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Meet Danielle Silvis Smith, Amazing Race 35 Garrett Wife!

Danielle Silvis Smith is the wife of Garrett Smith of Amazing Race 35.

Garrett Smith and his best friend Joel teamed up to go on this show called The Amazing Race 35 confident that they will be the winners. Talking to, each gave their own answers to “What do you think is the most important skill required to win The Amazing Race?”. Garrett said it would have to be one’s attribute to constantly stay positive and have the mindset “I can do this” rather than “I can’t do this” or “This is too hard.” Joel said the same: that with the positive attitude, one is head and shoulders above everybody else.

The racing mates also spoke on their versions of “What previous Amazing Race team does your dynamic remind you of the most?.” Joel said he really likes Jet and Cord. He said they remind him a lot of their own dynamic. As for
Garrett, he said he likes a lot of what he sees in the Afghanimals.

Speaking of the duo’s journey on the show, they were still in the competition after Week 11, making them one among the Final Three.

Joel and Garrett thought their game was done when the former failed to get the steps in Riverdance. But, as always even this time as they faced misfortune, they were seen putting on a smile and pushing through. As a result, they left behind Steve and Anna Leigh to squeak through to the final leg.

Joel and Garrett go back a long way. They made friends during deployment while serving in the military and stationed in Iraq and have been inseparable since.

Amazing Race 35: Meet Danielle Silvis Smith, Garrett Smith Wife

Amazing Race 35 is soon to wrap up and one of the final three competitors is Garrett Smith who is married to his wife Danielle Silvis. They exchanged their wedding vows on 7 June 2003.

When Garrett and Danielle were supposed to celebrate their 1st anniversary, he wasn’t with her. Making a similar joke and promoting the show, Danielle posted on her Facebook, “Remember that time my husband was gone for our 1st anniversary, and then again for our 20th anniversary? Me, too….”

Later in another post in October 2023, Danielle wrote, “Come see what else my husband did without me for our 20th anniversary! Watch Party at Big Al’s Meridian tonight! The show starts at 8:30!”

Garrett has been a 44-year-old delivery driver for as long as he can remember.

Danielle Silvis Smith And Garrett Smith Kids

Danielle Smith and Garrett Smith are parents to five children. Their youngest daughter has Down syndrome and both Garrett and Danielle create awareness about the condition.

Danielle Silvis Smith Age

Reportedly born before 1984, Danielle Smith is 39 years old (as of late 2023).

Who Are Danielle Silvis Smith Parents?

Danielle Smith hasn’t shared any information related to her parents. Some of the family members and relatives of Danielle are Dustin Silvis, Monica Silvis, Tiffany Silvis, Dahlan Silvis, Amie Silvis, Richard Silvis, Marie Silvis, Ryland Silvis, and many more.

Danielle Silvis Smith Job

Danielle Smith is likely a stay-at-home mom. She attended and graduated from Middleton High School in 2002 but what jobs she had after that is a mystery.

Related FAQs

  • Is Danielle Silvis Smith On Instagram?

Yes, Danielle Smith is available on Facebook and Instagram.

  • When Is Danielle Silvis Smith Birthday?

Danielle Smith likely celebrate her birthday in June.

  • Where Is Danielle Silvis Smith From?

Danielle Smith is likely from Boise, Idaho. He is residing in Meridian, Idaho.

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