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Martell Holt Kids: Maliah, Mariah, Martell, And Malani

Viewers of Love & Marriage Martell Holt admires Martell Holt for being a great father. The Holt household is filled with love and Martell deserves all the credit for that. Learn about his children in his article below.

We cover all the information we have related to them.

How Many Kids Does Martell Holt Have?

Martell Holt is a father of five children. He has three daughters named Mariah, Maliah, and Malani, and two sons; Martell and Maverick. Regardless of his failed romantic life and the infidelity that ended his marriage, he has been admired for being a great father.

In July 2021, Martell shared on his Instagram about being a father. He wrote, “Being a great father who’s present, a provider, hands-on, encouraging, tolerant, a disciplinarian, loving and caring will definitely set our children up for success and this has to be INTENTIONAL. #dadlife #lamh.”

Additionally, going by his socials, you can see Martell spending a lot of time with his kids. In August 2022, they were attending a baseball game, in May, he and his kids were having a book tour for the book they co-authored titled Plane Ride To Canada.

In mid-December 2021, Martell took to his Instagram to write about fatherhood. He captioned, “Many know me as Martell. Some call me Holt! Others May know me from Love and Marriage, Huntsville. But my children know me as Dad. They know my heart They trust me. They will never have to question Who I am or the love I have for them. My 5 Heartbeats! #family #fatherhood.”

Who Are Martell Holt Kids?

Martell Holt’s oldest child is his daughter Mariah Holt. Mariah turned 10 years old in March 2022. On her 10th birthday, he took Mariah to see her favorite YouTuber in Washington DC. Mariah is a 5th grader now in 2022.

His second born is his son Martell Holt II. Martell II, a 4th-grader, is an aspiring baseball player. In September 2021, Martell posted his son’s pic on his IG and wrote, “So proud of this young man. He earned the game ball last night for having a spectacular game. He’s going to be great!”

A week before that, Martell shared, “Very proud of my son. He said baseball was “his sport”, so I finally signed him up for his 1st year of baseball, and today they did great and he had 2 hits. He’s very teachable, well-mannered, and the hardest worker. He’s definitely going places!”

Martell’s third-born daughter Maliah turned 6 years old in 2022. She is in 1st grade.

The second youngest daughter of Martell, Malani turned two years old in December 2021.

Furthermore, the youngest son Maverick turned 1 year old on 23 December 2021.

Who Are Martell Holt Baby Mothers?

Martell Holt shares his first four children with his ex-wife Melody Shari (aka Holt). Once, they were praised for being a power couple. But their marriage was purportedly destroyed by infidelity on both sides. Martell is now a single man after his divorce from Melody Holt was legally finalized in March 2021.

Martell spent over 12 years with Melody as his wife. Melody filed for divorce after learning that her husband was expecting a child with Arionne, his lover. When she discovered that Martell was leading a double life, she was distraught.

Martell asserts that the infidelity on both sides caused the marriage to collapse. Because Melody couldn’t meet his needs in bed, he tolerated cheating on his wife. He had several ladies cheat on her. Arionne Curry, who had been in the picture for a while, was one of the ladies he cheated with.

Martell’s youngest Maverick had him with Arionne. Several online sources revealed that Martell Holt and his mistress have broken up. However, they were together for nearly 5 years. They met each other at a party hosted by his cousin.

Arionne kept her identity hidden for a while before YouTube personality Funky Dineva outed her. In the video, Dineva alleged that friends of the alleged mistress sent him detailed information about her affair with Martell and the inside scoop on Holt’s marriage.

The video also shared that Holts legally separated when Martell and Arionne had their affair. According to Arionne’s friends, Martell flaunted her around in Huntsville. Moreover, he even purchased matching luxury vehicles for him and his mistress, set her up in a condo that he funded, paid for vacations that they traveled together, and was madly in love with her.

Arionne, on the other hand, revealed that she didn’t discover Martell’s marriage a year into their relationship. But, Arionne alleged that during their 5 years of relationship, she tried to leave him many times however he refused to let her go.

Online sources revealed that Arionne Curry was expecting a baby boy in December 2020. So you know, he is almost close to celebrating his first birthday. But, Martell hasn’t even featured him once on his social media as of this writing.

YouTuber Tasha K announced the news of Arionne’s pregnancy. She confirmed that multiple sources close to Arionne revealed she was having a baby. Arionne revealed in her video, “Arionne is pregnant and due in December this year — and she’s having a baby boy.”

A year before that, Martell had welcomed their fourth child with his ex-wife Melody in December 2019.

Related FAQs

  • Have Martell Holt Kids Appeared On TV?

No, Martell Holt’s kids haven’t appeared on TV.

  • Who Holds The Custody Of Martell Holt Kids?

Currently, it is unclear what percentage of their child’s custody Martell and Melody agreed to have, but Martell is spending plenty of time with his children.

  • Where Do Martell Holt Kids Reside?

Martell Holt Kids likely resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

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