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Max Altamuro Bio, Elias Theodorou Girlfriend, Age, Job

Elias Theodorou once famously dated his girlfriend Max Altamuro. The couple also appeared on a widely popular TV show. However, they eventually drifted apart from each other. Sadly, the former UFC fighter and winner of The Ultimate Fighter Nations died at the age of 34 after losing his battle against stage 4 liver cancer.

This article helps take you on a stroll down their relationship history and about Max Altamuro. So, learn more about her with this bio.

Meet Max Altamuro, Elias Theodorou Girlfriend (Ex)

Elias Theodorou, the MMA fighter and social media personality, was known for having shamelessness that even his ex-girlfriend Max Altamuro agreed to that.

“He has no embarrassment level, at all,” speaking with Bleacher Report in 2018 Max said about her ex-boyfriend. “He’ll just walk into a room and walk up to a bunch of people he doesn’t know that look super important, and I’m in the corner cringing. He just walks up to them and goes, ‘Hey guys, I’m Elias!’ And immediately they’ll just take to him, and within five minutes he’s worked out some kind of business deal with them.”

She concluded, “I’m embarrassed by him and impressed by him at the same time.”

Max played a huge role in the persona we know today. She was the one who told Elias to grow his hair out. “He had Justin Bieber hair when we met,” she told Bleachers Report.

Max also told the outlet the story of how they met. According to Max he kept looking over at her “but wouldn’t come over, it was annoying the crap out of me.” In her mind she was like, “S–t or get off the pot!” so she threw candy at him which finally made him to come over.

Elias told her, “Did you just throw this at me?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. You looked hungry.'” The couple shared an apartment in downtown Toronto. He also appeared on the third season of The Amazing Race Canada with Max. The two have printed T-shirts that read “Melias.”

“We are the poor man’s Bennifer,” joked Elias, making a reference to estranged husband and wife actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

“We’ve only been together four months so this is pretty much a blind date,” Max joked. The couple claimed to be aware of the program’s focus on archetypal presentation. In this situation, they were mistakenly referred to as the group’s “Ken and Barbie.”

“They can underestimate me as much as they want,” said Altamuro. “I’m ready to go out and eat a praying mantis. Bring it on.”

Max and Elias also spoke to Calgary Herald about their experience on the show. Speaking on how they prepared for the race, Max replied: “He tried to make me work out.” Then, Elias interjected, “She likes to call the gym a house of lies. But with that being said. We have fun doing everything we do.”

Mad added, “We went into it with the same mindset: no matter what we are doing, let’s make the most of I it, and that’s what we did. . . . I would much rather lose in a game show than in the cage.”

As for the advice for teams next season, Max commented, “Probably start working out sooner. If you don’t own running shoes, don’t buy them a month before. Maybe buy them a couple of months before and start working out. Mine still had the new sneaker smell at the starting line.”

Unfortunately, the newly dating couple finished last on the first leg of the race and were the first team to be eliminated.

When they were dating each other, Max admitted that she brings out Theodorou’s loyal, caring, and soft side whenever she is with him. One thing they both have in common is that they are both equally stubborn but play to each other’s weaknesses very well. Their socials suggested that the two of them had movie nights and enjoyed Chinese food.

Is Max Altamuro Married Today?

The current marital status of Max Altamuro is unclear. She kept herself away from social media and is virtually inactive on the platforms. Hence, it is unclear if she is married today or not.

Max Altamuro Age

As of September 2022, Max Altamuro is 35 years old. She was a year older than her ex-boyfriend Elias Theodorou.

Max Altamuro Job

Max Altamuro had a steady job as a Fashion Retail Manager likely in Gap Inc. in Toronto. She previously worked at UNIQ Hospitality as an Executive Assistant. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Biological Anthropology from Western University.

According to Indeed Canada, fashion retail managers made $21.51 per hour in Toronto.

Other than that, Max also shared her interests and hobbies. She shared that her biggest dream was to visit Tokyo Disneyland and backpack through Europe. If she ever made a lot of money she would buy a puppy and a Chanel bag for herself.

What Do We Know About Max Altamuro Family?

Max Altamuro was born as Michaela Altamuro to her anonymous parents. She is extremely private about her family members. However, we’ve discovered that some of her family members are Lisa Altamuro, Brandon Altamuro, Marlene Altamuro Handschuh, and Robert Altamuro.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Max Altamuro Reside?

According to Max Altamuro’s LinkedId, she is still residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She claimed Whitby, Ontario as her hometown.

  • Is Max Altamuro On Instagram?

Yes, Max Altamuro had an Instagram (@maxaltamuro) which is now deleted. She also has Facebook (@max.altamuro) and Twitter (@maxaltamuro).

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