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Marilyn Craven Wikipedia, John Craven Wife, Age, Images

Marilyn Craven is best known as the wife of BBC journalist John Craven. They have been married for over 50 years but very little is known about his wife.

Now, scroll down this Marilyn Craven Wikipedia where we’ve put together a little information on John’s wife. Read this article to learn more about her.

Meet Marilyn Craven, John Craven’s Wife

Marilyn Craven and her husband John Craven reportedly met each other while she was working as a production secretary on Look North. He told about his wife, “strong northern woman, and all I had been looking for.” He shared that the key to a lasting marriage with his wife is Femail. John said: “It helped that she worked in TV. She knew how it was.”

Shortly after seeing each other, John asked her to move to Bristol but he was never sure if she would say yes. However, Marilyn accepted his proposal to move to Bristol, and to John, it was the best thing that ever happened to him. John often gushed about his wife saying “She keeps me grounded. She’s been my rock.”

He shared during an interview, “Without being too soppy, she was always there for me, which is the main thing in my business because it can be precarious. You’re very exposed, and it’s always good to be able to get that reassurance.”

According to MyLondon, they have been married to each other for at least 50 years. Meanwhile, Belfast Telegraph noted they married in 1971. But, there is no information on the precise date they got married.

John shared, “She has been my manager as well as my wife for more than 40 years. Marilyn says she’s been married to me for more than 80 years because she has always had to say everything twice, whereas I’ve been with her around 20 years because I’ve only half-listened.”

Who Is John Craven First Wife?

Based on the information we’ve gathered Marilyn Craven is John Craven’s first wife. The fact that she was the type of woman he was looking for suggested she was his first love and his first wife. But, even if there is another marriage before he tied the knots with Marilyn Craven, there isn’t much to share on that.

Nevertheless, their more than 50 years of successful marriage gave them two daughters Emma and Victoria. Both of their daughters are married and now they are grandparents to five children. As loveable grandparents, Marilyn and her husband, John took their grandchildren to Jamaica as Christmas presents in 2012. At the time there were only three oldest grandkids Jessica, Charlie, and Will on the vacation.

Marilyn played a huge role in the career path of John. Speaking to Express, John explained, “We’ve always worked as a team and I’ve been so grateful to her for her ideas and opinions.” He added further, “We work out between us what’s going to happen. And we decided I wasn’t going to do things I might later regret, like Strictly or the jungle. I have no need. My career isn’t faltering.”

John avoided cameras in his home for TV interviews and said that he wouldn’t want his family to be a circus for people to enjoy. So he avoided interviews related to his family members.

Marilyn Craven Age

There is no precise age of Marilyn Craven that has been shared but, she has to be at least in the age range of the mid-70s – late-70s as of November 2021.

Marilyn Craven Images

No images of John Craven’s wife Marilyn could be discovered on the internet or social media.

Is Marilyn Craven On Facebook?

No, based on our research, Marilyn Craven is not on Facebook or maybe even on any other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Marilyn Craven From?

In several interviews, John Craven shared that his Marilyn hailed from the North part of England. Now, she and her husband live in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

  • What Is Marilyn Craven Maiden Name?

Marilyn Craven’s maiden name hasn’t been revealed yet.

  • What Does Marilyn Craven Do For A Living?

Since Marilyn Craven and John met each other while they were working on the TV show Look North on BBC One. So, she worked for the media to make her living. Also, John shared that she managed his career along with the family and their two kids. But, she is likely retired and taking care of her husband.

To share a thing or two about her husband, John Craven was born in Leeds, Yorkshire on 16 August 1940. He attended Leeds Modern School but left at the age of 16 to begin an apprenticeship at Yorkshire Copperworks, where he wrote for the company magazine.

John presented Newsround – which was originally called John Craven’s Newsround – from 1972 until 1989. Then, he started presenting Countryfile in 1989, and he still presents the show to this day. He presented BBC Two game show series Beat the Brain in May 2015.

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