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Matthew Beard Partner, Gay, Height, Parents, Net Worth

After BBC’s success with Sherlock, the network brought in a similar detective series called Vienna Blood in 2022. The show was all about a brilliant young doctor “Max Lieberman” portrayed by Matthew Beard, who investigated some unusual murders with Detective Inspector Oskar Reinhardt (Juergen Maurer).

Intrigued by the show’s protagonist yet? Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn all about this star’s off-screen life. 

Is Matthew Beard Gay?

Matthew Beard never commented on his sexuality before 2022. So, it’s hard to say the actor is gay or a straight male.

But gay or not, Matthew gets upset at matters that involve injustice for the LGBTQ+ community. Recalling his time filming The Imitation Game, Matthew shared that he knew who Alan Turing was, but not that he was gay or that he had been chemically castrated because of his homosexuality.

“It still upsets me whenever I think about it,” he said.

Who Is Matthew Beard Partner?

Matthew Beard and the actress Sophie Kennedy Clark were labeled the “New Burberry Couple” in 2011, but we’ve no idea if they were ever partners in real life.

At the time, Matthew and Sophie were the faces of the Brit brand’s spring/summer 2011 campaign that featured a series of British couples showcasing their covetable clothing every month, and the duo took center stage for April.

Fast forward to October 2015, the pair were also spotted together at the premiere of Giorgio Armani’s movie Films of City Frames, all dressed in black. But still, neither of them confessed to their relationship.

Talking a little about Matthew’s possible partner, Sophie Kennedy Clark @sophiekennedyclark is an actress, procedure, and filmmaker based in Glasgow, London. Also, she is the daughter of The Wicker Man (1973) actress Fiona Kennedy, and granddaughter of singer Calum Kennedy.

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows Sophie was credited to — A Bird Flew In (2021), Urban Myths (2019), The Cry (2018), The Phenom (2016), The Marriage of Reason & Squalor (2015), Philomena (2013), Single Father (2010), and many more.

Matthew Beard Height

Matthew Beard stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Matthew has a triangular face, amazing jawline, and baby blue eyes.

Matthew Beard Parents

A few reputable sites have mentioned Matthew Beard’s parents to be Isabel Beard and Geoffrey Edelsten. But that’s not the truth.

They seemed to have mixed the actor’s name with the tattooed gym buff “Matthew Beard,” who was born to his father/doctor Edelsten’s relationship with his former receptionist, Isabel.

Completely off-topic, but here’s a fun fact about them. After Geoffrey passed away, his son Matthew went on to date his stepmother Gabi Grecko (Geoffrey’s second wife) in 2021.

Also, for those of you confused Conleth Hill, Rachel Liberman and Shirley McKenna aren’t related to Matthew either. However, the former two are his on-screen parents, and the latter his sister in Vienna Blood.

So, who is Matthew Beard’s real parents? Well, he’s kept them anonymous. All we know all about them is that they were supportive of his career. It was his parents who signed him up for a local drama club in Yorkshire, England, at the age of 4 in an attempt to quell his hyperactive nature.

How Much Is Matthew Beard Net Worth?

Matthew Beard garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

This talented actor began his career at the age of 2 debuting in the TV Series Soldier Soldier (1991) as “Matthew Wilton.” Then by 4, he was already a part of a local drama club, grabbing the attention of local casting directors. No wonder, the residents of the UK saw him in ads for Legos, Sunny D, and Warbutons, a British bread company.

Then circa 2000, Matthew dedicated worked on his career in acting and landed a gif in Where the Heart Is and Big Meg, Little Meg. Since then, it has been a smooth ride for him. As of 2022, he’s been credited to over 30 movies and TV shows including Avenue 5 (2020), Johnny English Strikes Again (2018), Kiss Me First (2018), Rogue (2013), The Look of Love (2013), One Day (2011), The Eustace Bros. (2003), and many more.

Also, Matthew has graced a few broadways. His first-ever role was in the 2015 play Skylight.

As for his education, the actor explored English and French Literature at the University of York. But why no acting, you ask? Well, according to Matthew, he wanted to use another bit of his brain before deciding to use one bit of his brain for the rest of his life.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Matthew Beard?

Matthew Beard was born on March 25, 1989. That made him 32 years of age in 2022 and of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Was Matthew Beard Born?

He was born and raised in London, England, UK.

  • Is Matthew Beard On Instagram?

As of 2022, Matthew wasn’t present on any social media platforms. But worry not, fans have you covered.

Find his fan page over IG @matthwbeard, Twitter @MBeardFans.

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