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Mariel Molino?

Born on December 18, 1992, Mariel Molino is 29 years old.

  • Is Mariel Molino On Instagram?

Mariel Molino is on Instagram (@marielmolino) and Twitter (@marielmolino).

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