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Meet Anita Turkel, Actor Joe Turkel Wife! Her Age, Job, Kids

Veteran actor Joe Turkel died at the age of 94. So, fans wondered did he leave behind any wife or kids? This article is about Anita Turkel, to who Joe was married once. In this article, you’ll learn about her age, job, and kids.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Anita Turkel.

Meet Anita Turkel, Actor Joe Turkel Wife

Anita Turkel is the ex-wife of late actor Joe Turkel. It is unclear when they tied the knots. But, you can find their wedding pictures here and there.

The obituary didn’t mention Anita Turkel as his wife. According to her Facebook, she was single so the marriage of the two ended sometimes a while back. Also, she allegedly preceded her ex-husband in his death.

Her, husband Joe Turkel, was born in Brooklyn in 1927 to Gazella (Goldfisher) and Benjamin Turkel, Polish Jewish immigrants. He joined the Army (Merchant Marines) when he was 17 and served in Europe during World War II during that time he was working in the European Theater of Operations. A year later, he moved to California to pursue acting.

Joe secured his first credit in 1949’s City Across the River. He is best known for the roles of Lloyd, the ghostly bartender, in The Shining (1980), and Dr. Eldon Tyrell in Blade Runner (1982).

At the time of his death, he had nearly 142 roles in his acting credits. He was active from 1949 to 1997. Some of his notable works are Triple Trouble, The Glass Wall, Man Crazy, Mad at the World, The Naked Street, Inside Detroit, The Killing, Hellcats of the Navy, The Californians, Tombstone Territory, The Beast of Budapest, Blade Runner, The Commitment, and other TV shows and films.

In an interview in 2014, Joe shared that the Paths of Glory was his personal favorite among his films.

Moreover, he was a Democratic party and described himself as a ”Liberal Progressive”. He also supported the Occupy Wall Street movement and spoke at the Occupy Seattle rally.

Joe’s rep confirmed to The Post that he completed a memoir, titled “The Misery of Success,” before his death, and his family plans to publish it later this year.

Were Anita Turkel And Joe Turkel Married At The Time Of His Death?

Anita Turkel and Joe Turkel were still seen hanging out with each other. They were pictured together in May 2018, even though they likely separated. So, based on the post, they are still together.

Moreover, in July 2019, on Joe’s 92nd birthday. Anita was seen hanging out with her husband Joe Turkel. Craig, their son posted on Facebook, “Celebrating my Dad’s 92nd birthday July 15, 1927, with my mother and their wedding photo album. Plus, his grandson!”.

How Many Kids Did Anita And Joel Turkel Have?

Anita and Joel Turkel shared two children. They are named Robert Turkel and Craig Turkel.

Robert graduated from University High School, WLA, CA in 1975. Later, he attended SMCC and earned his degree in 1978. Moreover, he works at Washington State Ferries. He is currently based in Seattle, Washington. What else, he is currently married but there are no details on his wife.

As for Craig, he was born in May 1960, so in 2022, he is 62 years old. He is married to Ann Levitas Turkel. Like his brother, he also attended University High School in 1978. He studied Liberal Arts at Santa Barbara City College and graduated in 1980. Later, he also attended California State University, Northridge.

Craig is currently based in Santa Monica, California.

After his father’s death, Craig posted on Facebook that his father took his last breath on 27 June. He wrote, “He was 94. From Brooklyn NY, moved to California after the war in 1947, to pursue the world of entertainment. Good choice (as we all know), because his entertainment switch was always on wherever he was. He affected so many people inside his industry and in his personal life. What a force of nature! He was a tremendously sensitive loving father, he instilled in us, by example, to be compassionate people and passionate about what we did with our lives”.

Anita Turkel Age

October 1934 is the year Anita Turkel was born. She turned 87 years old in October 2022. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on 3 October.

Anita Turkel Job

Anita Turkel’s likely working as an Independent Restaurants Professional, while based in West Hollywood, California, United States. Meanwhile, she completed high school at Samuel J. Tilden High School. Besides that, there isn’t much about her career and her job.

Is Anita Turkel On Facebook?

Anita Turkel has two Facebook accounts. Either you can find her on (@anita.turkel) or in (@anita.j.turkel).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Anita Turkel Live Today?

In 2022, Anita Turkel is based in Santa Monica, CA.

  • What Is Anita Turkel Maiden Name?

Anita Turkel’s maiden name is Cacciatore. She is the daughter of Salvatore and Sarah Furraggio. She has a sister named Barbara Cacciatore, born in 1939.

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