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Meet Andre Rebelo Family: Parents, Brother, Ethnicity!

Meet Crypto trader and influencer Gracie Piscopo’s boyfriend Andre Rebelo who was accused of murdering his mom Colleen Rebelo. The devastating death of Colleen affected the rest of the family. So, who are the remaining members? Who are Andre Rebelo’s father and siblings?

We got all the answers so keep scrolling down to find out more about him and his family.

Meet Andre Rebelo Family Members

Social media influencer Gracie Piscopo recently broke her silence about her lover Andre Rebelo being charged with murdering his mom at her mom. He was charged with trying to forge his mother’s death certificate. Andre was arrested in November 2022 for murdering his mom Colleen Rebelo after she was found dead at her Western Australian home in the affluent Perth suburb of Bicton, on May 25, 2020, and remembered as a “real life angel”.

As there were no evident symptoms of injuries, the mother-of-death four’s was not at first thought to be suspicious. Shortly after, her body was burned. However, once suspicions of life insurance fraud surfaced five months later, the police opened an investigation.

A crypto trader, Andre is accused of using his own credit card to get life insurance for his mother just weeks before she passed away.

A further charge of attempting to gain benefit by fraud has since been dropped by police. ‘It’s taken two years to get it to this point,’ said Detective Sergeant Clinton Bragg when Rebelo was initially charged with murder last month. ‘It’s just an example of how we will not stop until we thoroughly investigate to bring this to a conclusion.’

Andre is due to appear in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on December 21.

Andre came from a family of five that included his mom Colleen and his three siblings. Learn more about them below in this piece

Andre Rebelo Parents

Crypto trader Andre Rebelo was born to his parents Antonio and Colleen Rebelo.

  • Andre Rebelo Mother

Andre Rebelo’s mother is named Colleen Rebelo. At the time of her death, Colleen was 58 years old and was living alone in her home in Bicton in 2020. She was reportedly studying health administration, policy, and leadership while pursuing her master’s degree. She worked at Italia Stone Group, a WA-family-owned quarrying company, for 20 years, where she was employed as a personal assistant.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she enrolled at Murdoch University in 2013, then aged 51, to complete a Bachelor of Science, majoring in biomedical science and forensic biology.

After graduating in 2017, the doting mum – who described herself as ‘highly personable and passionate’ – commenced a masters degree in health administration, policy, and leadership the following year. At the time of her death, she was actively involved with the university community and was due to finish her postgraduate study in 2020.

Colleen said she was also interested in enhancing positive frameworks for chronic disease and disability management planning’ and promoting the benefits of ‘increased positive community charity projects’ across Western Australia.

Officers were summoned to the mother’s million-dollar Preston Point Road home on May 25 at around 2.30 p.m., according to WA Police Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Clinton Bragg. There, they found Colleen’s dead body.

“The investigation was a complex investigation which drew on a lot of resources,” he said. “It’s taken two years to get it to this point and it’s an example of how we will not stop until we thoroughly investigate and bring these things to a conclusion.”

Clinton declined to answer questions about how Ms. Rebelo died but confirmed a family member had made the triple-zero call.

  • Who Is Andre Rebelo Father?

Andre Rebelo’s father is reportedly named Antonio, his last name is most likely Rebelo. Antonio and his late wife reportedly divorced ten years ago, a family friend revealed to DailyMail. Other than that there isn’t much about Andre’s estranged father. Prior to the divorce, he and his late ex-wife were living in a home purchased two decades ago for $307,000 when Andre was only six years old.

One close friend of Colleen posted on Reddit, “I knew Colleen personally, she was an amazing and selfless woman, raised all 4 kids by herself, she always thought of her kids first. It’s an absolute shock to hear her death was at the hands of her own son…. RIP Colleen❤️ I hope we will finally see some justice for her.”

Andre Rebelo Brother

According to Collen Rebelo’s obituary, Andre Rebelo has three siblings. His two brothers are named Julian and Fabian, and a sister named Monique.

After Colleen’s death, Monique shared in a social media post, “Our beautiful mother suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away recently. This has turned our world upside down, she was the light of our whole family, a real-life angel that we will forever miss and cherish.”

On Facebook, Monique goes by Monique Yasmine. According to her LinkedIn, she works as an Ambulance Officer at St John Ambulance W.A. She had also worked at BHP as Site Medic, at Talis Group Pty Ltd as First Aid, and at Claremont Aquatic Center as a lifeguard.

Monique holds a Bachelor of Science from Edith Cowan University.

Andre’s brother Fabian attended Kennedy Baptist College. As for Julian, there isn’t much about him. However, DailyMail reported that eleven months after their mother’s death, the property was put up for sale by Julian, who was the executor of her estate. It was only on the market for four days before it was bought on April 13, 2021, for a whopping $1,150,000.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Andre Rebelo Family Ethnicity?

While Andre Rebelo’s late mum was White Australian by ethnicity, his father’s ethnicity could’ve been Latin American.

  • Where Does Andre Rebelo Family Reside Today?

Most of the family members of Andre Rebelo are still residing in Perth, Australia today.

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