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Mayra Cardenas Bio, Job, Family, Boyfriend, Love Is Blind

Houston, Texas resident Mayra Cardenas is one of the cast members of Love Is Blind season 5.

In order to find a partner, a group of single people turned to Love Is Blind. This time, the pods are located right in the middle of Texas. The social experiment that has been separating group chats since 2020 returns for Season 5 on September 22, and a new cast set off on a tense path of emotional development and self-discovery. (Xanax) As they test the boundaries and potential of an emotional connection, co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will once again lead a new group of eligible men and women into the pods and out of the dating abyss.

The trip has only just begun for the engaged couples who make it out of the pods and through the drama — and trust us, this season delivers like no other. They’ll have to find out if their relationship is built to last once they’ve adjusted to life after the honeymoon period. It won’t be long before the couples are standing at the altar and can respond to the only other question that matters: Is love truly blind?

Learn more about her here. This bio covers details about her family, job, age, and more.

Mayra Cardenas On Love Is Blind Season 5

Love Is Blind’s bio of Mayra Cardenas revealed that she wants to meet someone like Ryan Reynolds who shares her passion for God. Mayra is deeply committed to her faith and was one of the first Hispanic ministers in the Southern Baptist Convention. She is now bringing it to the experiment in hopes of meeting a man who shares her desire to get married and have a family.

However, Mayra claims that moving forward, she must avoid “allowing things to be okay when they aren’t” after her most recent romance ended in heartbreak. She is aware at this point that her ideal match is “the guy who ends up sacrificing comfortability to make it work.”

Mayra shared that she was DMed by the production for Love Is Blind asking if she wanted to be part of the cast of the show for season 5. Initially, she denied being on the show but agreed two months later. She never watched the show before so she watched a few episodes while on a plane to California.

Within a few days of filming the show, she respectfully pleaded she wanted to get out of the show. However, she added that the show also helped her know more about herself, dating and relationships, and what her boundaries were.

Mayra added that she and her casts had only 10 days to find the one and they had to be very vulnerable very quickly. She used to hold herself back thinking what the prospective partner would think about her. However, that has changed for her since being on the show.

Mayra Cardenas Boyfriend

As a pastor, Mayra Cardenas is looking for someone who can be a person who can be an example for other men and generations to come.

Without giving out a name, Mayra shared about a guy whom she connected with who had a girlfriend back home in Houston. The production team knew about that and gave her a choice to play it out or go home.

Mayra didn’t get to show what her love life would look like or dream what it would look like. So, she made the choice to go back single than be with someone who already had someone.

In 2023, Mayra is happily single.

How Old Is Mayra Cardenas?

Mayra Cardenas reached age 25 in March 2023. Her birth year is 1998.

Mayra Cardenas Job

Mayra Cardenas is a Latina minister and public speaker who is also known as Taylor Swift preaching. She has been in ministry for 6 years as of 2023.

She appears to be involved with the Community of Faith.

Speaking with Shoutout Texas, Mayra shared that she wouldn’t trade her job for anything. Because of her job, she has thrived on and off stage.

She added, “I feel like a lot of the time people expect me to be on stage every day, but that’s not how ministry works. My everyday life like going to the hair salon, dinner with my friend group, or going to the gym that’s really where my ministry is.”

Mayra believes that ministry is not about ” ambition, but submission to the calling and purpose that God has.” She has aspired and become a role model to women of all ages.

Moreover, she credits her success to her family and friends. She also looks up to her mentors Abram, Paul, Jon, Cassie, and Kailey.

Talking about her education, Mayra graduated from Liberty University.

Mayra Cardenas Height

Per her pics, Mayra Cardenas’s height measures under 5 feet 4 inches.

Mayra Cardenas Family

Mayra Cardenas apparently comes from a big family. She has talked about being close to her siblings when speaking to Shoutout Texas.

Mayra said.”My siblings have always meant so much to me, and we are all best friends and I’ve had the utmost support by each and every single one of them. My sister has always been someone who has been able to love me through the hardest times and it’s been easy to love her and look up to her.”

Mayra concluded, “My sister is always someone who encourages me to shoot my shot in every way possible, whether it’s for a job, opportunity, or relationship. I couldn’t be more thankful. My brothers have always been the men in my life who have protected and loved me throughout my life, so they are a true blessing.”

Some of the family members and relatives of Mayra are 26-year-old Juan Cardenas, Guadalupe Cardenas who is 30 years old, and Juan M Cardenas who is 29 years old. Moreover, other family members are Juan M Cardenas (61 years old) and Juana C Depacheco, age 65.

Meanwhile, on IG, she is connected with Tony Cardenas, Gustavo Cardenas, Angel Cardenas, Stephanie Cardenas, and Jose Antonio Alfaro Cardenas.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Mayra Cardenas Birthday?

Per our research, Mayra Cardenas’s birthday is on 14 March.

  • Where Is Mayra Cardenas From?

Mayra Cardenas is residing in Houston, Texas. She has also lived in Bellville, Texas.

  • Is Mayra Cardenas On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Mayra Cardenas is available on Instagram (@mayraaa_c), Facebook (@cardenasmayra80), and TikTok.

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