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Meet Alba Baptista Parents: Luiz Baptista And Elsa Baptista!

Actress Alba Baptista calls Luiz Baptista and Elsa Baptista her parents. The parents of the actress became people of interest to fans after it was confirmed that she is in a relationship with actor Chris Evans. Sources on the web reported that Chris introduced Alba to his family.

So what about the actresses’ family members? Who are they? What do they do for a living? Where do they live? Does she have any siblings? Find out here.

Who Are Actress Alba Baptista Parents?

Actress Alba Baptista who is of mixed ethnicity was born to parents her parents Luiz and Elsa Baptista who were two different nationals. According to HollywoodLife, Luiz and Elsa reportedly met each other when Elsa was working in Brazil. The couple welcomed Alba on 10 July 1997 in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 2022, Alba made headlines with her relationship confirmed with Captain America actor Chris Evans. According to the reports of YourTango, Alba and Chris first linked in 2020 but never confirmed their relationship. Chris reportedly followed Baptista on Instagram, just months before the hit Netflix series “Warrior Nun,” in which Baptista stars, debuted in July 2020.

Later in June 2021, Alba followed Chris back on Instagram and is also following his brother Scott Evans.

DailyMail, on the other hand, shared that Chris and Alba allegedly met in Europe while she was filming “Warrior Nun” and he was filming “The Grey Man.” Baptista spent the previous New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles as well, and speculation about the two of them only grew as Baptista posted pictures from her trip that might or might not have been taken in Evans’ backyard.

Fans speculated that Chris Evans may have visited Alba in her hometown of Lisbon in January 2022 after seeing a video the actor posted to his Instagram stories. Moreover, the relationship was also discussed on Deux Moi’s podcast where they speculated that Baptista had been dating actor Lucas Bravo before Evans.

Furthermore, Chris has reportedly introduced Alba to his family. One source confirmed to PEOPLE, saying that the relationship was serious and “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

Talking about their career, Alba began her career in her native Portugal with the series Jardins Proibidos (2014-2015). Some of her notable works to date are A Impostora, Madre Paula, Filha da Lei, Leviano, Jogo Duplo, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, and more.

Meet Alba Baptista Father, Luiz Baptista

Luiz Baptista is the father of actress Alba Baptista.

  • Luiz Baptista Age

Luiz Baptista was reportedly born in 1956. He should be above 66 years old.

  • What Is Luiz Baptista Nationality?

By nationality, Luiz Baptista is Brazilian.

  • Luiz Baptista Job

Luiz Baptista is working as a mechanical engineer and site manager at Siemens Energy. Starting from February 2022, he has been working as Siemens Chief TFA. He served in that role starting in May 2016. Before that, he worked as senior construction manager and general site manager.

According to his LinkedIn, Luiz began his career at Montreal Engenharia in November 1979. He served the company as Mechanical Project Engineer where he worked till March 1983. His responsibilities there included Bid Preparation; Cost Estimates & Control; Preliminary CPM Schedule development; QA/QC related with major infrastructure construction projects (Offshore Oil Rigs; Refineries; Steel Mills).

In March 1983, the Brazilian Navy hired him as Quality Assurance Engineer. Furthermore, he worked as a Project Manager at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Products GmbH for 9 years from 1992 to 2001.

Other companies Luiz worked for are Koch Engineered Solutions and Siemens Transportation Group Inc.

Luiz completed high school from

Meet Luiz Baptista Mother, Elsa Baptista

Luiz Baptista is born to her beautiful mother Elsa Baptista. She has once posted a throwback pic of her mother once in August 2020.

  • Elsa Baptista Age

In 2022, Elsa Baptista should be above 55 years old.

  • What Is Elsa Baptista Nationality?

Elsa Baptista is Portuguese by nationality.

  • Elsa Baptista Job

Elsa Baptista completed high school in Holstenhofweg. She attended college at Hamburger Fremdsprachen- und Wirtschaftsschule. In Brazil, she worked as a translator as several report shows.

Related FAQs

  • Are Alba Baptista Parents Still Married?

Yes, it appears, Alba Baptista’s parents are still married.

  • Where Do Alba Baptista Parents Reside?

Alba Baptista’s parents are still residing in Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • How Many Kids Do Alba Baptista Parents Have?

Alba is the youngest of three kids born to her parents. She has one older sister named Ana Luisa Baptista (@analuisa.baptista.35) and a brother named Benjamin Pereira Baptista (@benjamin.baptista.7).

  • Are Alba Baptista Parents On Social Media?

Yes, both parents of Alba Baptista are on social media. Her father’s Facebook is (@bapluiz) and her mom’s Facebook is (@elsa.baptista.378).

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