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Meet Anastasia Kingsnorth Family: Dad, Mum, Siblings!

As a famous YouTuber, fans of Anastasia Kingsnorth were always curious about her family. While we see her mother and her brother on the video all the time, her followers were curious about her father. So this article is put together to give you a glimpse into her family life.

Here you’ll learn about her dad, mum, and her siblings.

Who Are Anastasia Kingsnorth Family Members?

Anastasia Kingsnorth or FloralPrincess was born on 12 October 2000. She hailed from Wellingborough, North Northamptonshire, England.

The family member we currently know is her dad Steve Stanton, her mum Julie Stanton, and her brother. She also features her nan a few times on her socials.

Meet Anastasia Kingsnorth Dad, Steve Stanton

Steve Stanton is the man Anastasia Kingsnorth calls her dad. But, it is to be noted that Steve is not her birth father. In her video “MY FAMILY SITUATION…” she explained that she never knew her real dad. Her mother had her with her father of whom she speaks very little.

Her birth parents separated when she was stillborn. Fans were also enquiring about Ana’s last name Kingsnorth, it has been shared that Kingsnorth is her ‘nan’ last name which she seems to have adopted.

In July 2018, when she was in LA, Anastasia sat next to an empty star and asked Byron to edit her name on it for her. The name on the star read “Anastasia Moshi”. Before her current YouTube channel, she also had another channel titled “Anastasia Moshi“.

Back to her family, not long after, her mother met Steve, and they got married. Steve and Julie were together for nearly 13 years. But, they split around 2012. Steve raised Anastaisa like his own daughter. In the “Family Situation” video Anastasia spoke, “We grew up together”.

And in the relationship that lasted over a decade, Steve and Julie didn’t share any children together.

Meet Anastasia Kingsnorth Mom, Julie Stanton

Julie Stanton, mother of Anastasia Kingsnorth. Julie is on Facebook (@julie.stanton.9231) and Instagram (@_juliesgram_).

According to FamousBirthdays, Julie was born on 22 December 1974. She turned 47 years old in December 2021.

She is a content creator mostly related to fashion, interiors, and lifestyle. After the success of her daughter, she has established herself as an influencer. Her popularity has earned her endorsement deals with local brands.

Julie has also started her own YouTube channel. She does vlogs and reviews on that platform. Fans of her daughter Anastasia were rooting for Julie to start her on the channel. They also commended how quickly she shoots, edits, and posts her videos.

In her Q&A video, she was asked about getting a botox. She replied saying that if someone had asked this question years ago, she would’ve said yes, but now, she is not thinking or undergoing any surgeries or botox procedures. She has also talked about getting diagnosed with OCD over 25 years ago.

Anastasia also confirmed in the video that Instagram and YouTube is her main job in 2022.

She is a mother of two children. Julie revealed that at the time of birth, Anastasia was 7-pound-2, while her youngest born son was 6-pound-12. One of her followers also asked whether she will have more children. She simply replied and laughed: “Not now”. And, she insisted that she will probably never have any children.

How Many Siblings Does Anastasia Kingsnorth Have?

Anastasia Kingsnorth has one younger brother named Atticus. A few years after the breakup with Steve, Julie met someone new, and that person was Atticus’s father.

They had Atticus on 15 April 2014. On his 5th birthday, Anastasia posted, “Happy Birthday to my little angel Atticus 99% of the time we might get on each other’s nerves, but I love you more than you could ever know and can’t imagine my life without you. Mummy and I will make sure you have the day you deserve, we love you”.

But, before 2017, they separated and he was with someone else. Atticus, the half-brother of Anastaisa, also has a half brother named Sebastian who was born in August 2017.

Whereas, on Atticus’s 8th birthday in March 2022, Julie posted on her Instagram, “Happy 8th Birthday to this human I’m lucky enough to call my son. You’re gonna have the best day”.

Anastasia also has an older step-sister, Louise, and a step-brother, Adam.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Anastasia Kingsnorth Family Members Live?

Anastasia Kingsnorth’s family members live in Wellingborough, North Northamptonshire, England, at least her mother and her brother do.

  • Is Anyone From The Anastasia Kingsnorth Family Famous?

Yes, Anastasia Kingsnorth’s mother Julie is also very popular and established herself a career as a social media influencer. She flaunts a whooping 188K followers on her Instagram.

  • Are Anastasia Kingsnorth Family Members Close?

Yes, Anastasia is close with her brother and her brother. She also seems to be close with Atticus’s father, and her step-father Steve Stranton.

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