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Meet Braverijah Gregg, Jackie Miskanic aka Jax Boyfriend!

We remember Jackie Miskanic aka Jax, the American singer-songwriter, from the time she finished third on the fourteenth season of American Idol. She has since become one of the most hilarious and unpretentious celebrities on social media. Following the song “Victoria’s Secret’s” popularity fans also loved to listen to “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. Even more when they came to know that it was inspired by a man she deeply cares for. And now we know it was none other than her current boyfriend Braverijah Gregg.

Meet Braverijah Gregg, Jackie Miskanic aka Jax’s Boyfriend

Braverijah Gregg is Jackie Miskanic aka Jax’s boyfriend. They have been together since at least 2018. We found Braverijah writing “One hell of a girlfriend & One hell of an adventure!” next to this above picture of the two all the way from Jerusalem, Israel, in July 2018.

Then, Braverijah took some good time, before he finally dropped another loved-up picture of the two on Valentine’s Day. In the caption, he gushed about how his love for Jackie grows deeper every day.

For Jax’s part, we have seen her call Braverijah “soulmate” more than once. So, like this, the couple can be spotted all over Instagram and TikTok. Yet, most of what we know about their relationship is from Jax’s song lyrics that she puts on her social media. Jax once shared the story of how she met him when they were both on dates with other people. When their dates paired off, they went to eat Taco Bell, and eventually, they were in love. Jax has also gone out of her way to share how she had to kiss many before meeting her prince.

Apart from all this, we have also seen them collaborate professionally. Jax’s boyfriend has directed her video and snapped her professional shots from on stage.

Braverijah Gregg Age

Braverijah Gregg was born in 1991. So, he reached the age of 31 in 2022.

Who Are Braverijah Gregg Parents?

Braverijah Gregg’s parents are both actors. His father, Bradley Gregg, is an American actor, director, writer, and producer. He started out in the industry in the mid-1980s and is perhaps. He is known for his supporting roles in Stand by Me (1986), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).

Braverijah’s dad, the native Angeleno, married Dawn Gregg, the former actress and current screenwriter in 1990.

After a dear friend of Bradley died suddenly and he and his wife, Braverijah’s mother, suffered the loss of their two children, Bradley decided to take a hiatus from work in front of the camera. He instead took time to engage in a self-inventory, and thus was determined to focus solely on his heart, his marriage, and raising his family.

The last time we heard from Greggs, they were in Los Angeles and Dawn and Bradley had five children, Mcabe, Galilee, Jemima, Zion, and Braverijah. The patriarch of the family had resumed his acting and voice-over/narrator career.

Braverijah’s mom, Dawn Gregg, aka Dawn Agrella, is known for Remnant (2012), Journey to Jemima (2006), and How to Become Famous (1999).

As filmmakers, Braverijah’s parents have written and co-produced the family drama, Cedars of Lebanon, the Civil War era, Buckland’s Station, and the contemporary, socially conscientious indie, #LIFEISART, among other things. They have many other film and television projects in development. Their award-winning documentary short film Journey To Jemina tells the story of a couple’s life-changing journey to Kazakhstan for international adoption.

Here’s what we know about Braverijah’s siblings. Brother Mcabe (on Instagram @mcabegregg) is also an actor. Sister Zion who turned 18 in June 2021 is in her own words “a work in progress”. According to her IG @galileegregg, she seemed to be more into photography. Another sister, Jemima, who is likely into knitting, celebrates her birthday on October 11th. At last, there is Galilee who shares her birthday with her father (on November 8th). She turned 27 in 2022.

Braverijah Gregg Job

Braverijah Gregg is a director/photographer. Apart from freelancing, he mentioned being The Fighting Season story producer at Ricky Schroder Productions since January 2014.

According to his website’s BIO, with a passion for music, but no talent, Braverijah turned to the next best option, of music visually. Ever since, Braverijah has collaborated with artists for almost a decade, working with the industry’s top Labels including Atlantic Records, Republic Records, Sony Records, Roc Nation, Hopeless Records, and Fearless Records.

Braverijah started his career, working as a camera assistant for Original Productions from November 2018 until December 2018.

Is Braverijah Gregg On Instagram?

Yes. Braverijah Gregg could be found on Instagram @braverijah with 523 posts and 6,122 followers as of 10 December 2022.

Other than this, we saw him only on his YouTube channel ‘braverijah gregg’.

Braverijah Gregg Height

Braverijah Gregg stands around 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Braverijah Gregg’s Birthday?

Braverijah Gregg’s birthday is on October 30th and that makes him a Scorpion.

  • Where Is Braverijah Gregg From?

Braverijah Gregg was born and bred in Los Angeles, California. And he continued to be a dweller of this place even until late 2022.

  • How Much Is Braverijah Gregg’s Net Worth?

Braverijah Gregg reportedly had below $300K net worth as of 2022.

IMDB happens to credit Braverijah for his editing works in Everything’s Eventual (2009), Jax – B*tchcraft (2020), and After-Life (2010).

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