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Meet Felecia Henderson, Keion Henderson Ex-Wife! Age, Job

Shaunie O’Neal is a favorite among VH1 viewers for her over a decade-long journey on Basketball Wives. When she and Shaquille O’Neal separated in 2011 Shaunie pivoted her journey on this show from a supportive wife to a reality TV boss as its executive producer. As for her love life, she only decided to get serious in 2019 after she met Pastor Keion Henderson. They had instant chemistry and have been inseparable ever since. The two even got married in May 2022 and Shaunie of course gave u the ‘O’Neal’ last name.

In all these years, Shaunie has kept her life affairs quite out there in a TV show. But, did you know that her now-husband Keion too comes with a past of his own? Yes, it is Felecia Henderson we are talking about. She is his ex-wife and we shall now talk about her in the rest of the writing.

Meet Felecia Henderson, Keion Henderson’s Ex-Wife

Just like Shaunie, it is believed that Keion Henderson too has continued remaining cordial with his ex-wife, Felecia Henderson. In the case of Keion, it should be mostly because Felecia is also the mother of his child.

Keion married Felecia Henderson in 2010. The couple divorced nine years later, in 2019. The marriage did not work but it seems like the exes have managed to find balance in playing co-parents roles to their only daughter Katelyn Henderson. Kate is Keion’s only child and she is frequently seen on his social media accounts.

As for Felecia, she also has two older children, Tynisha and Paige or Candis. It is said Keion also raised them as his own.

Speaking of the kids’ birthdates, Tynisha Marcel was born on 20 July 1995, Candis Clements was born on 23 December 2005), and finally Katelyn followed on 18 July 2012.

Felecia’s social media is filled with photos of her with these kids and the new grandbaby, Easton. Baby Easton is Tynisha’s son with Thomas. They got married on 17 May 2021. In July 2022, when Tynisha turned 27, she seemed blessed in her life living around Katy city in Houston, Texas with her small family.

On her youngest, Katelyn’s birthday in 2016, Felecia gushed on Instagram how “Your father and I” have been so grateful that God chose them to mold, love, and develop the greatness that he has placed in her. Lastly, she acknowledged to Katelyn that it has been one of her greatest joys parenting her. She said that she will be forever honored that she got the honor of carrying a genius in her womb.

The next year in March (2020) we listened to inspiringly speaking Felecia’s ex-husband talk about pastoring to a megachurch while going through a divorce, and much more. This was in a podcast with BlessedBeatz Media and young Katelyn was beside him all through it, well-behaved and proud of him.

Felecia Henderson Relationship Status Now

Felecia Henderson st was still keeping her ex-husband’s last name, not caring that he got married once again. So, is Felecia dating anyone?

Unlike Keion, Felecia has not committed herself to another marriage. But, at this point, she did write on her Facebook that she is “in a relationship”. But clearly, she has not revealed who it is that she has been seeing.

Felecia Henderson Age

Felecia Henderson was born in 1980. So, she reached the age of 42 in 2022.

Is Felecia Henderson On Instagram?

Yes. Felecia Henderson could be found on Instagram @statementsbyh with 808 posts and 16.6K followers as of 1 December 2022. Also here, her BIO read “Embracing my differences. I walk different👣, My style different !Looking 👀 after Ty, Paige, Kate, and Easton!!!”.

Felecia also showed glimpses of her life on Facebook.

Felecia Henderson Family

Felecia’s mother is Barbara Ann Marcel. You may give her a follow on her Instagram @bobbie_ann68. Barbara was born in June 1955 and so she turned 67 years old in 2022. Like her daughter Felecia, she could be also found based in Humble city located in the Houston metropolitan area, as of 2022.

Felecia seems to have a very good relationship with her mother as on Mother’s Day she thanked her for “showing and living” that the power and magic are within. She gushed that because of her they exist for her, and much more.

Felicia also has an older sister named Deatric Marcel. Deatric could be found on IG @deajamjai and she turned 48 in June 2022.

On Deatric’s birthday on 4 June 2019, Felecia screamed her the “happiest of birthdays” and lovingly confessed that it is because her sister was born she lives.

Felecia Henderson Job

So far, it was unknown what Felecia Henderson does for a living. She seemed to stay out of the public eye and that is likely a reason, she chose not to leave a hint of it even on her social media. But, according to IMDB, Felecia did feature in a TV mini-series called Closet Chats in 2019.

On her Facebook, she at least chose to reveal that she studied at Maury High School and Norfolk State University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Felecia Henderson’s Birthday?

Felecia Henderson’s birthday is on April 23rd and that makes her a Taurus.

  • What Is Felecia Henderson Maiden Name?

Felecia Henderson’s maiden name is Felecia Ann Marcel.

  • How Tall Is Felecia Henderson?

Beautiful Felecia Henderson stands below 5’6” in height.

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