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Meet Actor Adam Nourou! His Bio, Parents, Height, Dating

Meet actor Adam Nourou from Netflix’s Elite.

Adam is one of the new faces fans will see in Season 5 of the show, which started in 2022. Christian (Miguel Herrán), Carla (Ester Expósito), Polo (lvaro Rico), and Lucrecia (Danna Paola) have all either left or died after the show first broadcast in 2018. Learn more about the actor, his age, gay rumors, height, and other personal details.

Adam Nourou On Netflix’s Elite

Bilal is played by Adam Nourou in Season 5 of Netflix’s Elite. So far, the only thing we know about Bilal is that he will “complicate” Omar’s relationship with Samuel. Valentina Zenere (Isadora), André Lamoglia (Ivan), and Isabel Garrido (Patri) are the other arrivals who have spoken about their experiences.

Adam is an acclaimed actor and fans made are excited to see him in this new role.

According to co-creator Carlos Montero, Season 5 will be a “feast for the senses,” and viewers will want to watch it multiple times. That could explain why Las Encinas has turned into a “minefield” with the entrance of two new students who, to put it mildly, don’t go unnoticed.

Adam first announced being on the in March 2021. He captioned the post, “Hi friends It is with great pride and joy that I announce that I am joining season 5 of Elite. Thank you very much to@elitenetflix“.

On 23 February 2022, Adam posted on Instagram, “Being alone in another country for several months, having to shoot a series entirely in a language that I don’t master having to work twice as hard to be at the level of the other actors… Challenges accepted  #elite6 #netflix #work”.

On 21 March 2022, he again posted, “April 8 new season of@elitenetflixfate hold on tight”.

Speaking about his role with Vanity Teen Adam opened up, “I know this experience will be useful to my career in the future. The fact that I had the chance to work with actors who have more experience and notoriety, but at the same time, they’re not older than me, helps me gain maturity and helps me realize this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It may only be one season, but it’s a lot, and they made me feel like I was one of them.”

Adam Nourou Net Worth

Adam Nourous has a net worth of under $250 thousand.

While interviewing with Vanity Teen, Adam revealed that his acting career began at the age of 10 when he was spotted by an agent. He doesn’t have an elaborate career but within a short period, he was able to reach the height of success only few can reach. He started his career with Turf in 2013.

Adam then appeared in 2015 I’m All Yours. However, 2020 Adu became the biggest break of his career. In Adú, a drama about immigration that aspires to 13 statuettes, Nourou plays Massar, a Somali teenager who meets the boy protagonist Adú and together they become inseparable and try to flee to a place where they can have opportunities to improve their lives.

Adam joined the shoot out of sheer conviction, despite not knowing a word of Spanish. He’d signed up with a casting agency and had to go from France to Spain to meet with the director. He claims that his character, the young man who becomes little Ad’s lone hope in his adventure to reach Europe, drew him in with a message of solidarity.

This is Nourou’s first major part; he had previously only worked on modest projects in his home country and is now known for his ability to portray the drama of many young Africans.

In this short career, he has worked with the likes of Gerard Depardieu, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Vimala Pons, and Stephanois Mehdi Jaadi. The role of Massar earned his Goya Prize in Spain in 2021. He told VanityTeen, “I’m so proud of myself for this award, it’s a big accomplishment, and I hope it is the first step to a big ascension by the grace of God.”

Besides acting, Adam also played Rugby but confirmed that he had to stop because he had to film Adu.

Is Adam Nourou Gay IRL?

In Elite Adam Nourou had an on-screen romance with actor Omar Ayuso. And fans were rooting for the two for the deep connection they shared in the show. However, just because he is gay on-screen doesn’t mean he is also gay in real life (IRL). He hasn’t confirmed his sexuality as of this writing.

Adam Nourou Dating Status

Currently, Adam Nourou appears to be single.

How Old Is Adam Nourou?

Born in December 2002, Adam Nourou turned 19 years old in 2021.

Adam Nourou Parents

Adam Nourou was born to his Comorian Parents. He has shared pictures of his parents on his Facebook but he didn’t share their names. After winning Goya Award, he thanked his father in the acceptance speech. He told, “Thanks to my father, at 18 years old this is incredible, I did not expect it. Thank you all, I adore you.”

Furthermore, Adam was asked what makes him happy and why while interviewing with Vanity Teen. He mentioned his mother saying, “What makes me happy the most are simple things like spending time with my family, seeing the smile on my mom’s face, and spending full afternoons with my friend without paying attention to the time.”

Adam has two brothers one of whom is Yassine Nourou (@yassine.nourou). His brother attends Collège de guinette.

Adam Nourou Height

Talking about height, Adam Nourou stands above 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Adam Nourou Nationality?

Adam Nourou is of French nationality. He is of Franco-Comorian ethnicity.

  • How Many Languages Does Adam Nourou Speak?

At the end of the VanityTeen interview, interviewer Jatniel Villarroel confirmed in August 2021 that Adam Nourou so far is a French speaker only. His friend Wendy helped with the translation during the interview. When he accepted the Goya Award, a translator was also used for his acceptance speech.

But, he confirmed that he was practicing Spanish but hadn’t mastered it yet.

  • When Is Adam Nourou Birthday?

Adam Nourous celebrates his birthday on 12 December.

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