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Match Me Abroad Houda Age, Job, Instagram, Mark

Get to know Houda, the cast member of Match Me Abroad. She was set up on a date with a matchmaking expert with Phoenix, Arizona native Mark Scafidi.

Learn all that we know about her in this article below.

Are Match Me Abroad Houda And Mark Scafidi Still Together?

Sadly, Mark Scafidi and Houda are no longer together. Mark who hailed from Phoenix, Arizona is a sportscaster. He’s worked in more than 40 different places, but his career made it challenging to start a family. He became aware that he was prepared to find a committed relationship when his friends started getting married and having children.

“I’m 44, so I’m running out of time to find this perfect person for me,” he said. “I have to have somebody that I can connect with and we have stuff in common and there’s substance to it at this point. Otherwise, I’m just wasting time.”

In the May 28 episode of Match Me Abroad, Mark said that his previous relationship failed because he was being “used” financially, which “spooked” him. “Other than that, it’s a lot of endless first-time dates that never go anywhere,” he added.

Mark made the decision to travel to Morocco in search of love since he had previously found Moroccan women to be seductive. Nina, his matchmaker, understood that he would need to shed his “frat boy” persona and learn to be more open and vulnerable. Additionally, Mark was shocked to discover upon his arrival in Morocco that the nation had highly tight rules regarding male-female partnerships.

Mark also learns Houda isn’t down with him dating other women. Houda asks Mark whether he has any future dates planned as they are enjoying their second date in Morocco. Mark has previously agreed to meet with a few other single women while working with matchmaker Nina. Houda gives Mark an ultimatum in response to the information, but not before she expresses her thoughts about kissing before marriage.

“I know this is like the second day we’re seeing each other, so is this when you normally kiss someone?” Mark asks Houda as they sit on the edge of a pool. “Because I wanna kiss you,” he adds. When Houda answers that couples can’t kiss before marriage because “that’s the culture: in her homeland, Mark becomes incredulous. Houda doubles down and says, “Yes. It’s not allowed. That’s the religion.”

“You can’t hug, you can’t kiss and you are definitely not bringing girls back to your place,” Mark said. “I’m definitely worried about connecting with someone and then there’s just nothing physically to see if it’s there or not. … I knew Morocco and the Arab world was a little more conservative, but I was not ready at all for what I’m hearing.”

Mark confesses that he doesn’t understand why he can’t kiss his date. “It’s date number two and if things are going well at home, you normally have more physical contact then nothing. So it’s very different and very weird. Like there is no progression from day one to the day you get married. It’s exactly the same.”

A businessman named Houda was assigned to work with Mark while he was in Morocco. Mark was optimistic that they will find love on their second date in the episode from July 16 because they got along so well. Houda said that at first, because Mark was older than her, she wasn’t sure about him, but she liked his sense of humor. Even when Mark met Houda’s family, he left a positive first impression.

Unfortunately, the potential couple’s dinner date hit a rough patch. When Houda asked Mark if Nina had scheduled any other dates for him, he replied that she did and added, “I have to kind of see them because I already agreed to.” Houda was upset by this and issued Mark with a directive: If he observed other women, he wouldn’t see Houda anymore.

“I don’t see it as a culture problem,” Houda said in a confessional. “He sees that women are like objects that he can just pick one amongst others. And I don’t like this at all.”

Even though Mark claimed he “really liked” Houda, he wasn’t sure he could settle down with her before getting to know his other dates and determining whether they were a better fit. During the show on July 30, he ultimately made the decision to try out his relationship with Houda, but it was too late. He was raised by Houda. Since it was his last night in Morocco, Mark returned to Nina feeling unhappy that he hadn’t been able to discover love.

“I was hoping to leave Morocco with the girl of my dreams, and instead I’m flying back solo with nothing,” Mark said in a confessional.

Match Me Abroad Houda Age

Because Match Me Aborad Houda is 20 years younger than Mark, she is now 24 years old.

What Is Match Me Abroad Houda Last Name?

The last name of Houda from Match Me Abroad is Benbaker.

Match Me Abroad Houda Job

Match Me Abroad Houda’s job is not available at this moment.

Is Match Me Abroad Houda On Instagram?

No, Match Me Abroad Houda is not on Instagram but has a Facebook (@houda.rayan2013).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Match Me Abroad Houda Birthday?

No, Match Me Abroad Houda’s birthday is not available.

  • Where Is Match Me Abroad Houda From?

Match Me Abroad Houda hailed from Rabat, Morocco.

  • How Tall Is Match Me Abroad Houda?

Match Me Abroad Houda stands tall above the height of above 5 feet 7.5 inches.

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