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Marisela Figueroa Bio, Height, Age, Family, Temptation Island

Temptation Island is back with Season 5 and with big twists. Marisela Figueroa, whom we shall talk about in this writing, is one of its cast members. She appears on the show with Christopher “Chris” Wells, her boyfriend of two long years.

Temptation Island: Are Marisela Figueroa And Christopher Wells Still Together?

To Temptation Island viewers, Marisela Figueroa was introduced as a careless free spirit, and her boyfriend Christopher Wells, as a sensitive “over” communicator. They both are said to have come from broken homes and are told of having a history of being unfaithful to past partners. Christopher, who just entered his thirties, seemed ready for marriage. He seemed to think of Marisela as the one for him. Marisela, on the other hand, seemed indecisive about the idea of marriage. She appeared to be still holding some resentment for Christopher’s infidelity. So did they or not, make it together amid these underlying frustrations?

As of June 2023, neither Marisela nor Christopher gave away any update about their relationship status. Also, they did not have many posts featuring them together on their respective social media. Yet they both followed one another on Instagram. Also, in June 2023 though, Christopher posted a TikTok video on his Instagram of himself and Marisela dancing in bathing suits in a bedroom. So, some have it believing that Marisela and Christopher have not parted ways and are still therefore in each other’s lives.

Unlike most other participating couples, Marisela and Christopher claimed they came on the show because they knew the experiment would bring them closer.

The two started dating about two years before they were part of the USA Network show. When she first met him, Marisela said, she was not at all ready to be in a relationship. She just wanted to keep being around him and eventually without her knowing she started to also have romantic feelings towards him.

Is Marisela Figueroa Bisexual?

At the end of the Season 5 premiere of Temptation Island, when Marisela and Christopher sit down to chat with some of the single women, the latter spilled about Marisela asking for another woman to be added to their relationship in the past. Christopher seemed to be saying this in a jovial fashion. But, Marisela clearly looked mortified. She was actually angry about her privacy being violated. She said it felt as if he “overshared” and used her story to get the attention of some of the women.

In a confessional later Marisela talks about always being attracted to women but never having expressed that attraction to her friends or family. She said she did not want Christopher to talk about her sexuality.

As to if she is bisexual, she has not yet labeled so. But, she sure does to her attraction for women.

Marisela Figueroa Age

Because Marisela Figueroa was born in 1997, she reached the age of 25 in 2022.

Marisela Figueroa Family

Marisela Figueroa has always been proud of her familial Honduran roots. To unversed, Hondurans are descended from immigrants from Spain and Amerindian. On Facebook, Marisela also has spotlighted the fact that her languages are Spanish and English.

Marisela’s mother is Isela Figueroa. Per Facebook, she is a former alumnus of Escuela Normal Mixta Pedro Nufio and she is into hiking among other things. Also, she reached the age of 52 in January 2023.

Then, we have Mario Figueroa, Marisela’s father. He turned 51 in April 2023. According to LinkedIn, he is an accomplished electrician with a proven 7 years of experience in electrical troubleshooting and deficiency’s root cause detection and an added 14 years of experience training fellow electrician’s mates on the installation, maintenance, repair, and modernization of electrical equipment found onboard US Navy vessels. He was in the US Navy from 1995 through 2013.

Is Marisela Figueroa On Instagram?

Yes. Marisela Figueroa was on Instagram as of 15 June 2023. Her account @mariselafgueroa included 44 posts and 4,436 followers. Her BIO quote here read “This life is mine”.

Marisela also showed up now and then on ‘Marisela Figueroa’ Facebook.

Marisela Figueroa Job

Fans of Temptation Island have been told that Marisela Figueroa is a hospital interpreter by profession. They have however not been informed of the details of it. Besides, on her social media, one can see she has also been paying her bills with the money she gets from modeling.

Marisela Figueroa Height

Beautiful and not-so-tall Marisela Figueroa stands above 5 feet and 2 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Marisela Figueroa’s Birthday?

Marisela Figueroa’s birthday is on October 12th and that makes her a Libra. On this day last year, Marisa’s Temptation Island boyfriend Christopher had taken to his Facebook to wish he saying “25 looks amazing on you! I’m grateful for your presence in my life & to spend another birthday celebrating YOU 🥰.”

  • Where Is Marisela Figueroa From?

Marisela Figueroa originally hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Los Angeles, California.

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