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Meet Cam Winter, Kat Stickler Ex-Boyfriend!

Cam Winter might just be your average Construction Manager, but he dated the TikTok star Kat Stickler, right after she broke up with her baby daddy Mike Stickler.

Get to know him better as this article proceeds.

Meet Cam Winter, TikTok Star Kat Stickler Ex-Boyfriend

Cam Winter first met Kat Stickler back in 2017 at a fishing tournament. It seems one of Cam’s fishing buddies ran track with the TikTok star back in high school and they sort of greeting each other.

But that wasn’t how they linked. Fast forward to 2021, one day, Kat went over to her friend’s house, and it turns out Cam was her older brother. “He just came back from a run and he was shirtless and sweaty. Like, hello!” Kat recalled.

So, this time Cam properly introduced himself (after putting his shirt back on). Then, he offered her to come to eat with him, and also gave her a rose that day. And that’s how they became friends and exchanged numbers.

After texting for a couple of weeks, Cam then finally asked her out.

For their first date, Cam took Kat to a rooftop bar, and had a “great conversation.” And the same night, they shared their first kiss.

However, to Kat, this wasn’t their first “real date.” She insists that their first “real date” was when Cam took her to Davis Island in a truck. There, the love birds chilled in the back of the truck filled with blankets, glasses, wine, trays, speakers, and more.

And all while this was happening, fans were unknown of the new person in Kat’s life. Though the TikTok star did once hint at a mystery man in one of her videos in September 2021, she didn’t reveal his name at the time.

Over the video with the “sometimes all I think about is you” audio including the caption, Kat says, “No, it’s not like that … he just helps me out when I don’t even ask him.”

But not long after, she made another post about him, sending her and her daughter dinner when she had to cancel a date. Guess, this is what they call the “soft launch.”

Fast forward to October of that year, amateur sleuths figured out the mystery man was Cam, and ultimately, Kat made her budding relationship Instagram official in December 2021.

Sadly, their romance didn’t last long.

On August 15, 2022,  the TikTok star said in a video “Some of you may have noticed I have taken a little bit of a step back from social media the past couple of months. And a lot of you guessed it because you are very smart and observant, but Cam and I have decided to take a break.”

Also, she added that she needed to “process things” — which she did not really give herself the grace to do after her divorce from Mike Stickler — whilst also stating that the break up was a mutual decision.

Cam Winter Relationship Status Now

Cam Winter didn’t share who he’s dating now.

His last IG post with a girl was with Kat on Feb 11, 2022, captioned, “Can I kiss you at a rooftop bar tonight?”

But in October 2022, Cam did find a strange yet generous way to reenter Kat’s life. It was when the TikTok star decided to raise money for Hurricane Ian, and promised to give a shoutout to people or businesses that donate $5,000 or more. And guess who made it to the list? Cam!

“I’d like to give a lovely shoutout to Cam Winter for donating $5,000 to the Hurricane Ian Fund,” she said, giggling in between words. “So, that is awesome,” she continued before thanking Cam.

Over the video, Kat’s mother was heard laughing in the background.

Before Cam, Kat was married to Mike Stickler for 2 years. Together, they share a daughter named Mary Katherine. After their divorce in March 2021, Mike shared that it wasn’t Kat’s fault that they grew apart. “There’s a lot of things that I need to work on in my own life and get in order,” he added.

Also, it seems that they agreed on co-parenting their little girl.

Cam Winter Age

Cam Winter was 27 years of age in 2022.

He is a year younger than Kat.

Is Cam Winter On Instagram?

As of October 2022, find  Cam on Instagram @camwinter_6.

Also, here’s his Facebook @cam.winter.733 and Twitter @Cam_Winter.

Cam Winter Height

Cam Winter stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighs 86 (190 lbs).

Mentioning his distinct features, Cam has an oblong face and a fit body.

Cam Winter Job

Cam Winter is a “Project Superintendent/ Business Development” who worked for Prodigy Contracting Group, Inc.

Also, he had a job at Onicx Group, a full-service real estate company with roots in Florida as an owner and developer in commercial real estate. They launched in 2004 and were going strong in 2022.

As for his education, he went to Henry B. Plant High School and Southern Methodist University. At SMU, he was also in the college’s football roaster, playing wide receiver.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cam Winter From?

Cam hails from Tampa, Florida.

But as of 2022, he resided in Dallas, Texas.

  • When Is Cam Winter Birthday?

Cam receives her birthday wishes on September 17 and is of the Virgo zodiac.

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