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Meet Allison Kagan, Alaskan Bush Joshua Brown Girlfriend!

Joshua Brown is the second-oldest brother of the seven siblings featured on Alaskan Bush People. However, he’s no longer a part of the infamous Discovery series because his family didn’t show his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, “the same level of respect.”

So, who’s Allison Kagan? Learn everything you need to know about her as this article proceeds.

Meet Allison Kagan, Alaskan Bush People Star Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown Girlfriend

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown first met his girlfriend Allison Kagan during the filming of Alaskan Bush People before 2017 — Allison was working as the show’s field producer then. So, soon falling “head over heels” for a city girl, Joshua then decided to quit the show as his family didn’t like her very much.

“They do not show Bam’s woman Allison the same level of respect, and it really just sets him off because they’ve known her longer than any of his brother’s new fame-hungry girls,” an insider revealed.

Also, the source claimed that Joshua was “fed up” with his family’s double standards.

So, why did his family dislike Allison? Well, it’s said that Allison used to be their boss! Between 2015 and 2018, she served as a supervising producer on Alaskan Bush People and produced nearly 30 episodes.

After leaving the family, Allison, and Joshua purchased a houseboat and renovated it. Originally, it was Allison’s idea to buy a house that stays on the water, giving both of them the chance to enjoy something they love each day.

Later, Allison and Joshua did return to his family’s Washington state ranch for a while and helped them develop their 400+ acre mountaintop forest into a permaculture wonderland. But still, they felt no love and left for home to the 100-foot ferry boat they named Fathom.

Their home (ferry) was originally named Osprey. It was decommissioned and scheduled for the scrap yard before Allison found it.

Trivia: Even though Joshua claimed that his family disliked his girlfriend, he once shared a picture of Allison with his mother, captioned, “So grateful for my girlfriend Alli. I’m blessed that she is here with my family. She and my mom are truly inspiring. Love conquers all.”

Allison Kagan Age

Allison Kagan was 49 years of age in 2022. She is 11 years older than Joshua Brown.

Where Is Allison Kagan From?

Allison was born and born and raised in New York City.

As for Joshua, he is an Alaskan.

Allison Kagan Job

Allison Kagan is an accomplished producer, director, and camera operator. Also, she’s had jobs as a news and sports video journalist and editor.

In 2022, she was working as a “consulting producer” for the Discovery channel for almost 5 years, and as a “supervising producer” at TLC Networks Inc for almost 4 years.

Back in June 2018, Allison also registered her company A Kagan Creative Corp. in Washington, US. She is is the VP of Development and Executive Producer there, managing production and developmental projects.

When Allison isn’t working, she loves to travel and listen to music.

Allison Kagan Career

Allison Kagan started her career back in 1995 as a “News Photographer/Editor” for WTEN. Two years later, she then jumped ship to WFSB, another 2 years later to WFXT, and another 3 years later to WNYW Fox 5.

Working as a “News Photographer/Editor” at WNYW Fox 5 for 7 long years, Allison then joined SiTV to work as a camera operator for less than a year.

In 2011, Allison finally landed a job as a story producer at MTV Networks. She then worked there for 4 ½ years before joining Freelance Media Group as a “Supervising Producer.”

In 2014, Allison worked for 9 months as a series producer with HGTV. Then, began her big journey!

From Mar 2015 – May 2015, Allison was a series producer for Discovery Channel.

Apr 2016 – Oct 2016, she worked as a field producer for TLC Networks Inc.

Sep 2016 – Oct 2016, Allison was a field producer for MTV NETWORKS.

Jan 2018 – Aug 2018, Allison returned to LC Networks Inc. as a field producer.

And Aug 2018 – Oct 2018, she was the Supervising Producer for Bravo TV.

Thanks to her diverse portfolio, Allison’s Awards And Affiliations include — the 2009 Emmy Award nomination in Educational Programming, Producers Guild of America, National Press Photographers Association, and Academy of Television Arts And Sciences.

As for her education, Allison has a bachelor of arts degree in communication from the University of Albany, SUNY. Also, in 2016, she became a permaculture designer certified by The Permaculture Research Institute in Australia.

But that’s not all! Allison has a “psychological first aid” certification, “certificate of achievement: Buddhism through its scriptures,” certificate for “chicken behavior and welfare,” and a “home horticulture trainee” certificate from Washington State University.

Has Allison Kagan Appeared On Alaskan Bush People Yet?

No, Allison Kagan remained behind the screen on Alaskan Bush People.

So far, she’s supervised over 30 eps of the Discovery show.

The last we checked, she worked as a supervising producer for the 2022 ep “Indecent Proposal.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Allison Kagan Birthday?

Allison receives her birthday wishes in August.

  • How Tall Is Allison Kagan?

Allison stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Her distinct features include blue eyes and naturally curled hair.

  • Is Allison Kagan On Instagram And Facebook?

 Allison was on Facebook @allison.kagan.

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

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