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Masaki Nakao Girlfriend, Height, Netflix Is She The Wolf?

Masaki Nakao, the Japanese actor, is starring in Is She The Wolf? The show recently premiered on Netflix and is taking the internet by storm. Does he have a girlfriend now? How tall is he? What are the films and TV shows he appeared on?

The answer unfolds as this article proceeds.

Are Masaki Nakao and Mikako From Is She the Wolf Still Together?

Masaki Nakao and Mikako have not yet provided an update on their romantic relationships as of this writing.

Masaki Nakao and Who-ya were eager to get to know Mikako and offered her their perfume right after they began their Netflix voyage. Mikako, however, opted to put on the present Masaki had given her for the group’s journey to Mount Fuji. Who-ya, undeterred in his attempts to seduce Mikako, chose to use the SUN line to take her out on a date in public. Masaki decided to crash the date, and the three of them had a long conversation before Who-ya left in the middle of it, but he did run into Mikako later that day and gave her some kind gifts.

The woman in issue was unsure of what to do because it was clear that Masaki and Who-ya wanted to date Mikako. Even Robin Furuya chose to ask Mikako out on their SUN line date because he was interested in finding out why two of his buddies were so smitten with her. The two men Mikako was interested in interrupted this outing. Masaki was ultimately chosen by Mikako for the midseason confessional, which Who-ya was devastated by but ultimately decided to accept.

Mikako and Masaki kept getting closer. When Julie (aka Ju!ie) made the decision to only bring Masaki to Shdo Island, Japan, for a picture session, there was definitely a snag. Since they got along well, Julie decided to use the SUN line to ask Masaki out on a date in public. Masaki, on the other hand, remained hopeful that Mikako would interrupt the date, whilst Julie appeared to just be interested in Robin.

Masaki and Mikako later spoke, with the former making it clear that the date never blossomed into anything romantic and that he was still taking care of Mikako. The latter even invited Masaki, Julie, and Robin to her photo shoot, and the four of them hit it off. Who-ya observed that he was still struggling with his affections for Mikako. He asked one of the cast members to stay back after his music performance, and Mikako responded that she would since he had asked her to do so.

Who-ya revealed his intense feelings for Mikako through a song he had written, and she was profoundly impacted. Later, Masaki seemed to wonder if Mikako had changed her mind as a result of this particular development. The two of them then went on a private date after he used the MOON line to ask her out. Who-ya joined them and confessed his love for Mikako during Masaki’s final confessions, which he chose for Mikako. She finally acknowledged her affections for Masaki and said her loyalty to him had never faltered.

Masaki Nakao On Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?

Is She The Wolf is the latest offering from Netflix. The show follows five men and five women who go on dates, but there are unknowable numbers of “lying wolves” who are forbidden from getting romantically involved. Consider The Traitors but with a romantic component added.

All of the candidates who aren’t ‘wolves’ are continually attempting to determine whether the relationships that are developing on the show are actually the start of true romance or just the ‘wolves” sly schemes.

Masaki is a Japanese actor and entertainer. In August 2023, Masaki said, “All 12 episodes of #Don’t be fooled by Ookami-chan have been released. I exposed my inner self and faced the nine people who walked together with me I cherished the time I had to meet everyone, knowing that I would never have an experience like this again in my life, and I was moved not only by myself but also by the emotional fluctuations of those around me. I hope you enjoy it. @netflixjp.”

“dealt with everyone wholeheartedly. The movement of the heart that shakes by your values, your experiences, and your interactions with people. It exposes a lot of things. I hope you enjoyed it. #Don’t be fooled by the wolf #Netflix” the post of Masaki from June 2023 read.

Masaki Nakao Girlfriend

Unfortunately, Masaki Nakao’s girlfriend and relationship status is unclear. He never posts about his dating life on his socials.

In the show, Masaki went on a date with Mikako from Faky. Mikako also invited Julie and Robin for a double date at Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka. For more details catch up to the show.

Netflix Japan announced, “Off-shot at Shiraito Falls in Shizuoka Prefecture 📸 #Mikako invited #Robin and #Juri #Masaki for a double date photo shoot ✨At night at the inn, there were scenes where they had honest conversations… #NetofuriOokami #Ookami – chan Don’t be fooled by.”

As a member of the Japanese dance and pop ensemble Faky, Mikako is well-known. She has been the group’s primary dancer, rapper, visual artist, and vocalist since 2013.

How Old Is Masaki Nakao?

Born in 1996, Masaki Nakao turned 26 in November 2022.

How Much Is Masaki Nakao Net Worth?

Masaki Nakao has been able to amass a net worth of above $1 million with his acting gigs.

According to DramaList, Masaki’s first acting gig was in 2016. He starred as Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. ToQGer in the Movie: Ninjas in Wonderland where he provided the voice for Zyuoh Eagle.

Other shows that he starred in are Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger the Movie: Super Sentai’s Message from the Future, Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Returns: Life Received! The Earth’s Monarchs’ Decisive Battle!, Bow Then Kiss, Cheer Boys!, He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die, Signal 100, One in a Hundred Thousand, Angry Rice Wives, Your Turn to Kill: The Movie, Ginzuru Monotachi, and Grand Guignol.

In 2014, Masaki has also appeared on Sukatto Japan as a guest in Ep. 173.

Moreover, Masaki also appeared in a handful of dramas. Some of the TV shows he appeared on are Kamen Rider Ghost, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Hito wa Mita Me ga 100%, Aino Kekkon Soudanjo, Parfait Tic, Koe Girl, Hannari Girori no Yoriko-san, Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!, Maji de Koukaishitemasu. Season 2, Bungaku Shojo, Can I Hug You Tonight?, JOKERxFACE, Anata no Ban Desu, Tobira no Mukou, Kakafukaka, Follow Saretara Owari, Love Distance, Crazy Rain, Watashi ga Kemono ni Natta Yoru 3, Kabe Sa Doujin Sakka no Neko Yashiki-kun wa Shouninyokkyuu wo Kojiraseteiru, and Aitsu ga Kamite de Shimote ga Boku de Season 2 to name a few.

Also, his profile on his agency Watane Entertainment is no longer available.

Masaki Nakao Height

Masaki Nakao stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Masaki Nakao From?

Masaki Nakao hailed from Saitama, Japan.

  • When Is Masaki Nakao Birthday?

Masaki Nakao’s birthday is on 27 November.

  • Is Masaki Nakao On Instagram?

Yes, Masaki Nakao is on Instagram (@masaki_nakao_).

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