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Meet Chanan Safir Colman Family: Father, Mother, Brother!

Just when the new year 2023 was beginning, Jessie J announced on the internet she is expecting. Fans could not be happier as the news came over a year after the “Price Tag” hitmaker experienced a heartbreaking pregnancy loss in November 2021. In the meantime, the baby daddy is believed to be Chanan Safir Colman as he and Jessie have been linked busily since April 2022. Of course, it was not just speculations because they were spotted chilling in a pool in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil around Jessie’s performance at the 2022 Rock in Rio Festival.

Chanan, as you all know, is a 34-year-old Danish-Israeli pro basketball player for Hapoel Haifa of the Israel Basketball Premier League. He professionally played in Finland, Israel, and Denmark and was even named the Finnish League Finals MVP in 2006 and the Danish League MVP in 2012.

Now, let us tell you about who Chanan’s family are in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Chanan Safir Colman’s Family Members?

Chanan Safir Colman is believed to be a laid-back guy. He was brought up by a Jewish mother in Denmark Copenhagen. Besides his loving mother, his family seems to include his brother, his sister-in-law who he just refers to as his sister and his adorable nephew. His father does not seem to be in the picture.

Let us tell to about each of them now.

Meet Jael Safir, Chanan Safir Colman’s Mother

For many youngsters in Denmark, Chanan Safir Colman is their role model. But to this man himself, it is his mother, who in his words raised him purely. He refers to her as “Ima” and goes on to appreciate her as by far the strongest, most caring, loving, and forgiving human being he knows.

While not much is known about Jael’s own family background, we learned that she has a sister named Dalia Safir, who Chanan teasingly and lovingly refers to as a “crying, loving, cooking, crazy ass” aunty. Also, it appears Jael’s mother helped her a lot when raising the boys, Chanan, and his brother.

Both the boys now grown up into great adults are really fond of their mother.

  • Jael Safir Age

On 6 September 2018, as she turned 64, Jael Safir took to his Instagram to lovingly write “64 ain’t NEVER looked that good momma.” He then went on to also call her the definition of “aging like fine wine”.

At this rate, Jael should have turned 68 years old in 2022.

  • Jael Safir Job

All that is known about Jael Safir’s job/career is that she has been retired from her job in Copenhagen for some time now.

  • Jael Safir On Instagram?

Jael Safir was on Instagram at the time of this writing. But, it was kept private. The account @jael1954 had 10 posts and 77 followers on it as of January 2023.

Chanan Safir Colman Father

One rare occasion Chanan Safir talked about his father was this. His mother, he said, moved from Israel to Denmark at the age of nine when his grandmother got a job there. The matriarch had thus moved there at a very young age, and eventually, there she met Chanan’s father who was traveling the world at the time, and ended up staying there.

Chanan’s father is believed to be an African American. His name and further info yet were unavailable at the time of this writing.

Meet Pascal Safir S Coleman, Chanan Safir Colman Brother

Pascal Safir S. Colman is seemingly the only brother and only sibling of Pascal.

On 20 August 2020, Chanan was just as elated when his brother married the love of his life, Emilie Olivia Schirmer Colman. A year later on January 16th the couple also welcomed their baby, likely a son.

Pascal’s wife Emilie had been working as the EURO 2020 Project Coordinator at DBU at the time of this writing. On her Facebook, she also mentioned studying Leisure Management at UCSJ Roskilde, Business management at California State University, Fullerton Extension and International Programs, and Marketing at Mid-America Christian University. Also, she noted going to Virum Gymnasium, living in and hailing from Copenhagen. Yes, even today (January 2023), she along with her baby and husband was living in Copenhagen. There, Emilie grew up in a family which includes her mother Pia Schirmer, siblings Sofie Schirmer and Sebastian Schirmer, and Jens Schirmer, who is likely her father.

  • Pascal Safir S Coleman Age

Pascal Safir S Coleman turned 35 on 24 April 2022.

“Proud of you brotherman, love you long time and can’t wait to see what your 33rd have in store”, Chanan wrote on an Instagram post a couple of years back, next to a glimpse from his celebration.

  • Pascal Safir S Coleman Job

Pascal Safir S Coleman mentioned working as a sports massage therapist at PSC Sports Massage from 2012 until recently in 2023.

Again, on his LinkedIn, Pascal also mentioned studying sports massage therapy, sports injury therapy, and acupuncture at Sportseducation Dk in the year 2012. Before that, between 2006 and 2010, he either studied or received training in blacksmith, welding, and steel construction at TEC Ballerup.

Not to miss, on Instagram, Pascal also cited being a coach at Efterskolen ved Nyborg and Ajax København, and an expert and commentator on Sport Live.

  • Is Pascal Safir S Coleman On Instagram?

Yes. Pascal Safir could be found on Instagram @pascals_safcol with 83 posts and 844 followers as of 8 January 2023.

Pascal also showed enough glimpses of his life on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Chanan Safir Colman’s Family Reside?

Chanan Safir Colman’s mother, like her other son and his family, was likely also still living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen also is dear to Chanan. About the place, we have heard him say that it is an awesomely great city and that it is very easy to be a kid in some parts of Denmark.

  • Is Chanan Safir Colman’s Family Close To One Another?

This writing alone should be proof that Chanan Safir Colman is close to his family and the rest of them are also close to each other and him. From what we can tell from social media, they are for sure tightly knitted.

Chanan apparently even chose to write “family first” on his Instagram (@chanancolman) Bio.

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