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Meet Alexis Alamillo, Bering Sea Gold Zeke Tenhoff Fiancee!

Zeke Tenhoff from Bering Sea Gold is one of the fan favorites and for a good reason. The young miner was only in his early 20s when the show premiered and his strong work ethic and determination for gold dredging immediately got him many fans from around the world. In 2022, Zeke got engaged to his girlfriend, Alexis Alamillo. Get to know his girlfriend-turned-fiance in the wiki article below.

Meet Alexis Alamillo, The “Bering Sea Gold” Zeke Tenhoff Girlfriend-Turned-Fiancee

On May 14, 2022, the Bering Sea Gold star Zeke Tenhoff took to social media to announce his engagement to his lovely girlfriend, Alexis Alamillo.

Zeke rarely posts anything about his personal life on his social media so when he announced his engagement, it was a huge thing and his friends and fans turned up in big numbers to offer congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Zeke’s fiancee, Alexis Alamillo, also showed off her new ring on social media along with some pictures of their adventures together so far.

Alexis’ sister, Katie Sevigny, also took to Facebook to share some pictures of her sister and brother-in-law and announced that the newly engaged couple would also be marrying soon.

Before Alexis, the Bering Sea Gold star had a couple of girlfriends. First was Emily Riedel, whom he met while both were starting the gold mining business together. It took no time for their business relationship to turn into romance. The pair did business together smoothly and whenever Zeke ran into a financial crisis, Emily was there to help him.

However, their relationship had its own issues. Frequent argument and disagreements ended their relationship.

Zeke met his second girlfriend, Sarah Dunn, circa 2012 when he was in the worst phase of his life as his best friend John Bunce had committed suicide. To a great extent, Sarah helped Zeke to cope with his loss and get back to his life normal. The duo rarely flaunted and talked about their relationship in public.

Alexis Alamillo Age

As per, Alexis Alamillo’s age was 34 as of January 2023.

Alexis Alamillo Job

Zeke is known for being able to find gold and not being afraid to take chances. Not only is he mechanically inclined, but he also appears to have a sixth sense when it comes to reading the sea floor. Nowhere else was that more evident than on the dredge he built, The Clark.

Every season Zeke worked on the dredge to hopefully catch more gold and stay out on the Bering Sea longer. Although Zeke gave his best, his crew could not keep up with his way of finding more gold. As a result, Zeke pushed himself every time so much so that he ultimately burned out.

Citing personal issues, Zeke also disappeared from the show after Season 9. However, he returned to the show in its 13th edition and said, “It’s kind of ridiculous to think I could do anything else but gold mining,” upon his return.

The excitement in fans had no limit as Zeke reached gold reach record highs and built his craziest dredge idea yet, the Black Swan.

Zeke’s fiancee, Alexis Alamillo, is a professional rigger and an artist by profession. Her Facebook shows that she has an extensive background in rigging, working in places like Cirque du Soleil, IATSE Local 134, and Burning Man Project. Perhaps, Alexis can help her to-be-husband in his dredge work on the Black Swan.

“A true love of color dominates the canvas in these whimsical pieces,” writes Zeke on her website Her artwork has been featured in Sevigny Studio, Crush, Kaladi Brothers, Cafe Felix, Grape Expectations in Anchorage, and Skipping Stone Studio in Haines, Alaska.

Alexis has also worked on scenic, sculptural, and mural projects and some of them have been featured at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Burning Man, New Orleans Jazz, and Heritage Festival.

Furthermore, as an actor, Alexis appeared on Bering Sea Gold in one episode in 2022 as herself.

Is Alexis Alamillo On Instagram And Facebook?

Zeke Tenhoff’s future wife is only on Facebook. She is on Facebook with her real name “Alexis Alamillo.”

Who Are Alexis Alamillo Parents?

Talking about Alexis’ parents, they are Joseph Alamillo and Joanie Wagner. They were 72 and 69 years old respectively at the time of this writing. According to Joseph’s Facebook, he currently works as President at NSP Consultants, LLC. He is also Bassist at Monterrey Music Group, LLC.

As of January 2023, Alexis’ parents were not together anymore. Her father, Joseph, posted a picture of another woman on his Facebook in 2020 referring her to as his sweetheart.

Katie is the youngest daughter of her parents. Ahead of her, they had two other daughters, Lania and Katie. While we don’t know much about Lania, Katie, 47, was an artist at Sevigny Studio Alaskan Art and lived in Anchorage, Alaska.

Furthermore, other members of Katie’s family include Natalya, Gabriel, and Susan Alamillo.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Alexis Alamillo Birthday?

Alexis’ birthday was not public yet at the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Alexis Alamillo From?

Alexis lives in Willits, California, though, we don’t know where she is originally from.

  • How Tall Is Alexis Alamillo?

For a woman, Alexis’s height of 5 feet 7 inches has to be fairly tall.


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