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Meet Brian O’Neill, Skier Hilaree Nelson First Husband!

Meet Brian O’Neill, first husband of skier Hilaree Nelson. Learn about their marriage, children, age, and job below. Hilaree sadly passed away so people who heard about her were looking to learn more about her ex-husband.

Well, look no further because we’ve covered all the details here.

Meet US Extreme Skier Hilaree Nelson First Husband, Brian O’Neill

US extreme skier, Hilaree Nelson met her first husband Brian O’Neill in 2000. According to Sports Illustrated, they clicked immediately. Before meeting Brian, Hilaree’s father had wished her to become a power forward as he ran a car dealership in Seattle and filmed all of Hilaree’s games as she led Shorewood High to the state tournament, raging at refs or coaches who didn’t see what he did in his daughter.

She made the decision to forego playing at Division III Colorado College, which strained her relationship with her father. Instead, Hilaree chose to major in biology, received her degree, and then left for Europe for five months. She was able to ski and climb thanks to her endurance, wiry strength, and body control, which benefited her on the court. She participated in the Chamonix European Championships, much like Jim.

Hilaree won first prize in 1996. The North Face began supporting her in 1999.

Hilaree was longing for a different type of life. She moved to Telluride, Colorado with Brian and had two kids. However, one incident, in particular, played a role in her marriage crumbling. During one ski trip with three experienced older men and one of their girlfriends, an accident happened which caused the woman’s death. The woman’s boyfriend had been carrying a ring, intending to propose later that day—didn’t blame the guides. “They tried to save her, and I am forever grateful,” he told the Telluride Daily Planet. Hilaree was less forgiving of herself.

Hilaree couldn’t let it go. SI reported, “Regret. Then, rage. “I lost my s— for a long time,” she says. Her temper flared. She threw furniture, broke her foot kicking a chair. Panic attacks descended. She took Xanax. Drank too much. Tried EMDR. Swallowed Ambien in hopes of sleep that refused to come. Her marriage began to crumble.”

When Did Brian O’Neill And Hilaree Nelson Divorce?

Brian O’Neill and Hilaree Nelson’s crumbling marriage ended in divorce shortly after she returned from Nepal to climb mount Makalu in 2015. It was after Hilaree and her current boyfriend Jim Morrison met each other who was also on a Makalu trip in 2015. But they were only friends at the time.

Because they married in 2000 and were married for 14 years, it was in 2014 that they separated and eventually divorced. Ski mountaineering became Hilaree’s escape route and kept her mind off of internal pain. “It keeps my mind from going to hell and back,” she told Teton Gravity. “I have to literally think about what’s right in front of me.”

How Many Sons Did Hilaree Nelson And Brian O’Neill Have?

Hilarree Nelson and Jim Morrison don’t share any children. However, Hilaree has two boys from her previous marriage.

Her oldest son Frederick Quinn ONeill is also adventurous like his mother. Quinn turned 15 years old in July 2022.

Hilaree’s younger son Grayden ONeill is currently 12 years old. Sports Illustrated reported, “Hilaree loved parenting; she also fought to maintain her career. And now here she was, seven months after Grayden’s birth, on her first morning back guiding.”

Hilaree shared with Teton Gravity about juggling motherhood and her passion for skiing and traveling. She started by describing her own mother. “She was an adventurous spirit who never got to explore the world on her own terms. That deeply affected my perspective,” she says. “When I had my first kid, I freaked out that I wouldn’t be able to do it all. You only get one shot at this world, and I didn’t want to lose mine.”

So when Quinn was only 10 months old, Hilaree planned an expedition to Pakistan to prove to herself that she could. “I quit breastfeeding the day I left,” she said. “I know now that was a bit over the top,” she says, but her children remain a large part of why she pushes herself so hard: If she can teach them to stay true to their passions, whatever they may be, that will be her greatest legacy.

When Hilaree was often gone for the expedition, Brian looked after her two boys. So, she even envied their closeness. “I feel like an alien when I come home,” she says, “like a stranger in the house stepping into the routine and getting in the way.”

Brian O’Neill Age

In Dec 2021, Brian O’Neill turned 60 years old. December 1961 marked his birthdate.

Brian O’Neill Job

Brian O’Neill is a realtor by profession. Upon graduating with an undergraduate degree from Brown University in 1984, Brian entered the real estate world as a project planner for a large development firm in Boston. He moved to Telluride in 1989 for a winter of skiing in the San Juans and instantly fell in love with the community.

Brian decided to stay and actively became involved in the real estate market. Brian’s mission is to provide the most thorough and insightful service possible, resulting in the highest level of professionalism and integrity for your transaction He founded Telluride Properties in January 1998.

During his 27 years in the real estate and construction industries, Brian has acquired extensive experience working with Residential Properties, Investment & Development Properties, International Buyers, and Ranch Properties. Since joining Telluride Properties in 1998, he has sold over $235m worth of real estate averaging over $1.5m per transaction which includes the highest priced home and condo in 2011 as well as the highest priced residential property in the history of the Telluride market.

Due to his membership in Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, he has exclusive access to the largest network of national and international brokers, giving him the ability to sell luxury homes. The outcome is a clientele that reaches Bermuda, Australia, London, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and other countries in addition to the United States.

Brian is a devoted outdoor adventurer who began in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After taking a little break to play football at Brown, Brian has expanded the scope of his travels. He has traveled to regions like the Andes, Kamchatka, the Caucuses, the Alps, Alaska, and Antarctica to explore and lead ski tours.

Brian has traveled throughout Central America and to Bali, Uruguay, Hawaii, and Costa Rica thanks to surfing. His primary love is skiing, and he has worked as a heli-skiing guide in Telluride and Alaska.

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  • Where Is Brian O’Neill From?

Brian O’Neill is currently residing in Telluride, Colorado.

  • Is Brian O’Neill On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Brian O’Neill is not on Instagram and Facebook.

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