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Mary Hollis Inboden Married, Family, Mouth, Net Worth

Meet Mary Hollis who stands out as Patricia “Patty” Deirdre O’Connor in AMC+’s dark comedy television series Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Mary’s character proved to be one of the few who is able to transition from the show’s sitcom world to its gray-toned reality. Audiences loved just how well the actress handled the acting feat, deftly switching from cheesy jokes to real emotional gut punches. So, why would they not want to find out more about the actor, they so loved on-screen, in real life.

Now, dive deep into several of Mary Hollis Inboden’s stories.

Is Mary Hollis Inboden Married?

Mary Hollis Inboden did not seem to have been married as of the time of this writing.

In fact, we can tell you a couple of facts implying that her relationship is single at the moment.

For one, Mary was quarantined together with her parents during COVID lockdown. “Give it up for my quarantine roommates!😍 The world’s a flaming ball of bacon grease rn, but I’m so grateful for this time with you. Love you, mom and dad, thanks for being dope! 👏🏼 💕”, Mary had created many similar posts on her social media.

Further, on her late grandfather’s obituary, Mary was the only one among her siblings and cousins whose significant other was not mentioned. (Mary’s elderly Jack Glenn Wright passed away in August 2018.)

And while we know she is one proud and happiest aunt, she did not seem to have any kids of her own.

How Much Is Mary Hollis Inboden Net Worth?

Mary Hollis Inboden had above an estimated $1 million net worth in 2021.

According to what’s been shared on her Facebook profile, she formerly worked as a co-creator at Common Room
in Chicago, Illinois, and as a former actor at The New Coordinates and Playhouse on the Square.

Mary started working in television in 2011 appearing in The Chicago Code. In 2016, she landed a part of a series regular on The Real O’Neals. Then, in 2019,  Mary was seen as a regular again on American Princess.

Now, lately in 2021, when in chat about the nuances of her character Patty, toxic masculinity, and related topics, she also revealed that she was initially reluctant to take the part of Patty in Kevin Can F**k Himself. Why? She was fearful that she would be a stereotype. Never had she thought that she would grow to enjoy the character throughout the series?

Mary Hollis Inboden Mouth

Mary Hollis Inboden is not just talented but also very beautiful to look at. Her fans on social media seemed especially impressed by her thin heart-shaped lips/mouth.

Mary Hollis Inboden Family, Siblings

Mary Hollis’s father Hollis Kim Inboden is on Instagram as well as on Facebook. And from what has been shared on it, the Jonesboro, Arkansas native went to Westside High School and studied Accounting at Arkansas State University.

Meanwhile, we could tell, that Mary’s mother Toni Inboden has almost always remained in Bono, Arkansas.

Further, she has two siblings Lee (Tabitha) Inboden and Amanda (Nic) Smith both of whom seemed to have been married.

With that being said, Mary’s family seemed to be a happy bunch of people with her parents happily married since 21 March 1980.

Last but not the list, Mary also mentioned her parents when recalling one very traumatic experience from her early life.

When Mary was a sixth-grader in Jonesboro, two boys opened fire on the playground of her middle school in 1998. Her best friend along with three fellow students and a teacher had died at the time.

Talking about it a decade later, she explained how her “very good” parents were with her to support her and make sure that she was looked after, back then in the media aftermath.

In 2011, she even worked with The New Colony theatre company, on a script based on her experiences as a survivor of a school shooting. The play was named The Warriors and premiered in 2011 in Chicago.

In the beginning days, her mother especially had to help Mary get through the shock she experienced. She said, on every Tuesday, as it was the day the shooting happened, she would have a tough time getting it through.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Mary Hollis Inboden?

Mary was born on 30 January 1986 in Bono, Craighead County, Arkansas in the United States. She turned 35 in 2021.

So you know, Mary currently (2021) lived in Los Angeles, California, and sometime before she was also based in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • How Tall Is Mary Hollis Inboden?

Mary Hollis Inboden stands below 5′ 5” tall.

  • Is Mary Hollis Inboden On Instagram?

Yes. Mary is on Instagram and until 17 December 2021, the account @maryhollisinboden had 835 posts and 10.2K followers.

Mary could be spotted also on Twitter @maryhollis and her ‘Mary Hollis Inboden’ Facebook.

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