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Meet Drag Queen Starlet! Her Real Name, Out Of Drag, Age

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 premiered on 22 September 2022 with 12 new queens. Starlet, whom we shall discuss, here is one of them. For Drag Queen Starlet, being a Ru girl is an absolute dream come true. She said it is something she has been waiting for her whole life; to the extent that it is the first thing she thinks of in the morning when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks of when she goes to bed at night. Every second of the day, she is thinking about her next look.

Now, let’s look at who she is, how she is like out of drag, and more in the rest of the writing.

Drag Queen Starlet On RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4

Drag queen Starlet was pretty starstruck when she first saw Ru. Because she loves makeup, she said, seeing Ru in person was amazing.

Other cast includes a theater performer, a conceptual artist, skilled makeup artists, and even a queen who describes her aesthetic as “Anna Faris in The House Bunny mixed with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body thrown into the adult-sized body of a Bratz doll.”

As for Starlet, she says her look is about exuding the vintage beauty and glamour of the silver screen. She said she is a living walking vintage movie star from Hollywood.

The premiere episode saw RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Graham Norton joined by Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley. Then, the queens were there modeling for two runway looks. The episode also focused their cameras on Just May as she became the first queen to leave Drag Race for the season. Starlet and others were safe until upcoming episodes.

Starlet has been doing drag for three or four years and in all those years, she has come to believe that she is the most competitive person she knows.

Also, she is notably the fifth Drag Race contestant to be originally from Africa, following BeBe Zahara Benet, Mercedes Iman Diamond, La Kahena, and Halal Bae. Of these, Starlet is the first to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. So, maybe that was the reason her entrance look, this season, was dubbed one of the best entrance looks ever by RuPaul.

Drag Queen Starlet Out Of Drag

Out of Drag, Starlet is no more drag queen Starlet. She instead looks this way without the fake-ly eyebrows.

Drag Queen Starlet looks this way out of Drag (PIC: Instagram)

So, out of drag, Starlet is this good-looking guy in a male form. Even without the makeover, Starlet’s out-of-drag form seems to have it in him to be a good performer.

So you know, Starlet’s pronoun out of drag is He/Him, and when in drag is She/Her.

What Is Drag Queen Starlet’s Real Name?

Drag Queen Starlet’s real name is Patrick Pringle.

As for how she got her drag name, she said she chose ‘Starlet’ meaning to pay collective homage to all of her favorite old movie stars who were all beautiful starlets dressed in stunning couture. But before ‘Starlet’, she went around as Scarlet Vaschkyna.

Drag Queen Starlet Age

Born in 1998, Drag Queen Starlet reached the age of 25 in 2022.

Is Drag Queen Starlet On Instagram?

Starlet could be found on Instagram @itsstarlet with 74 posts and 95.4K followers as of 25 September 2022.

She also entertained 5,960 followers on Twitter @itsstxrlet and 30.3K on TikTok @starletdragqueen.

Also, there is a separate IG account for Starlet out of the drag and, i.e., @pattypringle. With 49 posts and 136 followers, it was kept private as of this time.

Drag Queen Starlet Partner

Drag Queen Starlet’s relationship status was unconfirmed as of 2022. So, if she had a partner, no one knew of it.

In an interview recently, when she was asked “Have you hooked up with someone without knowing their name?” she said she does not remember and that she is usually quite responsible about these things. She also said that she would never hook up with a friend’s ex.

Drag Queen Starlet Job

Drag Queen Starlet is a fashion model.

More details about her career/job could not be found because the public was not allowed to look at her website as of 2022. Yet, she did once admit it herself that she knows how to sew. She said she went to a “hippie” school and their handwork was a subject.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Drag Queen Starlet?

Starlet stands above 5’4” in height. In a drag makeover, Starlet has a unique and distinct look. She says she puts all her energy into perfecting every tiny detail of her look and every one of her looks has its own unique fantasy.

  • Where Is Drag Queen Starlet From?

Drag Queen Starlet is originally from Johannesburg in South Africa. Surrey-based as of 2022, she moved here with her family six years ago.

Growing up in South Africa, she said, she had very little understanding of LGBTQ+ culture and she had also never even seen a drag queen. But, she said, that changed since moving to the UK.

  • When Is Drag Queen Starlet’s Birthday?

Drag Queen Starlet’s birthday was not disclosed yet. But we did hear her say that she believes in astrology.

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